Success creation 


When you’re ready to do something about your state, and get the right information and resources towards it in the right time. Then it means you’re ready to see things change for the better. 
Hoping for things to change will not change things. Praying alone won’t help you either. You must be able to engage all the needed processes to create the live you really want for yourself. 
Before anything can happen or can be created, you must at least have 
1. The resources to make it happen.

2. The right timing to bring it to be.

3. Relationships (based on value and right information) to guide you through and

4. Personal will, capability and zest to see it through. 
Not having a good scale in any of these processes will make things more difficult and frustrating. 

Remember, there’s a right way to get anything done. Lasting and sustained success only comes when you do things right. 
Action plan:

Begin to develop yourself in these four processes in preparation for the new year. 
This is the best time to start planning towards being successful in the new year. 

You cannot be successful if you’re not yourself a success (that means having a success mentality), and you cannot be a success if you don’t know and follow the due process of creating success.  

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale






One of the high points of the year for in in the intellectual world has been the giving of the Nobel prizes to exceptional people who have worked really hard and have earned themselves a name as solution providers as well as worthy example of value and standard on a global level. 
In the community I belong to, we use this week to anticipate as well as study the live and research of these great minds and how their work is helping to change the world and make it a better place.
Now one thing struck me in all of these, the people who are interested in these announcements are the change makers. Of course, anyone who hasn’t fine anything worthy of global note shouldn’t expect anything from the awards. 
So here’s the question?

Are you thinking global? Or you’re allowing personal or environmental issues limit you?
News flash!

These people who win these prizes cont come from totally peaceful countries. But they choose to see beyond the moment and risk giving the world a better chance to enjoy, experience and excel as forward thinking and global growth. 
Those who won…and will win these prizes did not start preparing today, or yesterday or last week. Some even started decades ago. 
So the best time to focus on your vision and purpose is NOW. And even when you begin NOW, you must be strategic and intentional about your growth, resources and momentum. 
Think beyond yourself!
That’s the only way to live beyond yourself. 
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale



The Twain principle of human response and psychology.


The Twain principle of human response and psychology.
People will always respond to two general things. And once their response can be preempted, then influence can be programmed and you can get them to see things your way. 
This is the secret of influence and transactions.
When I was learning the art of hypnosis from one of the best minds of the world, I realised that its very easy to influence anybody no matter how smart they think they are. It just may take a more careful planning for the more intelligent ones. 
You see, humans will always react the same way to two things. 

1. The things they love and 

2. The things they fear. 
The only issue with this is that, not many people know how to find out what a man really loves or really fears. But once you know how to find it, No man! No spirit! And No entity can exercise unnecessary authority over you. 
It is this twain principle that determines the flow of commerce, sales, and even leadership

Everyone reacts emotionally to these Twain pointers. Even though a few may have learnt how to hide it but if you know where to look, you’ll always find what you seek. 
Many of our choices are made because of the influence or one or both of these triggers. Many of the things we have bought were influenced by this. 
Let me give an example. 

You can buy a dress because of the way it makes you feel. Or because you liked how it looked on someone. Or because spending money on it makes you feel nice. Or because you want to outshine someone else. 
The fact remains that you bought a dress but the reason is driven by the triggers underlaying 
There are businesses that thrive on fear. Eg. Pharmaceutical industries share fear which triggers people to buy their drugs. 
Now, I don’t want to go too deep into this today but I need you to be observant. 
Ask yourself. 
Why do you do what you do daily?
Is it from love or from fear?

Global intellectual Hub of Strategists 

Getting the soul aligned


Getting the soul aligned. 
When it comes to training and coaching, I’ve found out that many people do not live a balanced life even though they want a balanced result with whatever they do.
People don’t take heed to the condition of their soul. All they are concerned about is food, money and…that other one you’re thinking about. 
Once the state of your soul is out of course, you cannot really be balanced with anything. Be it at your job, work, relationship or life purpose. 
And the funny thing is, I noticed people don’t even know how to interact with their souls on a personal level. So their souls get fed with junk from the media and that plots their life paths south. 
I’ve had coaching sessions where the solution to someone’s present state was for him to change the kind of songs he listens to. Imagine how simple that is. (Simple but not as easy)
If you’re not happy or satisfied with where you current are or with what you’re currently doing or you’re even scared about your future, afraid you may never turn out as happy or successful as others you see then the problem is the state of your soul. 

