One of the high points of the year for in in the intellectual world has been the giving of the Nobel prizes to exceptional people who have worked really hard and have earned themselves a name as solution providers as well as worthy example of value and standard on a global level. 
In the community I belong to, we use this week to anticipate as well as study the live and research of these great minds and how their work is helping to change the world and make it a better place.
Now one thing struck me in all of these, the people who are interested in these announcements are the change makers. Of course, anyone who hasn’t fine anything worthy of global note shouldn’t expect anything from the awards. 
So here’s the question?

Are you thinking global? Or you’re allowing personal or environmental issues limit you?
News flash!

These people who win these prizes cont come from totally peaceful countries. But they choose to see beyond the moment and risk giving the world a better chance to enjoy, experience and excel as forward thinking and global growth. 
Those who won…and will win these prizes did not start preparing today, or yesterday or last week. Some even started decades ago. 
So the best time to focus on your vision and purpose is NOW. And even when you begin NOW, you must be strategic and intentional about your growth, resources and momentum. 
Think beyond yourself!
That’s the only way to live beyond yourself. 
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale



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