​The strategy of life stability (podcast)

​The strategy of life stability (podcast)

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Brand (Power) Strategy


Over the past month, the issues I’ve been addressing have been related to brand growth, development and strategy.
This is what made me air certain brand power strategies every person who owns a brand or works for a brand should know. 
…and even if you don’t own or work for one… YOU ARE A BRAND!
So really, no one can escape the brand step. 
This is an online radio air so you may need to stick with it and manually move the segments (if you don’t have auto play option on your browser)
But I believe it’s something you should listen to.
So you’ll realise the mistakes you’ve been making in promoting your brand and the ways to bounce over your current brand barriers. 
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Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


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​The roadmap to creating an ideal brand. (Podcast)

​The roadmap to creating an ideal brand. (Podcast)

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Do you have a brand or an idea and you don’t even know where to start with taking it out there?
I’ve got the right info to get you started and moving. 

Listen to the podcast and thank me later. 

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Thought leadership in focus (podcast)

​Today’s podcast on #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Thought leadership in focus (podcast)
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In a bid to be popular, people have lost the touch of professionalism. But there is a sense of truth and verity that you cannot shrug from Spiritumentalysis and that’s what initiated this episode. 

A singular concept cannot create balance. You need at least FOUR (4) holding concepts and/or at least TWO (2) empirical (end-to-end) views to maintain balance. 

The moment you think you’re the only one with a solution and your idea is the hinge on which the “new world” rests then you just missed it.
Thought leadership that is void of balance does more harm than good. 

Sadly, most of the harm is not seen in the generation that started the error but from the generation and seasons after the conception and driving of such thoughts. 

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