Beyond emotions. 

Beyond emotions. 

Its all joy and Merry similitude when a child is born. Its a time of laughing and singing when a man weds his love. Its a time of fun and thanks when a project is initiated. Its a time of mourning and sober reflections at the burial of a loved one. But that’s all there is…EMOTIONS. 
Emotions have a swift span. It goes away before the rainbow fades. 
Every leader must learn to live beyond emotions, beyond the applause and the chants of valiance or the praise of fans. Beyond the feeling of frustration and hopelessness when things Dont happen your way or Beyond anxiety and restlessness when you hope things go your way. 
Emotions can be quite illusive when one doesn’t understand the purpose of happenstances. Emotions must be interpreted before actions are taken. If you rush to act based on emotions then you can’t fully become your best.
Remember, “you’re slave to whatever has influence over you”
You can allow things around you to inspire you, but don’t let them influence you. Let influence come from your deep conviction and purposeful vision. That’s how the great come out of the good. 
Dont make emotional decisions or responses, make your decisions deliberate and intentional. 
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Development & Empowerment Strategist.

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