The concept of love revisited. (2)


The concept of love revisited. (2)
It has been established that love has been misunderstood for aeons because many people chose the wrong realm of man to operate and experience love. 
For you to understand what love is, you must learn to change who you are so that you can change how you see things.
Love is not how your body makes you feel. That’s just hormones and chemicals altering the state of your brain. 
Love is not when you think upon a future where you have a perfect life, with your partner and family and work. That’s just mental synapses and visual transmissions that’s not real. 
Love is not how you interpret what you see. (Maybe that’s just attraction)
Love is 3 things. 

1. Love is a person(-ality). (a being)

2. Love is a nature. (system and architecture)

3. Love is a choice. (proactive decision) 
And for you to experience and understand love, you must BECOME these three things. For without the three, love cannot be perfect. 
The sad thing in life is when someone live without experiencing love or having love experiences. It is one of the reason people feel unfulfilled and purposeless. 
How do you then come to this sense of the concept of love in its perfection?
Stay tuned…
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale



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לשמוע את המפקד של המארח של יהוה


The concept of love revisited.


The concept of Love revisited. 
Love, hmmmm… Love is a code string that’s more than what the human mind can grasp. Every time the mind defines Love, it is always in error. 
Why? Because the mind cannot fully get the meaning of love. 
Bring this down to what people do. When people claim they love things or people, they usually have a misconception of what they are really doing. 
Here is what I mean. 
From the human mind, when you think you love something or someone, you’re doing one of these things. 
1. You like the way something looks.

2. You like the way something makes you feel. 

3. You like what you think you know about something. 

4. Chemicals being secreted in you trigger mental senses that makes you feel good. 
(Note: using ‘like’ here means ‘you feel good or have a good sense about something’)
What you’re doing is not love. Actually, its chemistry and feelings (brain work). Meaning, chemical secretions and brain synapses mess you up temporarily.
This is why this kind of feeling doesn’t last because the secretions don’t run forever so the feeling wanes or you see something better and you simply move on to the next best thing. 
This is not love, at least it is not love in it’s true sense. 
Many people don’t have LOVE. and I’ll let you know what love is probably in my next post. 

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale



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לשמוע את המפקד של המארח של יהוה

​#LoveArchitecture: redefinition of the concept of love and relationships.

​#LoveArchitecture: redefinition of the concept of love and relationships.

Session for speakers, counsellors and coaches in the love and relationship niche.

You can get your free tickets here  

​#LoveArchitecture: redefinition of the concept of love and relationships.

​#LoveArchitecture: redefinition of the concept of love and relationships.

Session for speakers, counsellors and coaches in the love and relationship niche.

You can get your free tickets here  

#LoveArchitecture training sessions

#LoveArchitecture: reConditioning the Love and Relationship niche.

My mentees know me, I’m not the kinda person who publicly gives love and relationship counsels or write about it for that matter. 
There are loads of people who have taken up that niche (and yes, a few of them actually know their onions)
But here is my concern, when (many of) those who teach, train or counsel people on love matters have NO IDEA what love really is. 
They read a few books, listened to a few people talk on love and …wait for it… Watch a lot of movies that claim to talk about love. And voila! They are love experts!

It is dangerous to teach assumptions on such a sensitive matter as love.
Now, love is NOT a feeling! 
So what is love?
Love is 3 things. 

1. Love is a person(-ality). (a being)

2. Love is a nature. (system and architecture)

3. Love is a choice. (proactive decision) 
…and you must NOT JUST know these three things before you train, mentor, counsel or talk to people about love. YOU MUST BE THESE THREE THINGS!
It’s time we got out of an emotionally filled but loveless life pattern and generation.
To this end, 

I’ll be taking Counsellors, Love Experts, Relationship Coaches and Behavioral (emotional) Psychologists/Therapists (in relationship niche) and individuals who are ‘deliberate’ about understanding love and relationship dynamics on the “#LoveArchitecture” session.

