#chashab2017: #Constructing2018 training session

​Châshab2017 (Final session for the year)

Theme: #Constructing2018

If you’re conversant with social media and trainings you’ll notice that several people seem to have an idea of what the new year will be. Some already know what you should be doing and so on and so forth. Buy I believe before you begin to know what to do for the new year, you must be internally constructed and prepared for the new year. 

2018 will come with lots of disruptions. So it means that many of the things some people have invested in years ago will become of little or no good use. This is why you must construct the year by yourself. 

It takes discipline and a sense of vision to begin constructing for a year that has not yet come but that’s exactly how visionary people behave. 

In this training, we will be looking at;
1. Setting the grid for a successful 2018.

2. Mastering the intelligence of 2018.

3. Plotting, leveraging or investing in relationships. 

4. Exposure into global state of thought processing and realization.

5. War of thoughts and influence. Learning the art and strategy of (winning) wars.

These session will hold in a closed group which will be communicated to registered participants. The sessions would be through the group and audio resources. It is purely strategic and pragmatic. 
The participants also have the exclusive right to the attention, mentoring and coaching  of #TheSpiritumentalyst for a stipulated time into the new year. 


Modules for #ThoughtClinic

1. Time spiritumentalysis: Intro to circular time reality.

2. DNA architecture: the imitative mystery of hydrocarbons

3. Personal Grid Construction: Wisdoms, Weapons and Wars.

4. Quantum Intelligence

1. Time spiritumentalysis: Intro to circular time reality.

A whole new way of looking at time, knowledge, reality and the future.

“whatever will happen is already happening right now because its happened before.”

2. DNA architecture: the imitative mystery of hydrocarbons.

People have issues discovering their purpose or finding their talents because they aren’t more conscious of their DNA coding. You can’t last in what you’re not built to do.

“your coding is your blessing and your bane. Don’t fight to have what you are not. You cannot find organic growth that way. Organic development is the structural architecture of sustainability.”

3. Personal Grid Construction: Wisdoms, Weapons and Wars.

There’s a way to form a system that’s organic and strategic. That’s the best bet you get for success. 

“Everything you do is forming for you an offence, a defence and a consequence. Be intentional about it all…because it determines your fate or fuels your faith.”

4. Quantum Intelligence

Knowledge at a level the world has taken off from. It is only from this point you can catch up with your OWN future. 

“The way things are seen has changed. Because the speed of sight, insight has greatly increases. So out problems have changed…become more difficult but we also have a greater paradigm to find solutions if we invest in its data.”



#chashab2017 training costs N10,000

Early bird fee (payment before Dec 16) is N 5,000

Free scholarship for anyone who has attended 3 #chashab trainings this year.

Payments can be made HERE

For more enquiries contact 

harkheindzelkenny@gmail.com or 08182593790

If you want to know if this training is for you or not listen to this prerequisite

If you.know anyone who deserves a better 2018, totally different from all (s)he has experienced. Share this post with them. 

Cheers to a great life. 
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale



The Antitranshuminuportationalism principle: The core choice-centred consequence.



The Antitranshuminuportationalism principle: The core choice-centred consequence.

The Antitranshuminuportationalism principle asserts that it is impossible for a person to be at more than one physical location at a given time and having distinct physical experiences of those locations at the same time.. This holds that he cannot have different physical experiences at the same time through physical means and protocols. 
In a simple lay term, a man cannot have experiences of a physical nature of multiple locations at a single time. 
This means that your life experiences are choices you have made or choices that have been influenced or induced by certain factors like environment, education, culture, etc. for you. 
You are where you are today because of the choices that drove you. These choices could be through you or through others that you agreed to or accepted to decide your life turn out. (Consciously or otherwise)
There are different choices that meet you daily and of all the choices, you only go with ONE. That ONE choice is responsible for your current and present state spiritually, financially, relationship, mentality and scope of life. This ONE choice you make per time will decide how you love and will determine how you will die. 
How then do you filter choices so as to know which is more suitable and strategic for you. 
Heads up…

Managing choices doesn’t come easy so be prepared for what I’m going to share with you today. 
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Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


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The Mind of the Creative Online Training Session.

Old ways don’t cut new paths, as we currently live in a fast paced, quantum speed, augmented and virtual reality life consciousness and culture, etc. This means just one thing.
We will have more problems of a higher degree of difficulty that require a higher degree of dexterity and creativity. And to get this, you must learn the ways of engaging these level of problems with a higher level of thinking and solution plotting. 

This training session is for intellectuals and creative and strategists and anyone who is engaged in a professional field that require a high level of thinking, projection and solution. 

​Here are some highlighted Pragmatics to expect from the training.
The Mind of The Creative training session (#TMoTC-ts) Pragmatics:
1. Auditory – subconscious inspiration.
2. Dream state activation.
3. Quantum intelligence. 
4. Mechanics (Transport and interpretation) of creative impressions.
Date: October 7-21st, 2017 (3 weekends)

Time: 7pm (WAT)
For more info or enquiry: 

08182593790 or Harkheindzelkenny@gmail.com
These sessions are for Creatives, Strategists and Intellectuals.

