Success creation 


When you’re ready to do something about your state, and get the right information and resources towards it in the right time. Then it means you’re ready to see things change for the better. 
Hoping for things to change will not change things. Praying alone won’t help you either. You must be able to engage all the needed processes to create the live you really want for yourself. 
Before anything can happen or can be created, you must at least have 
1. The resources to make it happen.

2. The right timing to bring it to be.

3. Relationships (based on value and right information) to guide you through and

4. Personal will, capability and zest to see it through. 
Not having a good scale in any of these processes will make things more difficult and frustrating. 

Remember, there’s a right way to get anything done. Lasting and sustained success only comes when you do things right. 
Action plan:

Begin to develop yourself in these four processes in preparation for the new year. 
This is the best time to start planning towards being successful in the new year. 

You cannot be successful if you’re not yourself a success (that means having a success mentality), and you cannot be a success if you don’t know and follow the due process of creating success.  

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale




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