Dominion Strategy.


Knowing God is good, but…
You must come to the current relation of YHVH (GOD) in your life, day and season before you can become a valiant man in truth and verity. 

I have seen many people who know Elohim (God) live defeated and miserable lives because of this singular factor. 

“Physical light cannot stand a chance against spiritual darkness.”

Life is a war of competencies, virtues, statuses, thrones and territories. Sometimes, it is not what you know that does the job for you, but the capacity and measure of what you know. 

Why couldn’t the disciples cast out an epileptic spirit at some point? It’s not because they haven’t cast demons out before, but they didn’t have the measure required to cast this kind out. 

On this note, 

Ensure you always develop your whole man (SPIRIT, SOUL & BODY) because that is the scope and status we have been called to dominate. 

You can be strong in body yet lose intellectual battles. Why? Because physical strength isn’t the winning edge for intellectual warfare. And in the same way, mental acumen is useless against spiritual strongholds. 

When you face any life issues, first thing is to know what level and status it comes in. 
Is it spiritual, mental or physical?
Once this is known, the next thing is to know if you have the status and measure and capacity to confront and overcome it. 

If not, seek education, partnership or privileges that gives you the winning edge.

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


Breaking a Seal of Immortality

Breaking a seal of immortality.

1. The concept of immortality:

The concept of immortality should be rightly divided. Because the moment you wrongly interpret its frame, you miss the whole point. 

Immortality is quite synonymous with LIFE, the quality and quantity nature of life. However, because of the limited minds of mortal men, when they speak of immortality, they refer to the body not dying, or the body living forever. 

What is life?

What is living?

What is existence?

“The sign of life is heat, and the sign of existence is light and gravity (force or influence)”

Immortality has different states, just like matter, and each state has its properties. The thing is, in a way many of us have bumped into immortality without realising it and we have of our own will moved out of it. 
I’ll tell you what I mean later. 
Immortality has states such as;

Of the spirit.

Of the soul – mind

Of the body. 

The moment you get this sense, then you’ll know where your reference of immortality is coming from. 
The moment you know what the mechanics of life is, (spirit life, soul life, and life of the body) then you are a step closer to understanding what death really is. 

2. The means of immortality:


Life and light are usually synonymous. So I can tell you that you have the chance to live a life that tends towards immortality when you are flooded with light! Because you have life in light. 
Note that this light that I speak of is not the physical light. For there are states of light viz;

Spiritual light, 

Soul light and 

Light of the flesh. 

Once you have this in mind that the concept of phenomena is in at least three phases and states then you’ll begin to understand better what we are driving at. 
The light of the body is in the blood. For it is the fuel that keeps the body warm and alive. 
The light of the soul is knowledge. For it is the locomotion that can drive the soul forward in existence and experience. 
The light of the spirit is another mystery altogether, the light of the spirit (in lay terms) is the knowledge and revelation of the spirit of wisdom and the person of the HOLY ONE.
Of a truth, it is light that sustains everything in every state. Everything also transcends from the spiritual even though it has different manifestations and interpretations in the soul or physical realm. 
That is why even though YHVH speaks, we only get to understand him from our plane of existence – be it spiritually, soulish or bodily. 
The lowest level of life is bodily consciousness, after then is the soul consciousness and then spirit consciousness. It is where your consciousness is that your life and your living will be. You cannot grow beyond your level and plane of consciousness. 

Spiritual entities are not common sights for many people because they are not living more consistently and constantly in the conscious realm of spirit operation. 
It is however possible to be “trans-conscious” across all states of living and existence but it takes a lot of status, nature and privilege. 

3. Immortality and weaving space and time:

Time is strongest in the physical plane. Or let me put this in a better light, the EFFECT OF SPACE AND TIME is strongest in the physical realm. In the soulish realm, it is the CONSCIOUSNESS OF SPACE AND TIME that is strong and weaves the reality of that realm of existence.
This is why it is possible for you to think in your mind that you’re lifting a sky scrapper. 