Powered by: Harkheindzel Initiative and Global intellectual Hub Of Strategists.

Wealth Trident

​Wealth Trident. (A subtheme of Financial Spiritumentalysis)

#iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale
Wealth sits on three legs, it has three doors of which every other opportunities to wealth are borne out of. 
Knowing this Trident helps you to make better financial decisions as well as helping you manage risks that come with finances and wealth creation. 
This is a knowledge sharing session, for more depth of strategy and execution plan, you’ll need to consult the Spiritumentalyst.

To listen to the podcast

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​GMZs (GeoMental Zones): Why Africa is trapped as a poor GMZ

​GMZ (GeoMental Zones)
Why Africa is trapped as a poor GMZ!.

Africa has been tagged a low/poor GMZ and its reasons are not so farfetched. Everything around us sinks this fact deep into us. 
Yes, I know that there are strong and vibrant and phenomenal guys who are raising the bar of excellence, creativity and innovation but by large, they are still in the minority of numbers. So the “mean impact level” still can’t tilt the continental bar just yet. 

whether we agree or realise this, Africa has been termed a poor geomental zone!
Not because the devil lives in Africa, but because of certain variables we must own up to.
Poor geomental zone by the fact that it is not a very fertile zone to nurture intellectual properties and genius.
1. It doesn’t encourage original thinking. 

2. It doesn’t allow speedy nurturing for great ideation. 

3. It’s consumption conscious. 

4. It’s Ill of personal responsibility. 

5. It’s value system is distorted. 

I can go on and on but I believe we get the drift.
Now these things don’t allow a generation to maximise its fullest potential and that’s why we must choose to do something About it.

Here is the thing:
You cannot distinguish yourself in any life, environment, civilisation if you do not choose to educate yourself above the mean level of that environment.
I was speaking to some yesterday about this issue and owing to John Obidi (Daddy JO)’s posts in response to the post that groans on why Lagos seems to be the goto place in Nigeria and it seems other zones are playing catch up.
I’ll give just 3 things we all should look out for (so I don’t give an epistolary. 

If you’re still wowed by certificates in school then you dunno “whazzup” in the world. Schooling is overrated. That doesn’t mean if you don’t attend one. But the mentality for schooling should be to educate and not just to spend time somewhere making sure you cram and pour on the day of exam and forgetting everything after that. 
People like Mark Z and Bill G, had to leave schools because they were educating themselves faster than the schools were teaching. 

What’s the infrastructure you can boast of around you that provides world class exposure, emotion and recreation?
Because infrastructures are the product of the mean (basic) thinking pattern of any particular group of people in a location.
The level of brilliance of any community is proportional to the level of difficulty (or dexterity), height of comfort, enthropy of emotion and metal exposure and experience a structure gives to the people around its community.

Watch it! What are the things your environment sees as normal?
Is it normal and okay to disobey a traffic light?

What’s the normal qualification of those you choose to lead you or those you vote into office?
What’s my point?

Africa naturally has placed us in a poor GMZ, but you don’t have to remain there. 
It’s your duty to get up on your feet and find the best way to learn the most with what you have.

Use the Internet. Leverage on relationships, have a mentor! Find a mentor with a high GMZ thinking and learn!
Pay your dues of submission and study and gradually you rise in your GMZ thinking level.
If your education, friends, business partners, media consumption and lifestyle are all low GMZ guys, then you’ve sealed yourself to a fate that won’t help you produce the best version of yourself in this life.
When your purpose and vision collides with a high GMZ thinking then you’ll shake the world faster than you can imagine. 
Low GMZ thinking will make you at best a street name or local champion. But high GMZ thinking shoots you from your nation unto global levels.
Choose your GMZ carefully. 


​#châshab50! Just got better!

 #châshab50! Is something I’m putting together to celebrate my birthday coming up on the 6th of May. So from May 6, I’ll be in the same room (closed WhatsApp group) with 50 persons where for a month, I’ll be investing pragmatic strategies, knowledge and grace to them. This is my way of celebrating my birthday. 

I’m excited to inform you that I’ll be having friends partner with me to mentor and coach and train the 50! who would be joining in on the project.  They are experts in their fields. 
Dr Chris Chukwunyere takes  LIVING ON PURPOSE session.
Faith Harcourt takes EMBRACING YOUR WHOLE IDENTITY session.
Afam Nwaokolo takes GLOBAL LEADERSHIP session 
and I take (what else!) SPIRITUMENTALYSIS COACHING session.
If you know anyone who needs to gain momentum before mid-year, tell them to join in 


Sessions hold every Saturday in May at 1900hrs.(Nigerian Time)
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale