​#châshab50! Just got better!

 #châshab50! Is something I’m putting together to celebrate my birthday coming up on the 6th of May. So from May 6, I’ll be in the same room (closed WhatsApp group) with 50 persons where for a month, I’ll be investing pragmatic strategies, knowledge and grace to them. This is my way of celebrating my birthday. 

I’m excited to inform you that I’ll be having friends partner with me to mentor and coach and train the 50! who would be joining in on the project.  They are experts in their fields. 
Dr Chris Chukwunyere takes  LIVING ON PURPOSE session.
Faith Harcourt takes EMBRACING YOUR WHOLE IDENTITY session.
Afam Nwaokolo takes GLOBAL LEADERSHIP session 
and I take (what else!) SPIRITUMENTALYSIS COACHING session.
If you know anyone who needs to gain momentum before mid-year, tell them to join in 


Sessions hold every Saturday in May at 1900hrs.(Nigerian Time)
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


Whatever happened to motivation?

Whatever happened to motivation? 

Motivation is an important things when it comes to following passion and fulfilling purpose. But motivation can be a tricky thing. 
Motivation is not excitement alone or emotional as many have come to believe. One issue there is in Africa is the life span of motivation is too short and the strength and conviction of motivation is not as potent. 
Remember the time you were all emotional about the fuel price and what you claimed you were going to do? 

Oh! I don’t want to believe you’ve forgotten about the bring back our girls campaigned that you so much followed last year? 

Uhnmm… What about the change agenda of the presidency election? 

OK, let me drive it a little personal, do you recall your promise and goal at the beginning of the year, how you were going to take things seriously and make meaning out of the year? 
So what happened to all of that motivation? 
Motivation  that doesn’t guide you into consistent action is not a good one. 
Motivation that doesn’t not take you out of your comfort zone is not a great one. 
Why do you keep changing ideas and passion or interest, what happened to the last one? Oh, it wasn’t in vogue anymore? There’s little money in it? It’s not making you popular? 
These are the reasons many people have failed. 
When will people learn that you must persist in something to see it through. If indeed it is your passion and purpose to fulfill, then you should not give up easily. 
Don’t let life sell you off short. Find your passion and make sure you are happy and valued in it. 
The year end is upon us, there’s still time to make things right. 

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Development & Empowerment Strategist.


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לשמוע את המפקד של המארח של יהוה



“Having things happen to you is not the problem, seeing things happen is the key to initiating progress and knowing what to do with the things that have happened (or are happening) is the real key to impact and dominion.
For example,

An opened heaven is not usually the problem because many of the times, the heavens are opened. But it becomes useful to those who see the heavens open and more important for those who know what to do with the information of an open heaven.”
Do you know what to do with the information staring you in the face?
Now that’s where many people experience oblivion.

Everyone needs combat training

Everyone needs combat training. 

There comes a point in life you don’t have to play the nice card. The nice people never really maximise their talents and potentials. You must know how to be tough, how not to make emotional decisions, how to let go of people whose relevance has expired, how to leave places that do not fuel your passion for success anymore, how to dismiss relationships that obviously have no future. 
I know some decisions may seem tough and uncertainty could seem too risky but I must tell you that life doesn’t have an extra tire. Everything you do must be in the interest of your calling and purpose. Anything that doesn’t move you forward or sustain your path to destiny is a waste of time and resources even if it sounds nice and good. 
You’ve heard many things this year, how many have you implemented? How many are you willing to choose to act on  from today? Sometimes you just need someone to be accountable to. Find a coach if need be? Stick to a mentor if necessary but don’t be all by yourself. Your eyes are not enough to see all the possibilities that exist in your potential. You need fresh eyes, fresh mindsets, another paradigm. 
And when you believe you’ve found what to live for, fight for it till you create the reality for everyone to enjoy. 
“Gentlemen don’t win wars, to win a war, you must be a warrior.” –  #TheSpiritumentalyst 
Your week is blessed. 

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Development & Empowerment Strategist.

לשמוע את המפקד של המארח של יהוה