The Twain principle of human response and psychology.


The Twain principle of human response and psychology.
People will always respond to two general things. And once their response can be preempted, then influence can be programmed and you can get them to see things your way. 
This is the secret of influence and transactions.
When I was learning the art of hypnosis from one of the best minds of the world, I realised that its very easy to influence anybody no matter how smart they think they are. It just may take a more careful planning for the more intelligent ones. 
You see, humans will always react the same way to two things. 

1. The things they love and 

2. The things they fear. 
The only issue with this is that, not many people know how to find out what a man really loves or really fears. But once you know how to find it, No man! No spirit! And No entity can exercise unnecessary authority over you. 
It is this twain principle that determines the flow of commerce, sales, and even leadership

Everyone reacts emotionally to these Twain pointers. Even though a few may have learnt how to hide it but if you know where to look, you’ll always find what you seek. 
Many of our choices are made because of the influence or one or both of these triggers. Many of the things we have bought were influenced by this. 
Let me give an example. 

You can buy a dress because of the way it makes you feel. Or because you liked how it looked on someone. Or because spending money on it makes you feel nice. Or because you want to outshine someone else. 
The fact remains that you bought a dress but the reason is driven by the triggers underlaying 
There are businesses that thrive on fear. Eg. Pharmaceutical industries share fear which triggers people to buy their drugs. 
Now, I don’t want to go too deep into this today but I need you to be observant. 
Ask yourself. 
Why do you do what you do daily?
Is it from love or from fear?

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