Many people live in denial. Some of them have denials running so deep that it’s become all they see, believe and accept. 
One way I bring people to know who they really are to a large extent is to make them recall their dream states and activities. I know many people may have not so “fun-full” dreams. Actually, that says so much about the state of their minds.
Some people are always battling in their dreams, some are always running from danger, some are always writing tests or exams they are not sure they will pass, others are always engaging in sexual phases while some do not recollect their dreams. All of these says so much about you than you are willing to accept.
Especially if these dream patterns are repetitious or periodic then you need to take it seriously. Why? Because some of them are telling signs of your mental or even spiritual impediments. 
There’s always a way to get the best out of your life and recreate your dreams into more fulfilling and life changing encounters. 
Do you know that people like Tesla and Einstein made serious breakthrough in history from moments of some of their dreams? How come you can’t have dreams like them?
Well, you can!
The question is…

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


#GiHOS: Global intellectual Hub of Strategists 

A dream I had

04:29 Gmt+1

I saw myself in a place. A large school. We were to prepare for some test but I had not read for it. So I was scrambling for the notes to quickly read at least to write something down in the test. Finally, we were all seated for the test. Then the lecturer came in and notified us that there has been a change in the venue of the test. I took off and ran swiftly to the new venue so as to create time for me to read more before the people arrive and settle down for the test. Soon, everyone was around and the test was about to start. The lecturer came to me, he noticed that I had not prepared for the test. So because of me, he decided to wait ten more minutes before the test. That was all I needed to get what I wanted.
Suddenly, I looked out the Windows as I saw a small drone plane. I thought it was a toy that was being controlled by some kid around the block. I called the attention of those around me to it, so we waited to see the drone pass again. Which it did.

I started feeling uneasy, then I started noticing somethings that were not right in the environs. Afar off, I saw Eagles in a wierd formation. It seemed they were all spies to check out the situation of the environs. Soon enough I heard the sound of planes,,, like the airforce war planed. That was when I knew something was seriously wrong.

Then I heard the sound of the shot of a rocket missile, I ran out of the class as fast as possible. Not far from me was an explosion in the building when the rocket hit the building. Then I knew it was an anhiliation squad. We all started running for our lives. I didnt run because I felt the missiles could be shot in any direction. So I waited for the sound of the rocket before running in the opposite direction.
Funny enough, I cannot outrun a missile. But there was cacophony, everywhere. I then noticed that there was something in the ground that the people were interested in. And that’s why they wanted to destroy the place for it. Seemed like alien ware of some kind. They finally got it. When they were about to give the final strike to level the whole place up… Alas! I woke up.