Dominion Strategy.


Knowing God is good, but…
You must come to the current relation of YHVH (GOD) in your life, day and season before you can become a valiant man in truth and verity. 

I have seen many people who know Elohim (God) live defeated and miserable lives because of this singular factor. 

“Physical light cannot stand a chance against spiritual darkness.”

Life is a war of competencies, virtues, statuses, thrones and territories. Sometimes, it is not what you know that does the job for you, but the capacity and measure of what you know. 

Why couldn’t the disciples cast out an epileptic spirit at some point? It’s not because they haven’t cast demons out before, but they didn’t have the measure required to cast this kind out. 

On this note, 

Ensure you always develop your whole man (SPIRIT, SOUL & BODY) because that is the scope and status we have been called to dominate. 

You can be strong in body yet lose intellectual battles. Why? Because physical strength isn’t the winning edge for intellectual warfare. And in the same way, mental acumen is useless against spiritual strongholds. 

When you face any life issues, first thing is to know what level and status it comes in. 
Is it spiritual, mental or physical?
Once this is known, the next thing is to know if you have the status and measure and capacity to confront and overcome it. 

If not, seek education, partnership or privileges that gives you the winning edge.

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


​Spirit architecture and atmosphere

​Spirit architecture and atmosphere. 

For intercessors or apostles who are used to spirit mapping, one of the common signs to seek out for when sighting a territory is its architecture and atmosphere. 
Just the same way forensic experts and profilers can trance out accurate signatures of people and events, the same applies to spirit sense.
One sign to look for in the atmosphere of any place is the predominant song of the land. Every land has a dominant song. The song is the spirit of the culture of that land. 
In spiritual architecture, what’s the tallest , most obvious or most significant buildings or structures of a place. Directly or not, it has something to do with the architecture of the place. 
So how do you deculturize a place or begin to invade a space?

You change the dominant song of the place. Starting where you are and then erect an architecture that becomes dominant in the place. 
Dont just think physically, this can also be done spiritually. 
Eg. The hausas or fulanis or muslims effectively adopt this strategy in any place they find themselves. 
Who controls the architecture and atmosphere of your territory? Who’s sound or song do you hear often and who’s building is conspicuous. 
As intercessors, we should begin our spiritual building and dominate our space once again. 
Architecture and atmosphere is important!

​Truth about spiritual warfare.

​Truth about spiritual warfare.

As the name suggests, its domain is in the spirit realm. And in spirit realm your enemies Dont die and they can’t be burnt. However, their works can be judged and their altars can be destroyed. 
Legal and legislative actions can be taken. It has nothing to do with people bit with spirits. Even though spirit can influence people, nation and systems buy the war is with the spirits and not the people. 
We must learn how this spiritual warfare is conducted. 

You should also note that these wars van have effects in the mental and physical realms but the source is in the spirit realm. 
Want to know how spirit warfare is being conducted? Check the book of revelations. 

Wars are won with keys, thrones, trumpets, seals, decrees and pronunciations, cups and bowls of wrath, sceptres, songs, signets, strategies, oblation, invocations,  etc. and this is where many Christians are found wanting. 
Wars aren’t won by death in the spirit realms because spirits Dont die! Wars are won when lands are possessed, entities are chained or judged or estates are subdued or enemies are restrained and bound. Where their influence is terminated and they are locked away. 
That’s how you win wars in the spirit. 
Dont confuse spiritual warfare with mental warfare or physical warfares because they can be equally deadly and need pragmatic measures. 
The war in Egypt with noses was a war of gods.

The campaign of Joshua was a war of principalities and territorial powers.
If you Dont know the domain of the war you’re to fight, you may just have lost before the fight begins. 
You need wisdom, strategy and discernment in warfare. 

Emotions and Spiritumentalysis


Emotions aren’t the ingredients for lasting results. 
I’ll choose focused passion over emotion. Look around you, many people are still seeing things from the eye of emotion. This is not bad as it is but it needs to be channeled in the right light else it becomes more hurtful than helpful. 
People have resolutions, new year prophesies, new dreams and visions etc. 
But have you asked yourself, 

How come I was not able to get all I aspired and wanted to do last year?