Why? Because the physical laws don’t hold much strongly in the realm of the soul. Even though you cannot do that physically, but in your mind, you can SEE yourself do anything you want and you can even FEEL yourself doing it. 
This is where the strength of psychology and other soul education means come to play.
The concept of time must be known, time (and space) in our physical end is influenced by light and gravity. Gravity gives us the sense of mass, weight and feeling while light gives us the sense of knowledge and observation while both space and time influence motion and our natural experience. 
Whether we realise it of not, every time we eat, we experience some form of immortality howbeit weak and natural. It is to this end that we have been able to live this long. So it is safe to say that the quality of the food you eat and the state in which you eat it determine the level of immortality you experience. 

I will like to again say that food comes in at least three phases where it could be spiritual food, soul food or natural food. 
Every time you eat, what you are doing is to slow down your time of death and thereby giving you more TIME to experience life. 
Your interaction to force and gravity also affects your transaction with immortality. When you have more light than heat, you live longer. When light and heat is balanced then life expectancy becomes better. 

4. The engine of immortality:

Immortality is a state, and every state must be powered by a force, a principle and a law. 

But in order not to sound too spooky, I’ll stick to the lay man’s light of knowledge.

You should know this:

The second course of created lights is the engine of mortal longevity. What do I mean?

The first light made was the manifold manifestation of the expressions of YHVH in a state that can be seen. 

“and Elohim said, LIGHT be, and light became.”

Gen 1:4

That is the light that becomes the environment through which every thing was made and created. And when inventions and creations happen even today, what we are doing is to make use of that same light YHVH spoke into being. 

Alright, moving on, 

The second course of light refers to the Sun (I want to believe you already know that the sun is a Star).

“And Elohim said, Let there be LIGHTS in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; *and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years*” Gen 1:14

What you have here is the engine of longevity;

 signs, seasons, days and years. These are the units of life and existence. 

A. Signs come when the light of knowledge dawns on a being.
B. Seasons come when the power and illumination of observance/observation of patterns of light come on a being.
C. Days and years are the cycle of life around a light source. 

Speaking of light sources, the ONLY light source we have physically known more than any other light is the SUN. And just as we would know it, the sun is responsible for anything and everything we experience and know physically on the earth. 

The sun is the power of our system. The sun is therefore the source (or you can call it the spirit) of Dominion in this system. That’s why its called the SOLAR SYSTEM.
All of the food we eat is gotten from the sun (photosynthesis). All the planets in this system revolve around the sun. Our perception of space and time and gravity is with respect to the sun. So the sun is the giant standard that defines our physical reality. It is the standard of our days and our time. 

Let me put it in blunt terms, 

But you can’t blame us, we have no other option to compare or choose from. And its like that for a reason.


However, in heaven, the consciousness revolves around another light source because you do not have a sun in heaven. The light source in heaven is YHVH. And that’s is why the aging system in heaven is different. 

Rev 21:23 And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of יהוה did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof.
Rev 22:5 And there shall be no night there; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for יהוה Elohim giveth them light: and they shall reign for ever and ever.

It is important to know that because it is written in scripture that there is no death or dying in heaven doesn’t mean that there is no aging. YHVH is called the ancient of days for a reason. It means we have times and seasons in heaven, however, they work according to the source of light in heaven. 

And this is why angels appear to live forever. The reality and experience of life in heaven is different from that of the earth. 
Because angels are immortal doesn’t mean that their life or age is suspended.

No,  Angels age! Everything in heaven ages!
How do they age, well, it’s actually simpler than you realise it. It’s the same way things age on earth. 
You see, things age because of the effect of light and gravity on us revolving around the light source of our system ( the sun). So when our earth moves round the sun once, we say we have aged a day. 

