Understanding Spiritual Atmospheres.

​Understanding Atmospheres. 

Reference Ezekiel 1

Listen to Spiritumental coding audio for foundation where I talked about lights, transport, colours using Revelation 4 as reference.

Before you can create atmosphere, you must first understand it. From the start of Ezekiel, it was all about atmospheric nomenclatures and experiences.
Usually, atmosphere is referred to as air, expanse, arc, firmament etc and every atmosphere has its membranes at it’s boundary. Its just like the membranes of cells that limit them as well as give them form and boundary. (Hope you get?)
1. Chebar river. Contains water (lower atmosphere). Recall in genesis, the waters was separated from the waters. Meaning the higher atmosphere and the lower atmosphere. (Gen 1-6 to 7)
2. The heavens were opened! The membrane of a higher atmosphere was opened and there was a diffusion down to the earth realm before Ezekiel.
3. Word of YHVH came and also the hand of YHVH came upon him. This represents a transfer reality. Without that connection, it may be difficult to get what’s happening across the realms. 

4. There was a whirlwind from the NORTH!

Whirlwind is of air and earth.

Also mentioned was Great clouds (waters above and air)

Then there was fire and brightness (fire and light)

And amber (colour)
All these mentioned in No 4 are constituents of an atmosphere… Atmosphere for what was mentioned in the next verse. .recall: atmospheres usually come before the seed. Without atmosphere, there’s no life. 
5. After this, we were told of BEINGS who were four in number. Without that particular atmosphere on earth, the beings will never have showed up.
These beings themselves came with their atmospheres too. There was fire, lightning, etc in their atmospheres (v12 & 13)
These beings looked like (had the colour of) burned brass!
5b. Later it was mentioned that the SPIRIT (RUACH: which also means WIND OR BREATH) controlled the beings. Wherever the spirit goes, the beings follow too. 
6. After these beings came, there was a product of their interfacing with earth realm. There was a WHEEL! The beings had eyes around their wings and the wheel too had eyes all around it. The wheel had a colour, Beryl. (Please note that colour)
Then there was a sequence. The spirit moved the beings and the beings moved the wheel because the spirit of the beings was in the wheel. They shared the same atmosphere and coding. 
7. Something of note was mentioned later on. Over the HEAD of the beings! This demarcated the membranes of the beings. (and therefore their atmosphere). This atmosphere had a SOUND, the sound of a voice (of Shaddai-Almighty and the voice of speech)  and the sound of a noise (of the wings of the being and noise of the waters)
Sound is MORE important in the spirit realm than even the physical. 
8. In v20, there was a firmament (ATMOSPHERE) or expanse over the head of the beings. And the firmament or atmosphere has a colour of note, it looked like ICE CRYSTAL! 

This atmosphere also had a  sound (VOICE) just like the atmosphere above the head of the beings. 
So sounds connect atmospheres. 
9. Above that atmosphere was a THRONE which had the colour of SAPPHIRE. and above the throne high in the atmosphere was something or let’s say someone else….
10. There was a likeness of a man sitting high upon the Sapphire Throne and around this man-like being was atmospheres and colour of AMBER with fire and a brightness. Connected to this man-like being (just the same way the spirit was connected to the 4 beings and the beings controlled the wheel) there was an atmosphere of…
11. GLORY with the colour of RAINBOW! was the atmosphere around the man-like being high on the throne. 

So there’s a connection between what’s on earth with what’s in the heavens high above. 
We had thrones in heaven and wheel on earth. 

4beings on earth and a being in heaven. 

Whirlwind on earth and glory in heaven. 

Sounds on firmament beneath and sounds in firmament above. 

There were colours, sounds and light in both atmospheres. 
These atmospheres fused together as Ezekiel looked upon it. 

Everything was made possible by the word and the hand that came to him before the atmospheres were opened to him. 

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

The light of faith. 

​Why do some people get faith wrong?
Faith always gets results. 

…so if you’re not getting results, it may not be faith. 
Listen and download. 


Dunamis 2015

You are welcome to a new year!
Happy New Year.
Glory to YHVH.


Get ready for an encounter with the power of God this year.

The Soteria ramifications of power.

This is our word for the year 2015.

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Unleashing the Kingdom of God’s Power: Violence and Persecution

Unleashing the Kingdom of God’s Power:
Violence and Persecution.

(picture credit: Olakunle Soriyan)

This is an audio session from my first book. Its taken from the last chapter (Thy Kingdom Come) from the segment of Violence and Persecution.

It’s something the body of Christ should listen to.

Here is the link.

Click here.

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

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Life strategy: iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale.

life strategy: iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale.


A strategic life is a winning life.

Find out what you need to know about life and purpose and something else many people won’t tell you about.

Listen now

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Project “YOU”: #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale.

Project “YOU”: #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale.




“In a realm far away, in a dimension obscure from human sight, a general meeting was called in the heavens. It was a meeting so vital that all officials were compelled to be present. It’s been a long while back that the whole of heaven sat to discuss something equally as important as the matter at hand.

GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON AND GOD THE HOLYSPIRIT were represented in person. They did not need a representative for a meeting of such a magnitude as this.
The case file was brought before the TRINITY, total silence from the assembly. Boldly written on the case file was YOUR NAME!

The meeting was all about YOU.

You were so important that before you came to earth, there was a general assembly  meeting at Heaven Headquarters. A meeting that took time because of the stringent details involved.

The definition of purpose was discussed.
The trajectory of destiny was charted.
The potential and expertise to deliver was bestowed.
…and so much more that I would not want to bore you with.

