Thought leadership in focus (podcast)

​Today’s podcast on #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Thought leadership in focus (podcast)
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In a bid to be popular, people have lost the touch of professionalism. But there is a sense of truth and verity that you cannot shrug from Spiritumentalysis and that’s what initiated this episode. 

A singular concept cannot create balance. You need at least FOUR (4) holding concepts and/or at least TWO (2) empirical (end-to-end) views to maintain balance. 

The moment you think you’re the only one with a solution and your idea is the hinge on which the “new world” rests then you just missed it.
Thought leadership that is void of balance does more harm than good. 

Sadly, most of the harm is not seen in the generation that started the error but from the generation and seasons after the conception and driving of such thoughts. 

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#LoveArchitecture training sessions

#LoveArchitecture: reConditioning the Love and Relationship niche.

My mentees know me, I’m not the kinda person who publicly gives love and relationship counsels or write about it for that matter. 
There are loads of people who have taken up that niche (and yes, a few of them actually know their onions)
But here is my concern, when (many of) those who teach, train or counsel people on love matters have NO IDEA what love really is. 
They read a few books, listened to a few people talk on love and …wait for it… Watch a lot of movies that claim to talk about love. And voila! They are love experts!

It is dangerous to teach assumptions on such a sensitive matter as love.
Now, love is NOT a feeling! 
So what is love?
Love is 3 things. 

1. Love is a person(-ality). (a being)

2. Love is a nature. (system and architecture)

3. Love is a choice. (proactive decision) 
…and you must NOT JUST know these three things before you train, mentor, counsel or talk to people about love. YOU MUST BE THESE THREE THINGS!
It’s time we got out of an emotionally filled but loveless life pattern and generation.
To this end, 

I’ll be taking Counsellors, Love Experts, Relationship Coaches and Behavioral (emotional) Psychologists/Therapists (in relationship niche) and individuals who are ‘deliberate’ about understanding love and relationship dynamics on the “#LoveArchitecture” session.

Date: Saturday July 29th (7pm) and Thursday August 3rd (8pm) 2017.

Venue: Closed Group

Contact: 08182593790 (WhatsApp) or
REGISTRATION CLOSES ON 28th July, 2017 (at sunset)

This session will bring you to learn personally and professionally to;
1. Love yourself. – SPIRIT, SOUL, BODY (Within)

-There is a way to experience and communicate love in your spirit, soul and body AND THEY DON’T ALL USE THE SAME LANGUAGE OR MEDIUM.
2. Respond in love. – RELATIONSHIP with other people (Without)

-Understanding situations and occurrences to condition them through the love prism.
Registration for this program is FREE, but additional audio resources that will be available for the program will be ordered upon request for a price. (it is NOT COMPULSORY)
Take out from the sessions

1. Tasks on #LoveArchitecture concept cognition .

2. The architecture and need for (personal) love affirmations.

3. Coaching.

…and so much more.

Unmess up your mind.


Intuition management: Unmess up your mind. 

Intuition is one of the greatest gifts humans have. But if not well managed and understood, it could be the greatest undoing of man himself. 

Only a few people are open to pure intuition, many of those who have unlocked their intuition through other (perverted) means have corrupted the very function and nature of intuition. Because there is just ONE way to use intuition purposefully. It’s through submission but the key thing is to what/whom you submit (I’ll get to that some other day)

The human soul is the part of man that allows him to make sense of things that go faster and deeper than the physical. 

Scientific discovery that’s not directly physically discovered has come by the factor of intuition. Eg. Theory of relativity, gravity, em waves, etc

Another beautiful power of intuition is in the seeming heightening of sense of people who seem to have a disability with one or more of their senses. 

Have you wondered why a blind person seems to have a higher sense of feeling, hearing and so on? They get to understand the world differently. That’s one of the gifts of intuition. 

Now imagine if you, as a fully able person now unleashes the power of intuition. You’ll simply do phenomenal things. 

