​GMZs (GeoMental Zones): Why Africa is trapped as a poor GMZ

​GMZ (GeoMental Zones)
Why Africa is trapped as a poor GMZ!.

Africa has been tagged a low/poor GMZ and its reasons are not so farfetched. Everything around us sinks this fact deep into us. 
Yes, I know that there are strong and vibrant and phenomenal guys who are raising the bar of excellence, creativity and innovation but by large, they are still in the minority of numbers. So the “mean impact level” still can’t tilt the continental bar just yet. 

whether we agree or realise this, Africa has been termed a poor geomental zone!
Not because the devil lives in Africa, but because of certain variables we must own up to.
Poor geomental zone by the fact that it is not a very fertile zone to nurture intellectual properties and genius.
1. It doesn’t encourage original thinking. 

2. It doesn’t allow speedy nurturing for great ideation. 

3. It’s consumption conscious. 

4. It’s Ill of personal responsibility. 

5. It’s value system is distorted. 

I can go on and on but I believe we get the drift.
Now these things don’t allow a generation to maximise its fullest potential and that’s why we must choose to do something About it.

Here is the thing:
You cannot distinguish yourself in any life, environment, civilisation if you do not choose to educate yourself above the mean level of that environment.
I was speaking to some yesterday about this issue and owing to John Obidi (Daddy JO)’s posts in response to the post that groans on why Lagos seems to be the goto place in Nigeria and it seems other zones are playing catch up.
I’ll give just 3 things we all should look out for (so I don’t give an epistolary. 

If you’re still wowed by certificates in school then you dunno “whazzup” in the world. Schooling is overrated. That doesn’t mean if you don’t attend one. But the mentality for schooling should be to educate and not just to spend time somewhere making sure you cram and pour on the day of exam and forgetting everything after that. 
People like Mark Z and Bill G, had to leave schools because they were educating themselves faster than the schools were teaching. 

What’s the infrastructure you can boast of around you that provides world class exposure, emotion and recreation?
Because infrastructures are the product of the mean (basic) thinking pattern of any particular group of people in a location.
The level of brilliance of any community is proportional to the level of difficulty (or dexterity), height of comfort, enthropy of emotion and metal exposure and experience a structure gives to the people around its community.

Watch it! What are the things your environment sees as normal?
Is it normal and okay to disobey a traffic light?

What’s the normal qualification of those you choose to lead you or those you vote into office?
What’s my point?

Africa naturally has placed us in a poor GMZ, but you don’t have to remain there. 
It’s your duty to get up on your feet and find the best way to learn the most with what you have.

Use the Internet. Leverage on relationships, have a mentor! Find a mentor with a high GMZ thinking and learn!
Pay your dues of submission and study and gradually you rise in your GMZ thinking level.
If your education, friends, business partners, media consumption and lifestyle are all low GMZ guys, then you’ve sealed yourself to a fate that won’t help you produce the best version of yourself in this life.
When your purpose and vision collides with a high GMZ thinking then you’ll shake the world faster than you can imagine. 
Low GMZ thinking will make you at best a street name or local champion. But high GMZ thinking shoots you from your nation unto global levels.
Choose your GMZ carefully. 

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Happy weekend. 
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale




“Those who know where they are going don’t need much persuasion to make them see where they are.”

– #TheSpiritumentalyst
Many people want something beautiful and successful in life yet they don’t set the protocols and principles that set them in momentum into place. 
Others want sustainable results but foil the very laws of momentum (whether intentionally or not)
You are where you are not just because of your situation but because of your thinking. Because your thinking created your situation in the first place. You cannot desire to change states in life without first changing the way you think. 
From April 15-29, 2017. I’ll be training participants on execution strategy and the way to always get things done. Either if you’ve never done anything you hope to do or you wish to improve your scale of achievements. 
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Until you get to a point in your life where you are tired of your current experiences, when you are fed up with your present reality and you’re ready to take responsible and committed steps to fix things, it is at that point that you can do something phenomenal with your life. 
Every successful brand, individual and institution comes to a point where they choose to be deliberate and intentional about recreation, this is where their lives and experiences change once they know and follow the strategies open to them. 
Sometimes we are too deep into a present life that we cannot free yourself by yourself, you need someone from beyond your reality who isn’t influenced by your experiences and knows better strategies and structures to help recreate your experiences. 
From March 11th to 25th (3weekends), I’ll be helping interested, committed and deliberate people recreate their experiences and get life a new and fresh meaning purpose and energy. 
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Unleashing Soteria, Lambano Soteria

What is Spiritumentalysis?

Define spiritumentalysis?
Spiritumentalysis: spirit-mind catalysis.

Spiritumentalyst: spirit-mind catalyst.
Spiritumentalysis is a bridge between the extremism of spirituality without room for (the brilliance of ) mentality and isolated mentality with disdain for (true) spirituality. 
To be a global and sustained influencer or leader, you must understand spiritual codes and practices as well as have prowess in intellectual qualities. (As well as realise their order that THE SPIRITUAL CONTROLS THE PHYSICAL).

That’s the whole idea.

Mental excretion: The sages’ worst happenstance.

Mental excretion: The sages’ worst happenstance.

If you know any “really” intelligent person. They are usually drawn away from the life of common people. How they see things and the kinda mental resources the expend is huge. 
But there’s a cycle every highly intelligent person goes through. Very few have found their ways around it. Its called the phase of mental excretion. This is a state where such high minds may become vulnerable and it may seem like a “pseudodepression” state. They become moody or tempered or quiet or annoying. The point is…they Dont get themselves and people around them Dont either. 
Mental excretion happens from time to time. It may be a solitary mental crisis interval. They feel the weight of nothing and everything at the same time. Their mind is afloat with all knowledge and no knowledge, its not so easy for most people to understand. 
The point is, at that point in their mental circle, they need people who will be there for them without contact. At this time they need their space but they yearn for someone or something that understands them and can establish a form of mental contact. 
If you have anyone who’s quite sagacious and highly intelligent, try to send them good wishes of understanding and piety. They need it from you once in a while. 
If you have a pastor, a coach, a mentor or a role model. Today is a good day to just send them a well meaning random message to show you love and appreciate them. 
I tell you, its gonna go a long way. 
Have a purposeful week. 
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Development & Empowerment Strategist.

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