In heaven, all angels don’t get to see the face of YHVH every time. But they all get to move closer to him in the source (life) of their time. When such a rotation (or better call it an ACCENT) is made. Then the angel is said to have aged (matured, grown).
This is why the oldest (most mature, wisest, brightest) angels and beings are those who abide constantly in the presence of YHVH. The living creatures, the seraphs, cherubs and thrones.

5.  Breaking a seal of immortality:

It is possible for man to engage immortality because some men have encountered it at a (larger or closer space or) time before. 
Eg. Enoch, Moses, Elijah, David, Daniel, Paul, John the beloved. 
I’ll speak briefly on a few of them:


“Enoch walked with YHVH, and he was NOT.”
 The interpretation of the word NOT in contemporary time is that he was out of space and time consciousness. How did it really happen?
Enoch encountered the first course of light. That’s why Enoch was the first to prophesy the flood and the coming of the Messiah. He was caught up into eternity through the spirit of wisdom and revelation and he beheld so much light that it changed him. 

When you read the book of Enoch, you’ll realise that Enoch encountered so much wisdom that he was as Elohim himself on the earth. 
Why? Because Enoch stopped revolving around the sun. Instead he took his course walking around the light of YHVH. 
So do you get what it really means when scripture says “and Enoch “WALKED WITH” YHVH”?

Here is a mystery, 

The walk with Elohim is not in straight lines but in cycles and circles. 

(Let him who has understanding get it)

Moses was also a man who walked with YHVH, he encountered the light of YHVH. And for 40days, Moses revolved around the light of YHVH and not the sun. And in that light, he saw the wisdom of times and seasons and the secrets of creation and encountered the spirit of the ages. 

Moses tabulated the calendar of Israel which was in a fact, the calendar of YHVH and he was able to set in course so many mysteries that many of them will be known when men get to heaven. 
Moses engaged with immortality. That’s why when he came back, His face shone bright.

Think about it. What can make a face shine bright if not that you have encountered a different source of light brighter than the sun. 

Exo 34:29 And it came to pass, when Moses came down from mount Sinai with the two tables of testimony in Moses’ hand, when he came down from the mount, that Moses knew not that the skin of his face shone while he talked with him. 
Exo 34:30 And when Aaron and all the children of Israel saw Moses, behold, the skin of his face shone; and they were afraid to come nigh him.

And in the light of that encounter. Moses STOPPED AGING till the day Elohim had to take him. The soul of Moses became immortal. That’s why even though he seemed to have grey hairs physically, he never most his strength and sight. 


Daniel was another spectacular man who walked on the earth. He walked in so much light and wisdom that he saw so many years into the future. 
Light is a spiritual transport mechanism. With a single candle upon an altar, you can see years into the future. But what if you -yourself are the light, then eternity itself opens up to you. 

Daniel moved in the realms of immortality, eternity and encountered the spirit of wisdom and revelation that is so clean, excellent and almost difficult to achieve (rival) by man. 
Daniel had a regimen that opened wisdom to him through his engaging with the East Spirit Gates. And to this end, his soul never really died. Or what do you say of a man that could not be affected by the fire of a furnace or one that was ten times smarter than the best minds in Babylon. 

Don’t be confused, it wasn’t the vegetables he ate that made him ten times wiser, it was him entering into immortality that transformed his soul and lit it up. 

Dan 12:9 And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. 

And in verse 13, 

 ” But go thou thy way till the end be: for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days”

Let me ask you a question,

Did you think the book of Daniel ended? This is not how books end! Don’t you think it’s more of a truncation than an end?

This is what immortality means. Daniel didn’t really die in the sense of death, because he still has work to do at the end of days.
The book of Daniel WAS SEALED from time. That’s why it seemed it just got truncated the way it ended. 


Paul, the Apostle, was a man who has become one of the most popular apostles because he encountered immortality in his days. And this immortality opened his mind to light…so much light that his wisdom seems unbeaten by anyone. The way he divided scriptures and presented Intellectual prowess is “godlike”. 

