What you need is already provided for (2). #DidYouKnow? 

#iMentor  What you need is already provided for (2). #DidYouKnow?  ​ I'm tired of seeing people who are truly in need of things but for a reason or the other don't seem to know how to really get what they want. I'll be giving the protocol of approach of getting what you need.   1. … Continue reading What you need is already provided for (2). #DidYouKnow? 

What you need is already provided for. #DidYouKnow? 

#iMentor  What you need is already provided for. #DidYouKnow?  ​ Now many people are poor not because what they need is not accessible but because they do not know the protocol of approach. With the amount of church services , conferences and seminars our people have gone out for, I imagined they would have gotten … Continue reading What you need is already provided for. #DidYouKnow? 

Getting relationships right.  

#iMentor  Getting relationships right.   ​ The word relationship has been abused and underused in our age and time. Relationship is a general cluster of network, connection and interest from man to man. So siblings, family, colleagues, allies, mentee, coaches, etc and all casual and professional relationships.   Relationship these days has been majorly focused … Continue reading Getting relationships right.  

Everyone needs combat training. 

#iMentor  Everyone needs combat training.  ​ There comes a point in life you don't have to play the nice card. The nice people never really maximise their talents and potentials. You must know how to be tough, how not to make emotional decisions, how to let go of people whose relevance has expired, how to … Continue reading Everyone needs combat training. 

Whatever happened to motivation? 

#iMentor  Whatever happened to motivation?  ​ ​ Motivation is an important things when it comes to following passion and fulfilling purpose. But motivation can be a tricky thing.  Motivation is not excitement alone or emotional as many have come to believe. One issue there is in Africa is the life span of motivation is too … Continue reading Whatever happened to motivation? 


#iMentor Stratagems ​ As a strategist, I've seen many people mistaken a strategist for a soothsayer, a prophet or fortune teller. This is because many people (in this part of the world that I have encountered) are poor with observation and Intel gathering (even when this Intel could be their lifeline to safety or providence) … Continue reading Stratagems

Activate your business sense #podcast with Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Learning to do business is not only for the rich. It is a function of information that is accessible to anyone willing to look for it.  ​ Look no further, you can get this information that will transform your business sense right now.  Listen to podcast NOW

The Six Thinking Hats

Math Matters

You know that old saying about learning something new every day? I found out about something today that I wish I had known when I was in the classroom. I’m sure it would have made a huge impact on my teaching. Now, I’m thinking this could have a huge impact on my coaching with teachers.

What I found today – and purely by accident – was de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats tool. On his website specifically for schools, the tool is described in the following manner:

“It provides a framework to help students think clearly and thoroughly by directing their thinking attention in one direction at a time–facts, creativity, benefits, cautions, feelings, and process. It’s a simple mental metaphor. Hats are easy to put on and to take off. Each hat is a different color which signals the thinking ingredient. In a group setting each member thinks using the…

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Reality and Power Affirmation


If you Dont impose your identity on the world! It will choose one for you. The reality of your identity is the source of your power, life and success!

If you’ve not already started. You can start the journey here and now.

Listen to affirmations that will keep your mind open to limitless possibilities.


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#PowerPortals: #Spiritumebtalysis2016 v4.0

#Spiritumentalysis2016 August edition © 2016 #PowerPortals: Perceptions | Programmings | Purposes. The bridge between personal, corporate, national, global and even spiritual success is bound by the three folded cords of PERCEPTIONS, PROGRAMMINGS AND PURPOSES. These conduits have stopped many people from satisfaction, success and serenity. You owe yourself the discipline of study to make your … Continue reading #PowerPortals: #Spiritumebtalysis2016 v4.0

Spiritumentalysis: Line of age

#iMentor Spiritumentalysis: Line of age My pattern will take a shift this morning as I aim to drive your minds into an ancient path. Have you ever wondered why very old things are shrouded in mystery? ...why some people spend their lives pursuing buried treasures, artifacts or old relics? ...why quotation of the King James … Continue reading Spiritumentalysis: Line of age


#iMentor TRANSITIONING STRATEGIES 5 5. You Dont have to do it alone. Get a therapist, coach or mentor. A huge part of transitioning - apart from failing to do the due research down the aisle of history - is not walking alone. Every fast mind has/had the influence of a supportive external sense. This could … Continue reading TRANSITIONING STRATEGIES 5


#iMentor TRANSITIONING STRATEGIES 4 (Image from Olakunle Soriyan) 4. Choose what's right before you go for what feels right. Your feelings are usually overrated! You can rarely trust them. This is because your feeling are generated by chemical or synaptic response to the stimuli in your environment (either internal or external environment) It is essential … Continue reading TRANSITIONING STRATEGIES 4


#iMentor TRANSITIONING STRATEGIES 3 3. Research transitions to discover loopholes and potholes of life. I'm always surprised at the way some people handle their lives. Its either they are very slow to pick the fact that you only live once....which means you must live in the present and future simultaneously. (That's the strategic lifestyle) or … Continue reading TRANSITIONING STRATEGIES 3


#iMentor TRANSITIONING STRATEGIES 2 What you are becoming is a factor of the transition pattern you follow. You cannot wish to fly high while using the transition protocol that digs you deep under. But I have discover that many people are clueless about the important things of life....things like transition. Transition result is not a … Continue reading TRANSITIONING STRATEGIES 2


#iMentor TRANSITIONING STRATEGIES Transitioning usually has an emotional sense to it. Some transitions are very obvious but the important ones are not so conspicuous. This is because it needs to go through  the test of sensitivity and chronology. Everyone would experience transition, but what I'm going to address is when one is stuck in a … Continue reading TRANSITIONING STRATEGIES