​#Spiritumentalysis2018 brings you the #Disruptors. 

It is a personal journey I will be taking with interested persons where we learn to harness and hinge the creative powers of disruption on not just thinking outside the box but LIVING OUTSIDE IT through tasks and processes that will shake your being but will be worth it. 

It is organic, systemic and encompassing. It is a mentoring and life coaching cum strategy program that touches the core life areas;

1. Personal Development and Leadership.

2. Mental Potentiation.

3. Personal Finance.

4. Relationships and Networks.

5. Spirituality.

6. Health and Wellness.

7. Business and Career.

It is FREE to join but it will cost you your input of time and show of discipline. But I can tell you its going to be worth it. 

Participants will be selected after going through a simple process to test and determine your synchronicity and propensity for commitment, teachability and discipline. 

The program will include;

…knowledge sharing sessions, 

…time dependent tasks and assignments, 

…group activities, 

…contemplative research and reading and even 

…spiritual activities. 

To this end, distractions will not be permitted as proper focus is required to perform excellently well for each step and stage of the program. All forms of indiscipline and irresponsibly will not be allowed. 

(See it as a military camp where all training sessions should be taken and treated as CLASSIFIED.)

If you’re interested, then click HERE to begin your process. 

Successful and selected participants will be sent the link to the training portal. 
I hope to have you selected. But that would be a choice you must make and be ready to live with. But the truth is, you already made the choice and you know if you’re selected. 

All the best.

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


Global intellectual Hub of Strategists.


The Mind of the Creative training session. 


‘The Mind of the Creative’ training session. (#TMoTC-ts)


noun (countable) 

A person directly involved in a creative/inventive process using a high capacity and function of the mind.
The world began with a huge spark of creativity even before creation itself was ushered in or beheld. 
Every great mind that has changed or made history began with the embracing of the matrix of creativity. This creativity was made evident either in their rendition, their art, their product, their invention, their strategy  or their uncanny display of wisdom and pragmatics. 
There is a way to turn on this switch in your mind and live a higher life, the life you have always dreamed. 
One thing is sure, if you achieve your life dream then you did that because of the state of your mind and if you live a mediocre and limited life, the state of your mind is also responsible. 
Come August, 7th till 21st, 2017,

 I’ll be taking intellectuals and creative and all those who believe they are at the perihelion of the unleashing of their genius (or those who want to) on #TMoTC-ts.
Let me say this before hand, it’s not going to be easy because there will be so much unlearning and reprogramming so only those who are ready to give their new life all it takes should sign up because the protocols to be engaged would be lasting and structured. 
Here are some highlighted Pragmatics to expect;
#TMoTC-ts Pragmatics:
1. Auditory – subconscious inspiration.
2. Dream state activation.
3. Quantum intelligence. 
4. Mechanics (Transport and interpretation) of creative impressions.
Date: October 7-21st (3 weekends)

Time: 1900hrs (WAT)

Investment: N10,000 (inclusive of audio resources)

Venue: Online Group.
For more info or enquiry: 

08182593790 or Harkheindzelkenny@gmail.com
These sessions are for Creatives, Strategists and Intellectuals.

Powered by: Harkheindzel Initiative and Global intellectual Hub Of Strategists.

Strategic Execution Training Session #SETS

​Harkheindzel Initiative

(August/September Edition)
Strategic Execution Training Session #SETS2017

Date: August 26th to September 2nd, 2017
Time: 1900hrs (7PM) /Saturday sessions/

8 days of training pragmatics, 

14 days of monitoring and mentoring.

Available audio session training resource. (on request)

Pragmatics tasks to be performed in real time.

…and much more.


1. Personal and Business Development strategy

2. Customer psychology and Implementation strategy
ONLY few slots available
Investment: N 10,000
50% discount for #châshab participants. (N5,000)

40% early bird discount (before August 19th) (N6,000)
Payment option here 
Fill registration form here
Do you know what to do when you don’t know what to do?

You need a pragmatic strategy you can execute 
Don’t miss #SETS

For more info, contact 



​#LoveArchitecture: redefinition of the concept of love and relationships.

​#LoveArchitecture: redefinition of the concept of love and relationships.

Session for speakers, counsellors and coaches in the love and relationship niche.

You can get your free tickets here  

​#LoveArchitecture: redefinition of the concept of love and relationships.

​#LoveArchitecture: redefinition of the concept of love and relationships.

Session for speakers, counsellors and coaches in the love and relationship niche.

You can get your free tickets here  

#LoveArchitecture training sessions

#LoveArchitecture: reConditioning the Love and Relationship niche.

My mentees know me, I’m not the kinda person who publicly gives love and relationship counsels or write about it for that matter. 
There are loads of people who have taken up that niche (and yes, a few of them actually know their onions)
But here is my concern, when (many of) those who teach, train or counsel people on love matters have NO IDEA what love really is. 
They read a few books, listened to a few people talk on love and …wait for it… Watch a lot of movies that claim to talk about love. And voila! They are love experts!

It is dangerous to teach assumptions on such a sensitive matter as love.
Now, love is NOT a feeling! 
So what is love?
Love is 3 things. 

1. Love is a person(-ality). (a being)

2. Love is a nature. (system and architecture)

3. Love is a choice. (proactive decision) 
…and you must NOT JUST know these three things before you train, mentor, counsel or talk to people about love. YOU MUST BE THESE THREE THINGS!
It’s time we got out of an emotionally filled but loveless life pattern and generation.
To this end, 

I’ll be taking Counsellors, Love Experts, Relationship Coaches and Behavioral (emotional) Psychologists/Therapists (in relationship niche) and individuals who are ‘deliberate’ about understanding love and relationship dynamics on the “#LoveArchitecture” session.

Date: Saturday July 29th (7pm) and Thursday August 3rd (8pm) 2017.

Venue: Closed Group

Contact: 08182593790 (WhatsApp) or harkheindzelkenny@gmail.com
REGISTRATION CLOSES ON 28th July, 2017 (at sunset)

This session will bring you to learn personally and professionally to;
1. Love yourself. – SPIRIT, SOUL, BODY (Within)

-There is a way to experience and communicate love in your spirit, soul and body AND THEY DON’T ALL USE THE SAME LANGUAGE OR MEDIUM.
2. Respond in love. – RELATIONSHIP with other people (Without)

-Understanding situations and occurrences to condition them through the love prism.
Registration for this program is FREE, but additional audio resources that will be available for the program will be ordered upon request for a price. (it is NOT COMPULSORY)
Take out from the sessions

1. Tasks on #LoveArchitecture concept cognition .

2. The architecture and need for (personal) love affirmations.

3. Coaching.

…and so much more.