And this transaction happened the day he was hit by a LIGHT BRIGHTER THAN THE NOONDAY SUN. From that day. The mind of Paul operated at a civilisation different from men of this world. 
Because he stopped revolving around the Sun. 

John, the beloved:

I have personal sentiments with John, he saw Jesus in the flesh and in the spirit. If you want to know anyone who knew the Christ more than any man, IT WAS THIS MAN, JOHN THE BELOVED. 

Every other disciple knew that John was special. He was the only one that could get some things from Christ. 
But John’s transaction with immortality was culminated at Patmos where he saw into eternity. This is why the book of Revelation is not a normal book. Its accounts are not chronological so those who are used to linear cognition will get lost reading or understanding the book. 

The only way to understand the book of Revelation is to read it circularly, cyclically and in spirit motion. 

(Let him who has wisdom get it)

And that is another reason John starts his Gospels like none other. His gospels come with the kind of light burst of a supernova. He speaks in mysteries and codes. 
That’s why it seemed John and Moses started their books the same way. By making reference to eternity and timeless spaces.
When you see men who have interacted with eternity, they don’t act like mere men. 

John on the other hand was the only apostle that COULDN’T DIE by persecution. Throw him in boiling oil and he just strolls out. 
Only immortality does this to any man. 

To round things up, 

Where does this leave you?

Do you desire immortality?

Here is a mystery, 

If your reason for desiring immortality is so that you will not die. You will never get it!
And there is no one means to immortality. Don’t be misled. Immortality is at the sole sovereign digression of the Ancient One, the El Olam, YHVH. 

May you always walk in the faith of Adonai,

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


Portals and their mechanics.

Portals and their mechanisms: 

(Time, Location and Human portals)

Portals are channels and transport means of getting things from one end to the other. There is nothing too big or too small to be transported through a portal. 
That being said I need us to know how portals are formed and how they can be created by any believer. 
There are 3 kinds of portals. 

We have;

Time portals.

Location portals and 

Human portals.

Time portals:

There are certain auspicious times in every season through which things can move freely across realms and dimensions. Over the years, these times have been observed for generations and many people cannot tell why they are what they are. 
When it comes to the economy of El, Times are important. Sometimes he operates through time. Because time is the unit of physical existence. When alignment is formed, watchers of times know when these windows open in the realms. Some of these times have been named holidays or sacred days so that coming generations can also make use of such time portals. 
(Time) Portals are free to use. Meaning you don’t have to be a kindred spirit to use it. Once you know where it is and how to use it, time portals are free for anyone to use. 
In using this time portal, waiting is required as well as having a certain posture while you wait. 
Time portals can either be kairos or chronos built. 

Kairos in the sense that it is usually independent of calendar timing. It is usually when something else (that we will still touch) influences the means of a portal.
Chronos on the other hand is more predictable. Eg. For many people 00:00 midnight as well as 15:00 afternoon are portal times when high spiritual things happen. So in this example. Someone may have to wait for several days watching both times and holding a certain priesthood posture so as to behold or Intercept something travelling across realms. 

Location portal:

Sometimes, high spiritual or dimensional activities are not time based but location based. Eg. Israel is always a location portal. And there are certain places also in the east and the west that are places hallowed or haunted where it is said and believed men can always encounter spirits. 
Location portals are Important because they are usually mirrors across realms. High above them spiritually are places or door where access to earth is granted. A location portal can also be formed when a certain place has been structured with priestly climate and activities for a very long time that the area has become a part of the other spiritual realm.
There are places that hold alignment with heavenly things and the only way to capture the powers of the heavens is to enshrine a location of alignment. 
For example, the pyramids of Egypt are location portals which were created to mirror certain constellations in the heaven and harvest certain powers to the earth. There are other ruins and runes and hedge stones in the east that have these properties. One way to note these is that the designs of such structures are always cryptic and highly advanced, aligned and accurate.
Some places are portals simply by the places they Interfere with.

