Dominion Strategy.


Knowing God is good, but…
You must come to the current relation of YHVH (GOD) in your life, day and season before you can become a valiant man in truth and verity. 

I have seen many people who know Elohim (God) live defeated and miserable lives because of this singular factor. 

“Physical light cannot stand a chance against spiritual darkness.”

Life is a war of competencies, virtues, statuses, thrones and territories. Sometimes, it is not what you know that does the job for you, but the capacity and measure of what you know. 

Why couldn’t the disciples cast out an epileptic spirit at some point? It’s not because they haven’t cast demons out before, but they didn’t have the measure required to cast this kind out. 

On this note, 

Ensure you always develop your whole man (SPIRIT, SOUL & BODY) because that is the scope and status we have been called to dominate. 

You can be strong in body yet lose intellectual battles. Why? Because physical strength isn’t the winning edge for intellectual warfare. And in the same way, mental acumen is useless against spiritual strongholds. 

When you face any life issues, first thing is to know what level and status it comes in. 
Is it spiritual, mental or physical?
Once this is known, the next thing is to know if you have the status and measure and capacity to confront and overcome it. 

If not, seek education, partnership or privileges that gives you the winning edge.

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


Put aside your emotions, they’re overrated.

Put aside your emotions, they’re overrated.

Don’t get this wrong, emotions are good. They help us communicate and understand frequencies and wavelengths of codes, quanta and data that we would not be able to express if all we had were words and sounds. 
But one thing many people don’t realise is that emotion isn’t causal! Emotion is a product of an already chosen cause or an already decided outcome whether you know about it or not. 
When you’re happy, you’ve already embraced a cause whose result and interpretation to you makes you happy. So being happy shouldn’t be what makes you  do something. 
Same way when you feel lonely, its not what you are bout to do that Mae’s you feel lonely, its already what you’ve believed and accepted about yourself that brings that outcome to you. 
So doing things because you’re happy or sad or lonely etc is a wrong way of viewing and recreating your experiences. 
Why? Because you’re transposing a product of a cause to become another chain of reaction which is a reason why many people make the wrong choices in life. 
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… reeducate your mind. 

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale




לשמוע את המפקד של המארח של יהוה

​Spiritumentalysis of Power and Authority

​Spiritumentalysis of Power and Authority (podcast)

The spiritual and mental catalysis of power and authority is something that’s been perverted and misused therefore misunderstood in our day and time.
Its not too late to unlearn the new ways (wrong way) and relearn the old way (the free and pure way)

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The culture of intuition

​The culture of intuition. 

Intuition is a natural part of every human soul. It helps one harness deep information, impulses and intelligence that logic and sense have not been able to explain. Howbeit, this can come in handy when the occasion calls for it. 


That said, females (who have become women) have a more sense to Intuition than males because of the way they have been made, their experiences and realities. All these make up the more intuitive nature of females. 
The downside is, women are more intuitive but still can be clouded by their emotions. This is why when I train anyone on emotional intelligence, I let them know that the end is to grow their sense of Intuition. 


I started learning the Hebrew language let’s say 4years ago, but I got a little more intentional and serious about it about a year ago. I can say this has helped groom my power of intuition because unlike English language, Hebrew language is highly Intuitive especially modern Hebrew. A few Hebrew letters together can mean many things but the culture of intuition has made Hebrew speakers naturally know what word is needed in any context. 


Intuitive intelligence though higher than emotional Intelligence isn’t a solo running skill. It works better when you groom other intelligences. 


Embracing responsibility of choices is a good way to build your Intuition. The earlier you make mistakes, the better you come to terms with the ways of intuition and the more you get it right, the more confident you become in making choices that bridge time and space even when time and space isn’t known. 

Grow intelligent. Grow intuition.

​Intuition affirmation: Harnessing the Power and Status of Intuition

​Intuition affirmation: harnessing the power and status of intuition
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Intuition lyrics.

Intuition affirmation.

Harnessing the power and state of intuition 

I am intuitive, I do because I know, I know so I do,

I am alert and awake.

I am bold and brave. 

I am confident and courageous.

I am a doer..

I operate in divinity, the doors of divinity are open to me.

The veils of intuitive power and life are open before me.

I am instant in season and out of season.

I walk in wisdom, I work in grace and truth. 

I am resistant to mediocrity. 

My soul is full of power and light, 

My mind is full of knowledge and truth.

My body is full of strength and health

I am observant to the world beyond me and the universe within me. 

I am in alignment with purpose and destiny. 

I soar as the great eagle, I run and I am not weary, I walk and I do not faint

My consciousness is free but not free from truth. 

My heart is full of power but not beyond the power of love. 
I see things beyond the scope of my eyes.

I feel things beyond the spans of vibrations.

I move in sync with truth and love. 

My mind is highly creative, my soul is flexible and astute, my dreams are not beyond me. My days are not all behind me.
Time is favourable to me, in its past, present and future. 

Space does not inhibit me, in its breath, length and height.

Wealth becomes my tool of love. 

Wisdom becomes my tool for impact.

Worship becomes my tool for life.

Winning becomes my way in all existences. 

When my eyes are shut, I see visions of the universe within,

When my eyes are wide, I see the opportunities around me and beyond.

When my voice is silent, I vibrate with unity and faith.

When my voice is heard, it syncopate with wealth and wisdom. 

The ways of the heavens are not hid from me.

The substances of the earth are not cloaked from me.

I am shrouded in mysteries and I know my way around 

sounds, signs, symbols, signets, statures, stars, seals, seasons 

totems, thoughts, thrones, times

cycles, circles, councils, courts, 

means, messages, mysteries, motives, matter

 visions, vibrations,

 intentions, intuitions, intelligences

 powers, positions, prophesies

 enigmas, energy, ensigns, entropies,

Wealth Trident

​Wealth Trident. (A subtheme of Financial Spiritumentalysis)

#iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale
Wealth sits on three legs, it has three doors of which every other opportunities to wealth are borne out of. 
Knowing this Trident helps you to make better financial decisions as well as helping you manage risks that come with finances and wealth creation. 
This is a knowledge sharing session, for more depth of strategy and execution plan, you’ll need to consult the Spiritumentalyst.

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Sometimes when we say we have problems or when it seems problems can’t just go away. 
We may just be missing the 5 simple steps to get any problem solved. 
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Imagine how simple any problem can go away once you know what to do, where to look and when to act!

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I wish you a great life not dominated by problems.
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale