Emotions and Spiritumentalysis


Emotions aren’t the ingredients for lasting results. 
I’ll choose focused passion over emotion. Look around you, many people are still seeing things from the eye of emotion. This is not bad as it is but it needs to be channeled in the right light else it becomes more hurtful than helpful. 
People have resolutions, new year prophesies, new dreams and visions etc. 
But have you asked yourself, 

How come I was not able to get all I aspired and wanted to do last year?

What am I doing differently this year?
Do you still have the same friends, watch the same program, listen to the same things, have you learnt something new, 
If you can’t really answer these questions then what is the proof that this year will be different?

Because you feel different doesn’t always mean things will be different. By the time the emotional entropy will level up then you’ll see that really nothing has changed. 
So how can you ensure things are changed?

A changed man will always eventually change his environment and outcome. 
Even if your environment is changed by the man hasn’t changed, he will still keep seeing the same things and he will not be able to see the new opportunities..
Opportunities are everywhere but you need fresh eyes to see them. Once a part of your mind changes, your environment will naturally shift to accommodate that change. 
It is not a new year until its a NEW YOU. 

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


Development & Empowerment Strategist.


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לשמוע את המפקד של המארח של יהוה


The system-structure influence

The system-structure influence

Years ago, I used to be very bad in relationships with people. I Dont remember peoples phone numbers or names not to talk of their birthdays. Now thanks to Facebook and a calender schedule I remember many more birthdays. It was not until I became intentional about solving this problem that the system and structure to do so appeared. 
Again, I used to be the person who would wish people a happy birthday by just writing “HBD”. Apart from the fact that its mentally unwise, emotionally lazy and simply a comfort zone disease, it doesn’t really help grammar and expression. I took it upon myself to take the pain to write the “Happy Birthday” every time whether I’m feeling good or lazy. Being intentional about it has restructured how I relate and the energy I put into showing honour and gratitude. 
Fact is, nothing good will happen consistently to you until you have a system that makes doing good compulsory for you whether you feel like it or not and you having a structure in place that helps you recognise opportunities to make this happen. 
Dont let life only happen to you, it usually doesn’t end good. Instead, choose to happen to life. Have a plan that’s embodied by systems and structures. 
So much depends on it. 

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Development & Empowerment Strategist.

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לשמוע את המפקד של המארח של יהוה

Your eye is the reason you’re not seeing. 

Your eye is the reason you’re not seeing. 

The reason why we cab see motion pictures is the sane reason we Dont see quasi static changes in pictures. When it comes to personal or routine development, you cannot help yourself. You’ll be needing fresh aid. 
Eg. Buy a white cloth and you’ll not really be able to tell when it starts to fade in a couple of monthes unless you get a fresh white cloth to compere. 
Enter a room and after a while you can’t tell how the room smells until a fresh nose comes into the too..
So before you start making plans for 2018, make sure you’re looking with a fresh sense and not your present default sense. 
I can help with that. 

​Spiritumentalysis and Politics

​Spiritumentalysis and Politics. 

The proper order of polity and politics is the careful delegation, representation and accountability of power and influence. 
As it is in heaven, before a (political) word is uttered, it must have first been recorded and activated. 

This is what officers on earth should learn of. 
You Dont come with a propaganda of what you are planning to do. No! That’s not how polity is done, you already have the structure in place ready to be initiated. All that’s required is the executive command instead of a prognostication rant of hope and possibilities. 

You speak of who you are!…not who you shall become when you’re elected into office. 

This is how an ideal political order can once again be influenced upon the people. 



“At the beginning of the path to influence, people may not expect much from you or even give you attention until you understand that people need you to feel their pains and guide them with your experiences. 
When you share and guide people through your experiences then you’ll start getting traction.”
Your pains, pitfalls and purposes are condiments that initiate spiritumental attraction. 
…and that’s the inception of influence.

Change and its mathematics

Change and its mathematics.

The prognosis of change is one that should be flexibly embraced. Not every change is good. Change is a vector sense (meaning it comes with its magnitude and direction). At inception, its easier to know the direction of change than to know its magnitude. 
Its easy to know which direction a change is driving but know how far the disruption goes is the hard part. 
That said 2017 is going to suggest change to a lot of things. This change comes in many directions. In as much as everyone is clamoring on change change change, you must study the twain properties of change before embracing it. 
In what direction is this change taking me?

What will it cause me to give up?

What must I adapt to or learn to embrace this change?

…and you must seek to know the magnitude of its disruption.

Is this change good now but bad for the future?

Does it make me comfortable now and sting me later on?

What’s the avalanche effect of this change on human culture, socioeconomic, political, religious, educational standards?
Change needs your permission to thrive, although it can be very persuasive and suggestive. 

Yeah, I know Nigerians have a hard time believing things until they see it. Anyways today we shall know. 
Anyways, keep your eyes on the skies.

Interesting things are happening. And the skies tell its stories. 

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Development & Empowerment Strategist.


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לשמוע את המפקד של המארח של יהוה