Date: Saturday July 29th (7pm) and Thursday August 3rd (8pm) 2017.

Venue: Closed Group

Contact: 08182593790 (WhatsApp) or
REGISTRATION CLOSES ON 28th July, 2017 (at sunset)

This session will bring you to learn personally and professionally to;
1. Love yourself. – SPIRIT, SOUL, BODY (Within)

-There is a way to experience and communicate love in your spirit, soul and body AND THEY DON’T ALL USE THE SAME LANGUAGE OR MEDIUM.
2. Respond in love. – RELATIONSHIP with other people (Without)

-Understanding situations and occurrences to condition them through the love prism.
Registration for this program is FREE, but additional audio resources that will be available for the program will be ordered upon request for a price. (it is NOT COMPULSORY)
Take out from the sessions

1. Tasks on #LoveArchitecture concept cognition .

2. The architecture and need for (personal) love affirmations.

3. Coaching.

…and so much more.

Before you say “I do!”: #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale.

Before you say “I do!”: #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale.


There’s so much happening to marriages today. its
a serious issue especially for those about to
wed. /1

for the past weeks I’ve seen couples talking about
the heat they experience in marriage via internal
and external forces. /2

many people just have no clue about marriage, all
they do is plan for the wedding. /3

I’ll advice everyone to plan beyond weddings.
weddings will be your happiest day if you don’t
work out for marriage. /4

normally, according to the books, marriage ought
to be merrier than weddings. but you need plans to
see this through. /5

so many married peeps are regretting their
choices. they wish they had said “I don’t!” at the
altar. /6

For the love of God! get a grip of your life before
going for marriage. understand who you’re getting
married to! /7

know how to deal with your spouse’s temperament!
if you don’t, you will endure your marriage while it
lasts. /8

Beauty fades, six packs get walled up by pot belly.
don’t base your affections on temporal things. they
never last. /9

look for character, seek a spouse who displays
godly wisdom. the unseen things are the things
that last. it’s biblically proven. /10

Relationships are good! please it shouldn’t be all
about sex. there’s so much more to consider than the ecstasy of some instantaneous libido or orgasm. /11

You can’t eat your cake and have it. don’t look for
someone who’s perfect. that person only exist in
movies. /12

look for someone that will make you happy,someone that will engage you positively, someone that lives with purpose and fear of God! /13

be ready to commit. you can’t have 100% but you
have to give your 100% . that’s how to make
marriage work. /14

you’ve got to give it what it takes if you want to
nurture lasting bliss in your marriage. /15

I’ll leave you with these few rules and nuggets to
ruminate on. I want the best life for you, but you
have to choose it yourself. /16

let’s talk better. mail me at or bbm:
your development and empowerment

you can make your life all you’ve dreamed but you
have to choose it and work by its principles.

Marriage isn’t as simple as you may think. If you are in doubt then ask a married couple and ask for the plain and sincere truth.

*Except otherwise stated, all writings are the inspirational product of the author.*

RELATIONSHIP, DATING AND MARRIAGE: #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny O.

RELATIONSHIP, DATING AND MARRIAGE: #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny O.

(instruction: to get the logos Sophia in this write up… You read it all the way down… Then you read it all the way up.)


#relationship #dating and #marriage.

I pray for a great future for you (Marital-wise) .
Don’t miss tomorrow. We discuss how to deal with
d heat of #relationship #dating & #marriage

you just can’t scale through without God!
#relationship #dating #marriage . #iMentor

So before you set out. Take along courage,
faith, vision, purpose and character! #marriage
has some unexpected guests.

#marriage planning isn’t left only to the man. It’s
a man cum wife enterprise. #iMentor

Take time out to think of your plans in
#marriage . What happens after 1yr,2yrs,5yrs
and 10yrs. You should have a plan. #iMentor

It is my joy to see everyone happy from
#relationship to #dating and in #marriage . God
wants that too. #iMentor

Am giving you #marriage wisdom here. Don’t
joke with it. Planlessness is purposelessness.

