Success is a function of leading


Success is a function of leading.
Playing catching up isn’t the habit of those who have success in mind. This is one thing you see in developed nations, they are not satisfied with the status quo. They always push the limits of learning, culture and possibilities. 
I believe that’s how real humans are built to think. 
So what happens when many people around us always play catch up with the rest of the world? That way, you cannot be a global mind who thinks about solutions to global problems. 
Because anyone who already has a habit of playing catch up with the rest of the world is bound to three woes;

1. Consumer mentality.

2. Lethargy

3. Myopia.
…and sadly, majority of  Nigerians are plagued with this disorder. 
Because their latest culture of innovation is not groundbreaking or cutting edge. And all of these affect their culture.
I’ll always say this, don’t be bound to the Nigeria limitation, get out of that matrix and plug into another matrix that supplies a higher sense of life, creativity and excellence. 
You deserve a better life quality..
And getting that isn’t free either. 
So make your choice. 
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale



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