Be it the longitude and latitude they happen to intersect with because those particular numbers are numbers of alignment of certain powers or entities.
There are however spirit cities and locations that still exist today but not in the same spiritual location. 

How so?
Because spirit cities can move from place to place. But before they can move, there must be a culture and atmosphere that permit them to exist in such cities. Example of spirit cities are Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, etc and those cities still exist today and they can Influence certain locations that offer the qualities of their character. 

Human portals:

There are certain people who by themselves are portals. These are people who by high ranking spirit status or grace privileges have become carriers of climates and presences that conditions anywhere they find themselves. 
There are people who have so much virtue that they condition where ever they go. Some healing virtue, others glory, some deliverance, some prosperity etc.
They are people who operate by covenant and call and stand as high officers of the kingdom they represent. 
Eg. Isaac was a human portal of prosperity, when he started digging wells and was contended with, he kept digging wells that had water even in the land that didn’t have so much water at the time. The issue actually is that, anywhere Isaac dug would have water. Why? Because Isaac was a human portal. In Isaac himself was the well! Isaac had the well inside him that’s why anywhere he dug would have water

Alignment of portals:

There are certain times that people cannot progress unless they change locations as Abraham was called out of his land to be shown a land…a location portal. The journey of Abraham was to find the location portal the Lord has prepared for him. Even though Abraham was a human portal himself because he walked by covenant. There are time you must follow alignment and not power. You can’t say because he knew he was a portal he should then command UR  to be favourable to him because he is a human portal. No, that’s not how it works. And that’s why many people don’t get what they want because they are in the wrong land.

These portals can work in the life of the same person but at various times. It is important to always know the will of El as to which portal is suitable for you to use according to his plans for you. The higher you have spiritual power, the higher you must learn to submit to authority and power and protocol.
When lot left Abraham and Elohim blessed Abraham. At that time Abraham manifested his human portal for everywhere he looked was to him a blessing even though the land itself didn’t look good.
Joseph saw a time portal. He saw into the future and was able to capture a technology that will save Egypt in the time of the drought. So he was able to create something that would withstand the system of national death and disaster approaching Egypt.

When the angel of El found Zachariah in the temple to tell him about the coming of john the baptist. It was both a location and time portal intersecting.
Zach, was in the temple, the holy of holies which was a location portal and the time Gabriel came to him was specific time …kairos…to announce the news of his son to him. 
Also at the Bethesda pool where an Angel stirred the pool at certain times of the year. This is a very suitable account of intersection of portals. 
The pool was a location portal, but it was a location portal that worked with a time portal (kairos and not chronos). The angel stirred it at no predictable time. But that pool had to work (heal) only when the angel stirred the pool that is when time and location intersect. But besides that, one day, a human portal walked into the location…Jesus…and he healed a man who had always missed the time portal even though he was always at that location because he did not have the posture to benefit when the portal opened. That was when the human portal came to save the day.

That account tells us something about time, location and human portals. The highest portal authority is the one in alignment with the authority of El.

We will always have these portals and they are ways of manifesting the glory and the power of the kingdoms but it is necessary for believers to know that these are the realms they must walk in to engage prosperity, healing or whatever abundance or deed they desire on the earth.
You must know the protocol of portals. 
It is said that at one time in everyone’s life. One of these three portals would have visited you but many have been insensitive to their coming and thereby lost such opportunities. 
Some were supposed to have attended a particular university or worked at a particular position or done business with particular people or had to be mentored by particular people they did not meet because they were not on time or they were not in place to meet these destiny people or destiny moments. 
How portals can work for you in transport, provision and prosperity:

One thing is worthy of note when one needs to personally initiate portals. Your belief system must be different. There is a way the world system works and there is a way spiritual systems work. You must intentionally learn the way spiritual realities work. That is the first step you must learn. 
You must also know that this is not a mental means but a spiritual means. In the ways of the mind, you will be told to envision what you want and to keep on saying it. But that’s not how the spirit works. (I’m not saying that the mental means doesn’t work also. But when you use such means especially for transport, your mind will be there but you cannot be physically present there. In my view, transport need to be tangibly proven)
The same principle applies to transport, provision and prosperity. 
1. You must know who you are.