And the good thing is…I can help you with what. 
Once you’re ready for help. 

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale





Everything in life and all of existence can be classified into two general parallel choices, classes, concepts and contrivances. 
Herein lies the simplicity of life and existence. However, shrouded in this simplicity is a complexity like none other. 
Life becomes frustrating when you choose the wrong end of this Twain principle. 
I’ll give you an example:

In science, measurement is made either in space or in time. Impressions are achieved either through light or gravity.
In life, the important things are knowledge and action. And with this set comes a subset of timing and precision.
Even your DNA is locked in two strands.
What am I saying, in life and all of existence, the simplest things are usually in pairs. Finding this pair is one of lives highest journey.

Find your pair.

This is the greatest mystery and highest power any human can wield. 



Many people live in denial. Some of them have denials running so deep that it’s become all they see, believe and accept. 
One way I bring people to know who they really are to a large extent is to make them recall their dream states and activities. I know many people may have not so “fun-full” dreams. Actually, that says so much about the state of their minds.
Some people are always battling in their dreams, some are always running from danger, some are always writing tests or exams they are not sure they will pass, others are always engaging in sexual phases while some do not recollect their dreams. All of these says so much about you than you are willing to accept.
Especially if these dream patterns are repetitious or periodic then you need to take it seriously. Why? Because some of them are telling signs of your mental or even spiritual impediments. 
There’s always a way to get the best out of your life and recreate your dreams into more fulfilling and life changing encounters. 
Do you know that people like Tesla and Einstein made serious breakthrough in history from moments of some of their dreams? How come you can’t have dreams like them?
Well, you can!
The question is…

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


#GiHOS: Global intellectual Hub of Strategists 

Cognition, Perception and Cognitive Neuroscience


Cognition, Perception and Cognitive Neuroscience

have created for ourselves a new world, a world that runs on systems and structures that is run mostly by imagery. Everything you have been told, that you know or that you have imagined to be true is usually incomplete, out of context, deceptive, vague or biased.

That is why we seem to have wars of ideologies and belief systems today. Everyone seems to have a claim that its followers hold obstinately without room for an open mind.

One thing about #TheAnomalies is the ability to sense falsehood or deception encrypted in facts. This is a good skill to horn because our day is filled with so much hypnotic and manipulative content devised just to make ends meet or to make profit or to keep certain influence or political power. But it is time for the truth to be revealed.

Here is the interesting part, everyone of us has been affected by one level of deception or the other and to this end, we might receive a shocking realisation of our nativity and ignorance when we encounter truth. Some of which we may not be ready to take on, while some we are more disposed to embrace but truth remains truth whether you agree with it or not.

From age long tradition that lacked intelligent and observatory prowess to cultures that were devoid of civility and verity to civilisation that were build around political power even to education used to keep the masses slavery.

The session on CPCN will show you basic things that will keep your mind running and asking more questions but it will be undeniable that what you will encounter is true or at least your perception will lead you to know that there are elements of truth in it.

Our goal is to understand politics from its spiritumental scope and perspective. This allows you to see the truth or deception (depending on where you stand) in every fabric of legislation, education and sociological systems that men have created for themselves. As another interesting thing about all these is that IT IS NOT NEW. History is not new because time is not linear, time is cyclic, so that means that for you to know what is to come, you must learn to look backward and inward into history and past events.

Every society and civilisation rises and falls on the strength and dexterity of its political will and power and when you understand this as #TheAnonalies, you begin your assent into influence, power and global relevance…if you know how to listen to instructions.