Cognition, Perception and Cognitive Neuroscience


Cognition, Perception and Cognitive Neuroscience

have created for ourselves a new world, a world that runs on systems and structures that is run mostly by imagery. Everything you have been told, that you know or that you have imagined to be true is usually incomplete, out of context, deceptive, vague or biased.

That is why we seem to have wars of ideologies and belief systems today. Everyone seems to have a claim that its followers hold obstinately without room for an open mind.

One thing about #TheAnomalies is the ability to sense falsehood or deception encrypted in facts. This is a good skill to horn because our day is filled with so much hypnotic and manipulative content devised just to make ends meet or to make profit or to keep certain influence or political power. But it is time for the truth to be revealed.

Here is the interesting part, everyone of us has been affected by one level of deception or the other and to this end, we might receive a shocking realisation of our nativity and ignorance when we encounter truth. Some of which we may not be ready to take on, while some we are more disposed to embrace but truth remains truth whether you agree with it or not.

From age long tradition that lacked intelligent and observatory prowess to cultures that were devoid of civility and verity to civilisation that were build around political power even to education used to keep the masses slavery.

The session on CPCN will show you basic things that will keep your mind running and asking more questions but it will be undeniable that what you will encounter is true or at least your perception will lead you to know that there are elements of truth in it.

Our goal is to understand politics from its spiritumental scope and perspective. This allows you to see the truth or deception (depending on where you stand) in every fabric of legislation, education and sociological systems that men have created for themselves. As another interesting thing about all these is that IT IS NOT NEW. History is not new because time is not linear, time is cyclic, so that means that for you to know what is to come, you must learn to look backward and inward into history and past events.

Every society and civilisation rises and falls on the strength and dexterity of its political will and power and when you understand this as #TheAnonalies, you begin your assent into influence, power and global relevance…if you know how to listen to instructions.




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