2. You must know how far you go (are)

3. You must initiate faith which is (the power) of the NOW

Eg. When you’re in your room and you want to go to the kitchen. Whether you realise it or not, your mind envisions your kitchen because your brain cannot know where you are going without some form of mental vision that directs you.(Note that you don’t need eyes for mental vision, all you need is a powerful imagination). It is when your brain believes to have formed the picture of your kitchen that you will be ready to go. 
And even for places you do not know what they look like, a picture that is made up will always come to your mind as well. So pictures or image (perceived knowledge) initiates transport.
But for spirit transport, travel is made IN and not just TO.

Let me explain, 

Have you noticed that whenever Jesus talked about being saved and fellowship. He always refers to coming IN-to you and not coming TO you. Why? Because coming to you is by appearance but coming IN you is by experience. And spiritual is more experience based than appearance based that’s why different things can take on different forms just so you can have the needed experience. And that’s why in the book of revelation, Jesus can take on different appearances just so that his experience can be clearly known.

So the way to use your faith for travel is for you NOT just to go TO the kitchen but for you to go IN the kitchen.
And the way to vision this destination is not to SEE you going to the kitchen but to KNOW that the kitchen is IN you! Once you have the faith that NOW the kitchen is IN you, then transport can be initiated even physically. 
Now, this is just the first thing to do. You must know that transport requires energy and the faster (near the speed of light or thought) the rate of transport or the further (beyond the physical scope of sight) the distance of transport or how heterogeneous (trans dimensional) the state of transport is then the more energy is required to make it happen.
And as I said earlier, spiritual transport is made not TO but IN and this means that this energy is not something that you have to physically initiate but it must be something you have IN you. And gladly, we already have enough resources IN Christ! 
Except you are born of water and the spirit, you cannot enter (move, transport) IN the kingdom of God. This is why education in the ways of the spirit is important at this point. And your teacher is THE HOLY SPIRIT. It is he who will bring all knowledge IN you so you must learn to walk with him.
Transport really, isn’t done the same way for everyone. This is why you should try to let the Holy Spirit teach you what’s best for you according to your make up. 

However, the principles are the same even when the methods necessarily aren’t. 
Transport becomes better when you understand what the experience of the word IN CHRIST means. Once you get that fact in your spirit, nothing will be impossible for you. But I should also mention that because all things are possible in Christ doesn’t mean you can do anything you want simply because you want to. The WILL of El should be sovereign and all you do should be in worship to him and not to Puff you up in pride or anything carnal.
So if you want transport, know that it is in you. Where you are and where you want to go is inside you. That’s why time and distance aren’t a problem in the spirit.

If you want provisions too, it is in Christ that is in you. And all you have to do is to exercise that knowledge. And the same works for prosperity. 
I will end with this, there are certain things that are unshakable in the kingdom and they are protocols and purposes. Even though you can catch the wind of the spirit anytime doesn’t means you should because you want to. If it is not done IN the will of El then you’re closer to sorcery than you realise. 
Elohim will take you through process before you can be entrusted with high things of glory. 

May you always walk in the faith of YHVH

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

The essence of Christianity.

I was invited to Olabisi Onabanjo University for the cccooucwsp convention 2017  where I taught on THE ESSENCE OF CHRISTIANITY with the perspective of covenant consciousness. 
I hope it blesses someone. 

Listen or download here 

Understanding Spiritual Atmospheres.

​Understanding Atmospheres. 

Reference Ezekiel 1

Listen to Spiritumental coding audio for foundation where I talked about lights, transport, colours using Revelation 4 as reference.

