The world had lost its vibe. There’s so much interference, cacophony and deception out there. Even though knowledge and information is everywhere, not all of it is meant for you.

This site is for those who want to get out of the noise, illusion and false reality playing out in the world. Its a place to sit back and soak in stuff that will give you the right tilt, thrust, insight on working and lasting principles and patterns you need to make your life worth reckoning with.

Every word on this site should not be taken lightly. (even if its just a punctuation. I mean it! )

My writings are for the sole purpose of spiritual rebirth, mental awakening and purposeful and fulfillment of life.

Recommendations are allowed and you can always reach me by joining the links on the homepage. God bless you as you so.


“Every post on this blog is my mental and creative property! The few which aren’t are properly given the credit. No editing, copying or usage without my knowledge, approval or credit. Be warned!

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


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