How has your mind been messed up? I’ll ask a few questions to cause you to ponder. 

1. Why is it that those who claim to see Jesus see him as a fair man? Or let me put it in another way, whenever you think of Jesus, the image in your mind is the fair handsome guy with long hair. Now this is where your mind has been messed with. 

2. When you think of yourself, the moment you stop thinking about yourself you forget what you are, what you kook like, etc. Why is it that the storage of YOU is in the short termed memory compartment of the brain?

3. The only thing you have control of is the present. Anything else is not in your power. Eg. The moment you have an experience that becomes a past, you lose power over it because you can NEVER fully recall all the details of your past because that’s how the mind works and the future is the aspect of time that one is unsure of because that’s how the mind works.  

It is with intuition that you can unmess up your mind. 

The greatest illusion a man can adopt is to think he knows himself by himself. Doing that only let’s him live an assumptive and presumptuous life. And with this, he has no idea about this delusion. 

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


Spiritumentalysis quotes


“If what you’re looking isn’t within your reach, then its with someone around you. Learn to build strategic relationships. Not all relationships are with marriage in mind.
Learn to be conscious about relationships with a purpose. That said, it doesn’t mean you must know everyone or seek to be with everyone. There are tell signs to look for in people you want to be around your circle.”
If you’re looking for something for too long, then its likely someone beyond yourself needs to show you the way. 

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


What do you hold for the future?

What do you hold for the future?

What do you want to be known for in 9yrs time?

How many people will know about you when your name is mentioned?
You know its possible for a person to be alive and yet, his name is not alive?
If you are really living out your purpose, then a machine won’t steal your job in 3yrs time.
Do you have an idea of what the world will look like by 2025? You know majority of the certifications and jobs today will be extinct?
Get thinking…
1. Data will be the fuel of the future.

2. Data and machine security will be as lucrative in the future.

3. Computational architecture and IoT compliance will be hot cakes of the future.

4. Nanorecovery and virtual health operations.

5. 4D printing and framework.

6. Advanced Artificial Intelligence 

7. High level strategic advisory channels will emerge. 

8. Virtual reality info operation.

9. Advanced weaponry.
Here you have 9things that will become the norm in 9years time.
How are you positioning yourself for this future?

What are you learning today to give you an edge in this future?

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Development & Empowerment Strategist.


לשמוע את המפקד של המארח של יהוה 

​Spiritumentalysis of Power and Authority

​Spiritumentalysis of Power and Authority (podcast)

The spiritual and mental catalysis of power and authority is something that’s been perverted and misused therefore misunderstood in our day and time.
Its not too late to unlearn the new ways (wrong way) and relearn the old way (the free and pure way)

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The culture of intuition

​The culture of intuition. 

Intuition is a natural part of every human soul. It helps one harness deep information, impulses and intelligence that logic and sense have not been able to explain. Howbeit, this can come in handy when the occasion calls for it. 


That said, females (who have become women) have a more sense to Intuition than males because of the way they have been made, their experiences and realities. All these make up the more intuitive nature of females. 
The downside is, women are more intuitive but still can be clouded by their emotions. This is why when I train anyone on emotional intelligence, I let them know that the end is to grow their sense of Intuition. 


I started learning the Hebrew language let’s say 4years ago, but I got a little more intentional and serious about it about a year ago. I can say this has helped groom my power of intuition because unlike English language, Hebrew language is highly Intuitive especially modern Hebrew. A few Hebrew letters together can mean many things but the culture of intuition has made Hebrew speakers naturally know what word is needed in any context. 


Intuitive intelligence though higher than emotional Intelligence isn’t a solo running skill. It works better when you groom other intelligences. 


Embracing responsibility of choices is a good way to build your Intuition. The earlier you make mistakes, the better you come to terms with the ways of intuition and the more you get it right, the more confident you become in making choices that bridge time and space even when time and space isn’t known. 

Grow intelligent. Grow intuition.