The scroll

These are writings that are significant in their own ways….The scroll

a scroll is a roll that contain a message or messages as the case may be? this is a scroll that serves as a window to the realm of knowledge and revelation. it seems empty…but that is just because not just anyone can view through the scroll to see whats happening. only those with the eyes of faith can truely see what is happening.

everytime you read the scroll. you get a different message as things are always moving and new events are always unfolding.

so look with the eyes of faith and behold what was, is, and is soon to come!

This is how all the publications on this site are to be treated if you are to get the full light of the revelation in it.



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  1. I would like to purchase this image. Could you please send me a price quote.

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  2. Hi. How can you be sure the artist doesn’t own a copyright on the image? (I’d like to use if for announcements but don’t want to infringe.) Thanks, Abram

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