“Just because Jannes and Jambres all have (their) snakes running the day, it shouldn’t make you think having a snake is bad and against divine ethics. You never know, all that’s needed is a snake in the hands of (your) Moses. That snake (in the hands of Moses) will make all the difference. So its not about who runs the day or how, a better question is what source is using the “who” and the “how” to run the day. 
Your source is Christ, your inspiration is the Holy Spirit so no fear…!

 Go for it as commanded. The snake of Moses will always “eventually” (totally) swallow up the works of the snakes of the Jannes and Jambres of this world.”
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


​Spirit nomenclature

​Spirit nomenclature

Things do not respond to you name until your name becomes your purpose. When names carry weight in the spirit, it is because the bearer of the names have fused with their purpose and as such, the names have bourn the status of their power, authority, legality or privileges. 
When names like Abraham, Paul, Enoch, Israel, Daniel, Peter, John etc are mentioned in spirit spheres, they hold quite some ground because of the purpose ascribed to such names. 
Can you name cause a quake in the spirit?
That means you’ve not started to strike a chord with the economy of Elohim. 
The way things are addressed in the spirit is first by purpose then next by status, then by purpose and at the very last is by name.
In the book of revelation, why is Jesus being referred to as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords at a time, and at another time he is called the Word of Elohim and another time the Bright morning star, etc.
If you go into the spirit realm to make transactions and see into ceremonies you must know the name to wield. 
There are portals that open to HaShem, others to Adonai, some to Elohim, and even some to a secret name I dare not speak of. 
These things are the codes of spirit encounter and transaction. As heirs of salvation, you should know this. 
Is you are not born again, you cannot see the kingdom of Elohim. If you are not born of water and the spirit, you cannot enter the kingdom of Elohim. 
There is always a protocol of approach in the kingdom of heaven , this is why some will never smell it in their time of life on earth. 

Understanding Spiritual Atmospheres.

​Understanding Atmospheres. 

Reference Ezekiel 1

Listen to Spiritumental coding audio for foundation where I talked about lights, transport, colours using Revelation 4 as reference.

Before you can create atmosphere, you must first understand it. From the start of Ezekiel, it was all about atmospheric nomenclatures and experiences.
Usually, atmosphere is referred to as air, expanse, arc, firmament etc and every atmosphere has its membranes at it’s boundary. Its just like the membranes of cells that limit them as well as give them form and boundary. (Hope you get?)
1. Chebar river. Contains water (lower atmosphere). Recall in genesis, the waters was separated from the waters. Meaning the higher atmosphere and the lower atmosphere. (Gen 1-6 to 7)
2. The heavens were opened! The membrane of a higher atmosphere was opened and there was a diffusion down to the earth realm before Ezekiel.
3. Word of YHVH came and also the hand of YHVH came upon him. This represents a transfer reality. Without that connection, it may be difficult to get what’s happening across the realms. 

4. There was a whirlwind from the NORTH!

Whirlwind is of air and earth.

Also mentioned was Great clouds (waters above and air)

Then there was fire and brightness (fire and light)

And amber (colour)
All these mentioned in No 4 are constituents of an atmosphere… Atmosphere for what was mentioned in the next verse. .recall: atmospheres usually come before the seed. Without atmosphere, there’s no life. 
5. After this, we were told of BEINGS who were four in number. Without that particular atmosphere on earth, the beings will never have showed up.
These beings themselves came with their atmospheres too. There was fire, lightning, etc in their atmospheres (v12 & 13)
These beings looked like (had the colour of) burned brass!
5b. Later it was mentioned that the SPIRIT (RUACH: which also means WIND OR BREATH) controlled the beings. Wherever the spirit goes, the beings follow too. 
6. After these beings came, there was a product of their interfacing with earth realm. There was a WHEEL! The beings had eyes around their wings and the wheel too had eyes all around it. The wheel had a colour, Beryl. (Please note that colour)
Then there was a sequence. The spirit moved the beings and the beings moved the wheel because the spirit of the beings was in the wheel. They shared the same atmosphere and coding. 
7. Something of note was mentioned later on. Over the HEAD of the beings! This demarcated the membranes of the beings. (and therefore their atmosphere). This atmosphere had a SOUND, the sound of a voice (of Shaddai-Almighty and the voice of speech)  and the sound of a noise (of the wings of the being and noise of the waters)
Sound is MORE important in the spirit realm than even the physical. 
8. In v20, there was a firmament (ATMOSPHERE) or expanse over the head of the beings. And the firmament or atmosphere has a colour of note, it looked like ICE CRYSTAL! 