You can’t plan it alone. So commit ur
#marriage into d hands of the ANCIENT OF

This is called #relationship responsibility,
#dating directives and #marriage management.
Don’t leave things to chance. #iMentor

Before #marriage , you need to sit with your spouse
And prayerfully strategize and plan your years
together. HAVE A PLAN! #iMentor

Regrets happen when pple fail to adequately plan
out their #marriage . It takes two to tangle.

There are many people who deep down regret the
life they live in #marriage . This shouldn’t be!

One thing is going into #marriage clueless. The
worse part is the purposelessness induced into
The unborn children. #iMentor

If you go into #marriage without vision and
purpose, then you are a fool! I say it again, a
FOOL! #iMentor

Many people plan for wedding and not #marriage .
That’s why issues begin to arise a week after d
wedding. #iMentor

And Please lemme add here! #marriage is not the
same as Wedding! The latter happens in a day,
the former happens for life. #iMentor

#marriage is not something to be rushed into.
It’s just like food… If u rush it… You get
choked! #iMentor

If you don’t progress well from #relationship
to #dating, issues could arise in your
#marriage . It’s a fact. #iMentor

#marriage is a holy covenant of togetherness
btw two pple. (MALE AND FEMALE!). A journey
together into forever. #iMentor

With all said and done… The product of an
effective dating system opens d door for
#marriage . #iMentor

#dating is not profane. It should be a holy,
reasonable and respectable practice of getting
to know each other. #iMentor

It’s time to come back to our senses n know the
purity of #dating and #relationship . We
shouldn’t take it too far. #iMentor

#dating is not an orgasm reaching, fast paced
libido evolving action. No! It’s a study of
purpose complementation. #iMentor

You watch high school movie and all you think of
#dating is eroticism n beastly contrivances. No!

And need I add. Westernization has crippled the
mind of youths on what #dating really is.

That said. You know you must be focused in class
if you wanna do well in the exam. #dating .

Many pple miss the whole point of #dating . It’s
like attending lectures with exam in view.

#dating is a sample of a proposed future. It’s a
time to see who rules… Feelings or reality!


#dating is a step further to see how well you
really know the other person. It’s more than a
trial. #iMentor

Caution! I am not talking about lust or
gratification of d flesh. I mean the
amalgamation of purposeful people. #dating .

when a boy meets a girl, and entropy as a
result of chemistry occurs… #relationship
opens d door to #dating. #iMentor

Every #relationship has its boundaries. You need
to master this to keep them. Break the bounds and you
lose it instantly. #iMentor

Being overly reserved sucks life out of you and
keeps your heart obstinate. #relationship .

This world was wired to accommodate
#relationship , you break the natural laws if you act
otherwise. From Phlegmatic to sanguine.

Building lasting #relationship helps make life
easier and worthwhile. You can’t survive as a lone
ranger. #iMentor

#relationship varies from family to friends to
colleagues to acquaintances to mates… Every
level of life requires it. #iMentor

You don’t start a #relationship to mandate your
opinions. Nay! It’s a desk full of compromise.
Love and understanding is  needed! #iMentor

Many people are not well educated in
#relationship management before plunging into
it. #iMentor

The way you view yourself in a #relationship
matters alot. Your true motive eventually oozes
out. #iMentor

That made clear. #relationship
starts with one but isn’t complete with one! A
second party is needed. #iMentor

#marriage is the ultimate binder. It seals you
with the other person (at least that’s the
original idea) as long as u live. #iMentor

#dating occurs when 2pple feel they can work
something out together… Short time or long
term as the case may be. #iMentor

#relationship starts first from within… You get
to see yourself, know yourself and like yourself
or improve on yourself as the case may be

#relationship #dating and #marriage and
(hopefully) everything in between. #iMentor

* * * * * * * * * * * *
I believe this has helped you in the little way possible. Would appreciate feedback from those it has reached and helped.

A son with a message,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.