Advanced Business Communication Strategy (Podcast)

You can listen to my episode “Adv Biz Communication Strategy” on Anchor: 


Advanced Business Communication Strategy (Podcast)

You can listen to my episode “Adv Biz Communication Strategy” on Anchor: 


What’s your learning mode?

“Weak people learn from mistakes.

Wise people learn from caution.” – HKO
One of the strategic things about parenting and leadership in general is to be able to afford those coming behind the leverage of wisdom through caution. 
This caution is born of mistakes and adversities. In other words, they are lessons the older ones have learnt in the time of their fury and foolishness or nativity. 
But what happens when the next generation never gets better with solving their own problems like the previous generation? It simply means one of twain things;
1. Either the older generation passed no wisdom to the coming generation.
2. The younger generation is too foolish to learn from the wisdom of the older generation.

When history repeats itself in grave outcomes, it means the present generation hasn’t learnt much wisdom to deal with.
Action point:

Learn principles of growth and not methodology of growth. 
Methods change, principles don’t!

Find the latest development in your field and learn it (at you pace but without unnecessary delay).
If you don’t have focused investment in knowledge then you’re wasting your time. 
If you have a library, what books do you read? What articles and movies catch your attention?
Are they Cultural, Political, Technology, Epic?

Push your limits and find new grounds! This can be done when you’re up to date with knowledge.
When you’re not up to date with your time, what you call a flash a genius will be something that has already been done. 

Or haven’t you thought to yourself that you stumbled on something “wow” that seems to have came to you by inspiration only to google it and find out it already exists?
Whether it’s a concept, a business name or a discovery?
This happens because you’re not at par with your time.
To find your #GGG (Global Groundbreaking Genius) you must think on your feet faster than those around you. And only through conscious learning can you get to that point and momentum. 

Knowledge is to be directed before it can cause impact. 
See you around the globe. 

Brand (Power) Strategy


Over the past month, the issues I’ve been addressing have been related to brand growth, development and strategy.
This is what made me air certain brand power strategies every person who owns a brand or works for a brand should know. 
…and even if you don’t own or work for one… YOU ARE A BRAND!
So really, no one can escape the brand step. 
This is an online radio air so you may need to stick with it and manually move the segments (if you don’t have auto play option on your browser)
But I believe it’s something you should listen to.
So you’ll realise the mistakes you’ve been making in promoting your brand and the ways to bounce over your current brand barriers. 
You can listen to the latest podcast episode 
“Brand (Power) Strategy ” on @Anchor NOW
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


Global intellectual Hub Of Strategists 

​Life Creation Strategy sessions with #TheSpiritumentalyst

​Life Creation Strategy sessions with #TheSpiritumentalyst

I have found out that people do things slower when they do it alone, with wrong/absent motivation and stale strategies. 

Times change daily, this means you need to update yourself daily to be able to efficiently go through the day and meet your goals and hit your targets. 
Are you ready to give it what it takes to create a good and steady life where you have the right structures and systems in place?

I can help you with that. 
How seriously do you want to achieve the things you’ve set your minds to do?

Are you sure that’s even the right thing for you?

Is there a quicker way to get things done than the way you believe to be quick?

Are you committed enough to follow the strategy and structure that guarantees you quick execution?

Do you value development and growth enough to invest in the process?

Session investments start from N5000 and depending on the duration and execution timeline of your goals, investments may be slightly higher. 

If you’re ready to follow through and invest in your personal life creation strategy session, contact #TheSpiritumentalyst NOW

Don’t wait for tomorrow to do what you have the power to do today. 
Click here to register NOW

Activating your business sense #Podcast



Every sense organ is a perception and perspective oriented, information filtered, value focused buildup.

The same thing applies to business sense. It must be initiated, cultivated, nurtured and mastered.

Today I’ll share something about business sense to you.

In this podcast, you’ll see the levels of customer expectation and value disposition you should engage in…and the strategic part of it all.

“Those who know the WHY are always in high demand by those who seek the WHAT while those who want the HOW will seek mentorship from those who have the WHY.”

.- Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Any which ways, the WHYs have it!

Download the podcast HERE.

Unleashing Soteria, Lambano Soteria.
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale
The Spiritumentalyst™