7 Life Progress Stages


7 Life Progress Stages. 
1. Not knowing what you want out of life. (Ignorance, Limiting beliefs, Fear)
2. Thinking you know what you want out of life because you look at people more than you discover yourself. (Delusion, using other people’s methods for your life without discernment)
3. Knowing what you want out of your life. (Purpose.)
4. Thinking you know what you must do to get what you want out of life. (Illusion of grandeur)
5. Knowing what you must do to get what you want out of life. (Intelligence, research, education)
6. Planning out what you know you must do to get what you want out of life. (Strategy)
7. Ruthless Vehement Execution. (Strategic Execution)
Once you succeed! 

Take up a bigger challenge and repeat the process. 

These processes don’t come easy and some of them do take time. But what you must know is that, the revelation of these processes are hidden in books, mentors, experiences, observations and insights.
Sadly, many people never fully fulfill these processes in their life time. These are the people who do not know the true extent of their personal power. 
Don’t be in that clique. 
1. Know what you want.

2. Know what you must do to get it.

3. Pay whatever price you must. (Because every time you don’t pay the needed price, you’ll have to pay higher the next time you realise you should have paid it.)

May your life make meaning to the world!
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale






Africa is the way it is because it is persistently not collaborative. Africans don’t truly know how to work together with anything. 
Global Science is improving because developed nations have learnt to share information (data).
Technology is gaining momentum because global giants have learnt to be open to constructive and disruptive ideas. 
The world is improving because man has learnt to work with men, with machines and with means. 
To change Africa, you must come out of the African mentality and system to learn how to live, love and learn with other nations. 
Improve your collaborative coefficient. 
Ask me how.
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale



Are you “thinking action” or you’re “taking action”


Are you “thinking action” or you’re “taking action”?
If all your ideas are in your mind or on paper without seeking for means to make them a reality then you’re not doing well enough. 

because since the last time you slept till the time you just woke up, I’m glad to announce to you that THINGS HAVE CHANGED right under your nose. 
At this point, even taking action is not enough, because any action that is not STRATEGIC is at best ” incomplete”!
…and that my friend is the latest frustration of DOERS!
Do you fall into the category of people who are doing things but still not getting the kinda result they hope for?
Then it simply means your action is “incomplete”. Why? Because, even though you just learnt something new, but the world has moved on making what you thought was new to become stale!
Don’t stay where you think you are ahead! The only way to know you’re ahead is when you see none before (ahead of) you and everyone else behind you…and to do that, you need strategic execution. 
#ThinkStrategy #ThinkGrowth

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


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What’s your learning mode?

“Weak people learn from mistakes.

Wise people learn from caution.” – HKO
One of the strategic things about parenting and leadership in general is to be able to afford those coming behind the leverage of wisdom through caution. 
This caution is born of mistakes and adversities. In other words, they are lessons the older ones have learnt in the time of their fury and foolishness or nativity. 
But what happens when the next generation never gets better with solving their own problems like the previous generation? It simply means one of twain things;
1. Either the older generation passed no wisdom to the coming generation.
2. The younger generation is too foolish to learn from the wisdom of the older generation.

When history repeats itself in grave outcomes, it means the present generation hasn’t learnt much wisdom to deal with.
Action point:

Learn principles of growth and not methodology of growth. 
Methods change, principles don’t!

Find the latest development in your field and learn it (at you pace but without unnecessary delay).
If you don’t have focused investment in knowledge then you’re wasting your time. 
If you have a library, what books do you read? What articles and movies catch your attention?
Are they Cultural, Political, Technology, Epic?

Push your limits and find new grounds! This can be done when you’re up to date with knowledge.
When you’re not up to date with your time, what you call a flash a genius will be something that has already been done. 

Or haven’t you thought to yourself that you stumbled on something “wow” that seems to have came to you by inspiration only to google it and find out it already exists?
Whether it’s a concept, a business name or a discovery?
This happens because you’re not at par with your time.
To find your #GGG (Global Groundbreaking Genius) you must think on your feet faster than those around you. And only through conscious learning can you get to that point and momentum. 

Knowledge is to be directed before it can cause impact. 
See you around the globe. 

Brand (Power) Strategy


Over the past month, the issues I’ve been addressing have been related to brand growth, development and strategy.
This is what made me air certain brand power strategies every person who owns a brand or works for a brand should know. 
…and even if you don’t own or work for one… YOU ARE A BRAND!
So really, no one can escape the brand step. 
This is an online radio air so you may need to stick with it and manually move the segments (if you don’t have auto play option on your browser)
But I believe it’s something you should listen to.
So you’ll realise the mistakes you’ve been making in promoting your brand and the ways to bounce over your current brand barriers. 
You can listen to the latest podcast episode 
“Brand (Power) Strategy ” on @Anchor NOW
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


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