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“Technology is not only development in the science of the physical, but also the science of the soul and the spirit. 
See things this way and your attitude and scope of personal development will change.”

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale #TheSpiritumentalyst


How old are you?


How old are you?


One important way of measuring maturity is “age”. However, age is a generic nomenclature. The age many people are accustomed to is the “chronological age”, but I beg to differ in that general conclusion.

On your path to impact and greatness, you cannot do without responsibility and maturity. (..and these go beyond chronological age). To this end, we also have spirit age and mental age, to mention but a few.

Whenever you find yourself anywhere in life, you’ve got to keep asking yourself this question.


“How old…” like I said earlier is not just about chronology. Have you ever been somewhere or done something and people though you were either too young or too old for such a thing? When people make those remarks its because they compare your chronological age with another measurement of age.

If you’re the first (wo)man to do something, to invent or discover something, then you pioneer the “age” of such phenomenon.

When you’re the best in a certain field, then you define the “age” of that field .

1. Take a look at your association (place of work, class, phone book, bbm contact, etc)
By definition of “age”, the most influential person becomes the “oldest” with the definition of “age”

2. Where do you fall on the list? What’s your level of influence or impact? To move up the ladder you must “age” (meaning you must learn to handle more responsibilities effectively and make more impact passionately)

3. Make sure you’re not the “oldest” within your association. It can slow your progress. Make sure you have people who keep challenging or motivating you to do better. (Get off the local champion mentality)

Greatness must be decisive and strategic.


Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale
The Spiritumentalyst™
Development & Empowerment Strategist.
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Intentions Dont grow seeds.


Intentions Dont grow seeds.


Lionel Messi stands in front of the ball, about to take a penalty kick. The keeper stands at alert spreading his hands while oscillating from side to side to prepare for the shot.

A streak of sweat laces his face from head to chin. This is an important shot. It’s injury time, its been a goalless draw so far. The referee would certainly blow his whistle immediately after the kick.

There is no margin for error.

Messi steps back, takes a deep breath. The keeper never blinks like a chicken ready to evade its predator.


The keeper goes the wrong way….!



It’s a…..

The ball hits the bar and bounces into the sidelines.

Spectators scream….NOOOO! That should have been a goal!

But the fact remain…. IT WASN’T!

Principles Dont respect persons. The universe doesn’t respect intentions. “Almost” doesn’t count.

Task 2:
Stop using these phrases:
I should have…
I could have….
I would have….

These are phrases that show intentions with no corresponding actions.

If you get a hunch to do something and it seems right to you (after your SWOT and strategic/risk analysis) then go for it and be ready for the reward or comeuppance.



Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale
The Spiritumentalyst™
Development & Empowerment Strategist.
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Cognition lapse: when do you start to forget to remember? (2)



Cognition lapse: when do you start to forget to remember? (2)

I have a severe affinity for truth and verity and to this end, I choose my words carefully. What I’m about to tell you may seem shocking and outrightly silly but the choice to take it (or not to) has always and will always be yours.

How do you work against cognition lapse?
The reason there’s cognitive lapse is one of twain things;
1. Information feed or
2. PsychEmotional smoke

…and there’s one common beast to this cause….THE MEDIA!

If you’re really keen on growing yourself (your spirit), then you need less of the media. The media is a strategic hibernating trance inducing protocol that has misled men from the word GO!

You need to give more time in developing yourself instead of giving time in entertaining yourself. Certainly there is time and need for entertainment (once in a while) but it must be planned and gainful.

If all you do it get entertained, seek entertainment and invest in entertainment then you’re not doing yourself a great good.

Cognitive lapse is real!
Many people don’t know of it’s existence and reality because they never see anything beyond “self”.


Think about this and how much good it can do to your life.


Need help? Info? Clarifications?
I’m just a ping away.

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale
The Spiritumentalyst
Development & Empowerment Strategist.
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The World Strategy: Getting the two sides of strategy!



The World Strategy: Getting the two sides of strategy!

Strategy is neither good nor bad. Its just a simple instrument used to get a job done. However, the heart and motive of the Strategist determines the outcome of the strategy. This outcome however can be good or evil depending on the heart and motive of the strategist.

When it comes to strategy, you can’t abandon intelligence (especially on the part of the object in question). Intelligence is one key that can help you from falling into the wrong side of strategy.

The wrong side of Spiritumental Strategy:
One major wrong application of this “grand” strategy in application is the synthesization of mankind.

This has been in operation before many of us were born. Its so high, subtle and latent that its been woven into the very fabric of the society.

The evolution and HIGH DEPENDENCE of technology is one clear outcome of this. (This is directed more at the men folks)

The disdain of the potency of being natural is the second most impressive outcome of this strategy (It’s called HIGH DECEPTION) (This is directed at the women folks). With this strategy, it gets “all” women to hate being natural and embrace a synthetic life. Its obvious outcomes include; affinity for high heels, makeup, extensions, cosmetic surgery etc.

**Note: I’m not saying this is bad, I just told you what the world strategy intends to achieve with it.**

What I give to you this morning is an information of value, but intelligence would be how you choose to respond to it.

I can’t tell you what to do. I only just “subconsciously” showed you what you should do.


Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale
The Spiritumentalyst | D & E Strategist.
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Launch out strategy.



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May you always walk in the faith of the Lord,

Unleashing Soteria, Lambano Soteria.

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