Creative Influence. 

#iMentor Creative Influence.  ​ Make no mistake, creativity isn't necessarily the same as imitation. Creativity involves the ability to see things mentally that's skewed to majority. Your ability to work on mental projections and imaging and converting them to physical stuffs is the dynamics of creativity.  Look around you, what can you say you've added … Continue reading Creative Influence. 

Wasting Time?

#iMentor Wasting Time? ​ Have you thought about this...that the reason why you've not been getting the things you want is because you've simply failed to REPENT? I'm not talking about the "give your life to Jesus" type of repentance. Repentance simply means taking a new protocol of thought processing, exploring a new dimension of … Continue reading Wasting Time?


#iMentor #StabiliVerity ​ Because there exists an happenstance of chaos does not suggest that there is not a truth that ensures order.  Because there is plunging economic tides doesn't remove the fact that there is a truth that can reverse and nosediving economy.  Because what's is vogue is an amorphous family value and insignia of … Continue reading #StabiliVerity

Travelling tangent to truth? 

#iMentor Travelling tangent to truth?  ​ Last years #PowerPortals session made something clear to me. There are so many things many of us do not yet know...even the wise and prudent ones among us. The reason for this is because many of us are moving daily away from the corridors of truth and embracing pungent … Continue reading Travelling tangent to truth? 

Are you ready to become?

#iMentor Are you ready to become? ​ The world we live in has become so noisy. Everyone now has a view,a law, a revelation, a better standard, a philosophy, a means etc  How do you know who to stay with and follow their instructions? Many people have become prostitutes of views and information. They go … Continue reading Are you ready to become?

You can’t NOT always have… 

#iMentor  You can't NOT always have...  ​ (Image courtesy Olakunle Soriyan) The way the human soul is formed, it is impossible for it to be empty or void. Nature avoids a vacuum. What this means is that you will always have...  ... Howbeit, what you choose to have depends on you, it depends on the … Continue reading You can’t NOT always have… 

There’s no hate in purpose.  

#iMentor  There's no hate in purpose.   ​ If you are following after purpose, then there is no time to check someone else's flaws or compete at any given chance. In purpose, everyone has his coordinates to follow and his alignment to plot. Purpose is just too busy - a calling - for you to … Continue reading There’s no hate in purpose.