The concept of love revisited. (2)


The concept of love revisited. (2)
It has been established that love has been misunderstood for aeons because many people chose the wrong realm of man to operate and experience love. 
For you to understand what love is, you must learn to change who you are so that you can change how you see things.
Love is not how your body makes you feel. That’s just hormones and chemicals altering the state of your brain. 
Love is not when you think upon a future where you have a perfect life, with your partner and family and work. That’s just mental synapses and visual transmissions that’s not real. 
Love is not how you interpret what you see. (Maybe that’s just attraction)
Love is 3 things. 

1. Love is a person(-ality). (a being)

2. Love is a nature. (system and architecture)

3. Love is a choice. (proactive decision) 
And for you to experience and understand love, you must BECOME these three things. For without the three, love cannot be perfect. 
The sad thing in life is when someone live without experiencing love or having love experiences. It is one of the reason people feel unfulfilled and purposeless. 
How do you then come to this sense of the concept of love in its perfection?
Stay tuned…
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale



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לשמוע את המפקד של המארח של יהוה


The concept of love revisited.


The concept of Love revisited. 
Love, hmmmm… Love is a code string that’s more than what the human mind can grasp. Every time the mind defines Love, it is always in error. 
Why? Because the mind cannot fully get the meaning of love. 
Bring this down to what people do. When people claim they love things or people, they usually have a misconception of what they are really doing. 
Here is what I mean. 
From the human mind, when you think you love something or someone, you’re doing one of these things. 
1. You like the way something looks.

2. You like the way something makes you feel. 

3. You like what you think you know about something. 

4. Chemicals being secreted in you trigger mental senses that makes you feel good. 
(Note: using ‘like’ here means ‘you feel good or have a good sense about something’)
What you’re doing is not love. Actually, its chemistry and feelings (brain work). Meaning, chemical secretions and brain synapses mess you up temporarily.
This is why this kind of feeling doesn’t last because the secretions don’t run forever so the feeling wanes or you see something better and you simply move on to the next best thing. 
This is not love, at least it is not love in it’s true sense. 
Many people don’t have LOVE. and I’ll let you know what love is probably in my next post. 

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale



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לשמוע את המפקד של המארח של יהוה

Challenge yourself.


“Keep challenging yourself. That’s the only way to stay on top of the world.” -HKO
There are two ways to challenge yourself. 
1. Know what’s coming.

2. Prepare for what’s coming

3. (…) can you guess?
You may think both options are the same, well, that’s where many people miss it. And that’s the same reason many people are not at the top of their games. 
The first option is objective. While the latter option is subjective. And the third… Well, that’s “ambijectivity”! That’s combining a subjective sense with the intelligence of an objective knowledge. That’s what school exams are mirrored with. You know the curriculum or AoC but you can’t really tell what questions cone out but you know it’s something you must have been taught. 
But in life and reality, that’s not always the case. That’s why ambijectivity is the best option of training a top gun, a global champion and a trend setter. Its difficult (because it us real) but once you’re well prepared, it guarantees you the best result.  
How do you get the pragmatics of ambijectivity?
You know the best about what you’re doing?

You expect the best but plan for the worst. 
Training your mind and body for the demands on things going south and still able to stand up and find your true north!
This isn’t some superhero stunt it’s how the best minds in the world train yourself. 
If you’re in doubt, 

Research the best athlete or sports (wo)man, the richest minds, successful businesses and great leaders. You’ll find ambijectivity as the core of their life program. 
I know you know you’re meant for big and great things. But there’s no way around it but thus curve. 
This is me giving you the heads up. 
See you around. 
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

What’s your focus?


What’s your focus?
Focusing on problems is a good thing, but you must focus on the right problems.
We all have problems! But the problem you focus on determines where you are headed. 
I know of people who are focused on the problems of today. Those who do are usually trapped in the present. They waste time and resources and energy on the present. To the extent that they spend their lives solving problems that they realise they have not really lived. 
Instead, there are others who live in the future as they pass through today. Their focus is on the future and so the only thing the present can do is to reward them for their focus.
What’s the difference?

Do not focus on the problems of today. Why? Because that’s all you get. Problems!

Instead, focus on the problems of tomorrow and you will arrive at the solutions for today. 
That’s how it works. 
If you focus on the problems of today, it simply shows you didn’t do well with yesterday. 
This however can’t be spontaneous, you must build a habit and culture that sees things from another perspective. If you don’t grow the capacity to function this way, nothing can happen for you in this wise. 
You’re already too late if you want to solve the problems of today that should have been taken care of yesterday. So to bring solutions to today’s problems, focus on the problems of tomorrow.
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale




לשמוע את המפקד של המארח של יהוה

Dominion Strategy.


Knowing God is good, but…
You must come to the current relation of YHVH (GOD) in your life, day and season before you can become a valiant man in truth and verity. 

I have seen many people who know Elohim (God) live defeated and miserable lives because of this singular factor. 

“Physical light cannot stand a chance against spiritual darkness.”

Life is a war of competencies, virtues, statuses, thrones and territories. Sometimes, it is not what you know that does the job for you, but the capacity and measure of what you know. 

Why couldn’t the disciples cast out an epileptic spirit at some point? It’s not because they haven’t cast demons out before, but they didn’t have the measure required to cast this kind out. 

On this note, 

Ensure you always develop your whole man (SPIRIT, SOUL & BODY) because that is the scope and status we have been called to dominate. 

You can be strong in body yet lose intellectual battles. Why? Because physical strength isn’t the winning edge for intellectual warfare. And in the same way, mental acumen is useless against spiritual strongholds. 

When you face any life issues, first thing is to know what level and status it comes in. 
Is it spiritual, mental or physical?
Once this is known, the next thing is to know if you have the status and measure and capacity to confront and overcome it. 

If not, seek education, partnership or privileges that gives you the winning edge.

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

#iMentor Quotes


“Technology is not only development in the science of the physical, but also the science of the soul and the spirit. 
See things this way and your attitude and scope of personal development will change.”

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale #TheSpiritumentalyst