Before you can create atmosphere, you must first understand it. From the start of Ezekiel, it was all about atmospheric nomenclatures and experiences.
Usually, atmosphere is referred to as air, expanse, arc, firmament etc and every atmosphere has its membranes at it’s boundary. Its just like the membranes of cells that limit them as well as give them form and boundary. (Hope you get?)
1. Chebar river. Contains water (lower atmosphere). Recall in genesis, the waters was separated from the waters. Meaning the higher atmosphere and the lower atmosphere. (Gen 1-6 to 7)
2. The heavens were opened! The membrane of a higher atmosphere was opened and there was a diffusion down to the earth realm before Ezekiel.
3. Word of YHVH came and also the hand of YHVH came upon him. This represents a transfer reality. Without that connection, it may be difficult to get what’s happening across the realms. 

4. There was a whirlwind from the NORTH!

Whirlwind is of air and earth.

Also mentioned was Great clouds (waters above and air)

Then there was fire and brightness (fire and light)

And amber (colour)
All these mentioned in No 4 are constituents of an atmosphere… Atmosphere for what was mentioned in the next verse. .recall: atmospheres usually come before the seed. Without atmosphere, there’s no life. 
5. After this, we were told of BEINGS who were four in number. Without that particular atmosphere on earth, the beings will never have showed up.
These beings themselves came with their atmospheres too. There was fire, lightning, etc in their atmospheres (v12 & 13)
These beings looked like (had the colour of) burned brass!
5b. Later it was mentioned that the SPIRIT (RUACH: which also means WIND OR BREATH) controlled the beings. Wherever the spirit goes, the beings follow too. 
6. After these beings came, there was a product of their interfacing with earth realm. There was a WHEEL! The beings had eyes around their wings and the wheel too had eyes all around it. The wheel had a colour, Beryl. (Please note that colour)
Then there was a sequence. The spirit moved the beings and the beings moved the wheel because the spirit of the beings was in the wheel. They shared the same atmosphere and coding. 
7. Something of note was mentioned later on. Over the HEAD of the beings! This demarcated the membranes of the beings. (and therefore their atmosphere). This atmosphere had a SOUND, the sound of a voice (of Shaddai-Almighty and the voice of speech)  and the sound of a noise (of the wings of the being and noise of the waters)
Sound is MORE important in the spirit realm than even the physical. 
8. In v20, there was a firmament (ATMOSPHERE) or expanse over the head of the beings. And the firmament or atmosphere has a colour of note, it looked like ICE CRYSTAL! 

This atmosphere also had a  sound (VOICE) just like the atmosphere above the head of the beings. 
So sounds connect atmospheres. 
9. Above that atmosphere was a THRONE which had the colour of SAPPHIRE. and above the throne high in the atmosphere was something or let’s say someone else….
10. There was a likeness of a man sitting high upon the Sapphire Throne and around this man-like being was atmospheres and colour of AMBER with fire and a brightness. Connected to this man-like being (just the same way the spirit was connected to the 4 beings and the beings controlled the wheel) there was an atmosphere of…
11. GLORY with the colour of RAINBOW! was the atmosphere around the man-like being high on the throne. 

So there’s a connection between what’s on earth with what’s in the heavens high above. 
We had thrones in heaven and wheel on earth. 

4beings on earth and a being in heaven. 

Whirlwind on earth and glory in heaven. 

Sounds on firmament beneath and sounds in firmament above. 

There were colours, sounds and light in both atmospheres. 
These atmospheres fused together as Ezekiel looked upon it. 

Everything was made possible by the word and the hand that came to him before the atmospheres were opened to him. 

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

The light of faith. 

​Why do some people get faith wrong?
Faith always gets results. 

…so if you’re not getting results, it may not be faith. 
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Dunamis 2015

You are welcome to a new year!
Happy New Year.
Glory to YHVH.


Get ready for an encounter with the power of God this year.

The Soteria ramifications of power.

This is our word for the year 2015.

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