This atmosphere also had a  sound (VOICE) just like the atmosphere above the head of the beings. 
So sounds connect atmospheres. 
9. Above that atmosphere was a THRONE which had the colour of SAPPHIRE. and above the throne high in the atmosphere was something or let’s say someone else….
10. There was a likeness of a man sitting high upon the Sapphire Throne and around this man-like being was atmospheres and colour of AMBER with fire and a brightness. Connected to this man-like being (just the same way the spirit was connected to the 4 beings and the beings controlled the wheel) there was an atmosphere of…
11. GLORY with the colour of RAINBOW! was the atmosphere around the man-like being high on the throne. 

So there’s a connection between what’s on earth with what’s in the heavens high above. 
We had thrones in heaven and wheel on earth. 

4beings on earth and a being in heaven. 

Whirlwind on earth and glory in heaven. 

Sounds on firmament beneath and sounds in firmament above. 

There were colours, sounds and light in both atmospheres. 
These atmospheres fused together as Ezekiel looked upon it. 

Everything was made possible by the word and the hand that came to him before the atmospheres were opened to him. 

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

The light of faith. 

​Why do some people get faith wrong?
Faith always gets results. 

…so if you’re not getting results, it may not be faith. 
Listen and download. 


Letter from the future! (URGENT!!)


Letter from the future! (URGENT!!)


Dear Present Me,

It is with great sense of urgency I send this mail. I hope it gets to you on time. Time is of the essence. The future is nothing like what you think o. IT’S WAY BETTER!

But there’s a problem!

Remember the time you postponed that exercise you ought to do? Well, it affected me in the future!

Remember that time you procrastinated on that move you should have made? Now I’m suffering for it!

Remember that time you couldn’t quickly make a choice on that thing you wanted to do? Now I’m paying for it BIG TIME!

Please! please for the love of God! Stop doing that! You’re hindering me from being my best over here.

I’m missing opportunities because you played more instead of investing in learning. I’m not as witty because you have more hangovers than books!

I even met someone here who claimed you were not nice therefore I’ll need to suffer for it.

Please take things a lot more seriously! They have grave effects over here in the future.

I am at your mercy!

Your future self.



Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale
Spiritumentalyst | D & E Strategist.
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The World Strategy: Getting the two sides of strategy!



The World Strategy: Getting the two sides of strategy!

Strategy is neither good nor bad. Its just a simple instrument used to get a job done. However, the heart and motive of the Strategist determines the outcome of the strategy. This outcome however can be good or evil depending on the heart and motive of the strategist.

When it comes to strategy, you can’t abandon intelligence (especially on the part of the object in question). Intelligence is one key that can help you from falling into the wrong side of strategy.

The wrong side of Spiritumental Strategy:
One major wrong application of this “grand” strategy in application is the synthesization of mankind.

This has been in operation before many of us were born. Its so high, subtle and latent that its been woven into the very fabric of the society.

The evolution and HIGH DEPENDENCE of technology is one clear outcome of this. (This is directed more at the men folks)

The disdain of the potency of being natural is the second most impressive outcome of this strategy (It’s called HIGH DECEPTION) (This is directed at the women folks). With this strategy, it gets “all” women to hate being natural and embrace a synthetic life. Its obvious outcomes include; affinity for high heels, makeup, extensions, cosmetic surgery etc.

**Note: I’m not saying this is bad, I just told you what the world strategy intends to achieve with it.**

What I give to you this morning is an information of value, but intelligence would be how you choose to respond to it.

I can’t tell you what to do. I only just “subconsciously” showed you what you should do.


Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale
The Spiritumentalyst | D & E Strategist.
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Happy birthday to Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale.

Happy birthday to Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale.

Many years ago, on this particular day, a star was born. A star whose glory lit up the heavens and whose splendour ravaged the earth of ignorance.

We appreciate the one and only #iMentor, the Spiritumental Development and Empowerment Strategist. He is a Father to many, a friend to a lot. A mentor to so many people. He has influenced many lives positively. A nation builder and a role model worthy of emulation.

A wise soul and an impactful sage. Giving profound principles, strategies and truths needed to live a better life.

Words cannot express our appreciation for what you’re doing. May the good Lord keep you. You’ll celebrate many more years full of life and fulfillment.

From all of us at Harkheindzel Initiative Team,