What am I doing differently this year?
Do you still have the same friends, watch the same program, listen to the same things, have you learnt something new, 
If you can’t really answer these questions then what is the proof that this year will be different?

Because you feel different doesn’t always mean things will be different. By the time the emotional entropy will level up then you’ll see that really nothing has changed. 
So how can you ensure things are changed?

A changed man will always eventually change his environment and outcome. 
Even if your environment is changed by the man hasn’t changed, he will still keep seeing the same things and he will not be able to see the new opportunities..
Opportunities are everywhere but you need fresh eyes to see them. Once a part of your mind changes, your environment will naturally shift to accommodate that change. 
It is not a new year until its a NEW YOU. 

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


Development & Empowerment Strategist.



לשמוע את המפקד של המארח של יהוה

​#TheInfluencers affirmation

​#TheInfluencers affirmation

“I am a STAR!
I am an influencer!
My light will be far reaching and earth covering!
I’m shining in everything I do, everything I say and everything I touch.”

“אני כוכב!
אני להשפיע!
האור שלי יהיה מרחיק לכת וארץ הכיסוי!
אני זורח בכל דבר שאני עושה, כל מה שאני אומר וכל דבר שאני נוגע. ”
“I’m a star!
I affect!
My light will go as far as land cover!
I shines in everything I do, everything I say and everything I touch. “



Honestly, many times I do not feel like training, teaching or mentoring people on #Spiritumentalysis. Why?

1. Because it seems foreign to many people.
2. Some even claimed it sounds occultic. 
3. I’m still learning in many of its codes myself
4. People aren’t interested in it.
So why do I keep troubling people with this “spiritu-something nonsense”?

1. It’s an instruction. 
2. Just like the ark of noah, soon people will appreciate its importance (by that time I hope it won’t be too late)
3. I can’t help it. Everything I see and think has a spiritumental bias to it. Whether it’s the bible or a chat with a friend or an article or video online. 
There’s a lot of change in the world already and I believe spiritumentalysis is an answer to some of them. 
Many of the things I teach are things I’m being taught myself. And how come I don’t repeat past sessions for fresh participants? Because I, myself need to keep up with the teachings and timing of the curriculum. I have however captured some of my trainings in audio or text formats for future reference. 
Do you really think people get the things you teach? 

Yes and No. 

Spiritumentalysis is not like mentalism or psychology that has a logical educational method. It is a spirit and mind model. So No, it may seem many of the things taught are high and foreign but 

Yes, the spirit gets every word and can reproduce it if you remain a student of spiritumentalysis. 

Ok, what is it with you and Hebrew language? Why the show off?
1. English is a very diluted language. It lacks depth and the power of expression.
2. Hebrew comes to me and I understand its pattern of meaning because its a good spiritumental language. However, classes are done in English and any Hebrew or other languages are explained to the class. 

The system-structure influence

The system-structure influence

Years ago, I used to be very bad in relationships with people. I Dont remember peoples phone numbers or names not to talk of their birthdays. Now thanks to Facebook and a calender schedule I remember many more birthdays. It was not until I became intentional about solving this problem that the system and structure to do so appeared. 
Again, I used to be the person who would wish people a happy birthday by just writing “HBD”. Apart from the fact that its mentally unwise, emotionally lazy and simply a comfort zone disease, it doesn’t really help grammar and expression. I took it upon myself to take the pain to write the “Happy Birthday” every time whether I’m feeling good or lazy. Being intentional about it has restructured how I relate and the energy I put into showing honour and gratitude. 
Fact is, nothing good will happen consistently to you until you have a system that makes doing good compulsory for you whether you feel like it or not and you having a structure in place that helps you recognise opportunities to make this happen. 
Dont let life only happen to you, it usually doesn’t end good. Instead, choose to happen to life. Have a plan that’s embodied by systems and structures. 
So much depends on it. 

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Development & Empowerment Strategist.


לשמוע את המפקד של המארח של יהוה