How to write in the digital age


How to write in the digital age. 
I’ve come to know many writers who are good writers but let’s just say their works today don’t strike a chord with the new age. 
I know those days when writing was just to pass across some information or to educate but today…things have changed. 
In these times, you must learn how to “write speaking”. What I mean by this is that as a writer, you should be able to fuse vocal psychological means of communication into your works in such a way that people can listen to your work and still feel you.
Audio books!

That’s the new gig!
And sadly, many writers are still learning to push their books into PDF and soft formats (still writing traditionally) that they don’t see that those days of PDF are long gone!
It’s sad that in Africa, they tend to wake up to trends after the rest of the world has passed on from it. 
It’s time, as a writer, to learn to write in ways that will make your books speak!
Will I feel your books if I listen to them as audio books? Will you still be able to get your facts across in subtle, persuasive and comprehensively believable ways?
Can you give your books audio cadence and prosody?
That’s the next task every writer must learn. 
Train your books to speak.

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


Photo source: Pinterest


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