The best spirits spoke, Strategists with eternal years of experience brought their best ideas. Great Interpreters deciphered the signs bringing to the knowledge of the whole assembly the best permutation and combination for a project of this magnitude. The Gifted Ones reached the limits of their very essence making sure that only the best was presented before the Council. No stone was left unturned. Every means, cause, effect and outcome was strictly studied. There was no margined for error!

After a time that seemed like eternity, a masterpiece was created; the answer the world has been wailing for was “fully come”. The whole of heaven went in a roar of celestial applause. A party was thrown and great praise resonated with the very foundations of the heavens. You are the latest news – THE BREAKING NEWS – the world needed. You are the solution to make the world at ease once again.

The ‘piece du resistance’ of heaven was the royal seal of your validity and authenticity – THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB. That was the seal on “Project YOU”.

Heaven declared You unique, qualified, accepted, graced for the mission.

Your case file was given to the most respected spirit to dispatch it. No scratch was allowed to touch such a Royal product, a product sourced from Heaven at the hand of GOD Himself.

You are unstoppable!

You’ve got the very powers of the Heavens behind you.
You’ve got the very Spirit of THE CREATOR within you. You are of the same nature as HE is.
All resources are at your disposal. All you just need is to call to them and they will respond!
You are never alone, the whole of Heaven’s Host is for You.

The map to your destiny is within You. It is a voice, it is a picture, it is a feeling, it is a knowing, it is YOU!

The world is at your command. You’ve got to shine your light – the light that was put in You – into the world. This is why you have been created.

Now…. GO!




You ought to have received this letter the day you landed on earth. If that wasn’t the case then I believe it was the doing of THE ACCUSER who tried to stop You from reading it.

But now You have!
All the Power to Become is in You.

You will know what to do…JUST ASK ME, I AM WITHIN “YOU”.


May you always walk in the faith of the Lord,
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale.
BB: 795B8887

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Reality of Christianity

Reality of Christianity.


Are you a Christian? Maybe yes.
But I must tell you that the most misunderstood word around in this age is the word “CHRISTIAN”. Just because
you attend a church doesn’t make you a Christian.
You see around people who claim to be Christians yet the things they do will make the Devil look good on the basis of comparison.
To be a Christian means you know Christ and you are so like the ‘Christ’ that its a common practise to mistake you for Christ. This means the things Christ did should not be far from you, and the things forbidden for him shouldn’t be mentioned or found around you.
You see someone call himself a christian and he drinks himself to stupor. You see someone who call herself a Christian and she dresses like a devil. You see someone
identify with Christ and you can’t differentiate an unbeliever
from such a person. Why are we deceiving ourselves? Or let
me put it in a better way…WHO ARE YOU DECEIVING?

The reason you are not yet a Christian is the same reason
you have not been able to do much with your life. It’s the
same reason you are confused about which way to go. Its
the same reason money distracts you from service. Its the
same way choosing a life partner becomes a herculean
thing for you. What do you think is wrong? What do you
think you’re not doing right?

When Christ sees a problem, he fixes it!
When Christ is tired but there’s still work to be done, the
work of the kingdom is more important that his siesta!
When Christ had to die to save mankind, he gave himself
How come Christians don’t have the character of Christ? Or
is there another meaning to Christian that am oblivious of?

Everyone CAN be a Christian, but not everyone WILL be a
Christian. The same reason everyone will not be a Christian
is the same reason everyone will not enter heaven. This
truth does not single me out of this statement. I am
inclusive just as everyone else.
We are missing something important in the Bible. Its what I
call PROCESS PROGNOSIS. Its a serious matter that’s
misleading many people.
You read a verse and you just claim it! Where did you see
such strategy?

“Many people want the glamour and glory of the crown without the responsibility of the crown. the kingdom doesn’t work that way!”
– Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale.

If you don’t follow the due process in life, you will just
waste your stay on earth. There are spiritual laws,
processes, principles and strategies that you just must
engage before you advance. Although a times some
practise these things without knowing. That’s one of the
gifts of intuition God has given man. Its a previous gift for
those who know of it.

One I see a lot is “…whatever you bind on earth is bound in
heaven…” promise. Many people just rant on it without
seeing the reality dynamics of that scripture. You need to
be given a key before you can bind or lose. Peter did
something before Yeshua uttered that word to him.
Spiritual realities are essential to live on earth.

Joshua stopped the sun. Why has that act become scarce?
Had that gift died? No! The bible tells us in Revelations
that the two witnesses will have the very power to control
nature and elements at their command. You need to look
at what Joshua did before he trusted God and he spoke to
the sun. He didn’t need to fast or pray, he just made the
declaration. That’s the Christ-life am talking about. He
understood spiritual strategies and the place of total
obedience to God.

You need to know God to be a Christian…and I did not say
the “God” your pastor or leader tells you about. Joshua did
not wait on the God Moses talked about, he went out to
know God for himself. If you are not ready for consecration
and sacrifice then you are not ready to be a Christian. If
you’re not ready to pay the price then you are just kidding
If you think God is someone you run to to meet your
personal silly and selfish needs then you are still lost.

Immaturity in Christianity is not an excuse. If all you can
THIS AND THAT FOR ME…” Then you have no idea what
being a Christian is about.
Being a Christian is all about going before God to ask for
what he wants you to do. And if what he tells you to do may
involve you dying then you are happy with it. A Christian
who is afraid of death is a disgrace to the kingdom. You
need to count everything as loss for the kingdom if only
that will be a gain for the kingdom.
Many people are roaming blind because they have not seen
God! If you have seen God, the encounter ought to change
you forever.

I will end with this:
If you have not seen God then you have not started your
Christian walk. But take heed to what claims to call itself
god to you. If its truly God, it won’t go against what’s in the

A Son with a message,
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

*Except otherwise stated, all writings are the inspirational product of the author.*