Culture and Systemics.

Culture and Systemics. 

The way the human mental algorithm is coded, majority of his intentions are extensions of the more powerful environmental influence upon him. 
This environmental influence can be internal or external. The stronger and ‘freer’ a man is, the more he builds and cultivates his internal environment to attain spiritumental resonance. The weaker a man is, the more he seeks dependence and validation from the external environment. 
A weak man cannot maintain excellence and height in his given sphere or call to influence. A strong man is able to rout his external reality by his internal convictions and reality. 
There is no man who has arrived at the aisle of greatness without being trained to impose his intentions to become his extension. 
Are you trained?

Seek that which can and will train you. 

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Development & Empowerment Strategist.


לשמוע את המפקד של המארח של יהוה 


The Mind of the Creative training session. 


‘The Mind of the Creative’ training session. (#TMoTC-ts)


noun (countable) 

A person directly involved in a creative/inventive process using a high capacity and function of the mind.
The world began with a huge spark of creativity even before creation itself was ushered in or beheld. 
Every great mind that has changed or made history began with the embracing of the matrix of creativity. This creativity was made evident either in their rendition, their art, their product, their invention, their strategy  or their uncanny display of wisdom and pragmatics. 
There is a way to turn on this switch in your mind and live a higher life, the life you have always dreamed. 
One thing is sure, if you achieve your life dream then you did that because of the state of your mind and if you live a mediocre and limited life, the state of your mind is also responsible. 
Come August, 7th till 21st, 2017,

 I’ll be taking intellectuals and creative and all those who believe they are at the perihelion of the unleashing of their genius (or those who want to) on #TMoTC-ts.
Let me say this before hand, it’s not going to be easy because there will be so much unlearning and reprogramming so only those who are ready to give their new life all it takes should sign up because the protocols to be engaged would be lasting and structured. 
Here are some highlighted Pragmatics to expect;
#TMoTC-ts Pragmatics:
1. Auditory – subconscious inspiration.
2. Dream state activation.
3. Quantum intelligence. 
4. Mechanics (Transport and interpretation) of creative impressions.
Date: October 7-21st (3 weekends)

Time: 1900hrs (WAT)

Investment: N10,000 (inclusive of audio resources)

Venue: Online Group.
For more info or enquiry: 

08182593790 or
These sessions are for Creatives, Strategists and Intellectuals.

Powered by: Harkheindzel Initiative and Global intellectual Hub Of Strategists.

The comical side of life.


The comical side of life. 

Those who DO without knowing will always be perceived better than those of KNOW without doing. 
It is however more rewarding for know who put what they know into their doing. 
Fact remains, what you know will always be more than what you end up doing but the strategic point of it is to ensure that what you are doing with what you know should make so much up for what you paid to KNOW in terms of results, impact, influence and profit. 
If you know more than you do, the problem is not with the society, and the problem is not with you…YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! 

..and like every problem, you need to be solved. 
Look inward, spring clean your mental attic. You’ll never know what you can find. 

Portals and their mechanics.

Portals and their mechanisms: 

(Time, Location and Human portals)

Portals are channels and transport means of getting things from one end to the other. There is nothing too big or too small to be transported through a portal. 
That being said I need us to know how portals are formed and how they can be created by any believer. 
There are 3 kinds of portals. 

We have;

Time portals.

Location portals and 

Human portals.

Time portals:

There are certain auspicious times in every season through which things can move freely across realms and dimensions. Over the years, these times have been observed for generations and many people cannot tell why they are what they are. 
When it comes to the economy of El, Times are important. Sometimes he operates through time. Because time is the unit of physical existence. When alignment is formed, watchers of times know when these windows open in the realms. Some of these times have been named holidays or sacred days so that coming generations can also make use of such time portals. 
(Time) Portals are free to use. Meaning you don’t have to be a kindred spirit to use it. Once you know where it is and how to use it, time portals are free for anyone to use. 
In using this time portal, waiting is required as well as having a certain posture while you wait. 
Time portals can either be kairos or chronos built. 

Kairos in the sense that it is usually independent of calendar timing. It is usually when something else (that we will still touch) influences the means of a portal.
Chronos on the other hand is more predictable. Eg. For many people 00:00 midnight as well as 15:00 afternoon are portal times when high spiritual things happen. So in this example. Someone may have to wait for several days watching both times and holding a certain priesthood posture so as to behold or Intercept something travelling across realms. 

Location portal:

Sometimes, high spiritual or dimensional activities are not time based but location based. Eg. Israel is always a location portal. And there are certain places also in the east and the west that are places hallowed or haunted where it is said and believed men can always encounter spirits. 
Location portals are Important because they are usually mirrors across realms. High above them spiritually are places or door where access to earth is granted. A location portal can also be formed when a certain place has been structured with priestly climate and activities for a very long time that the area has become a part of the other spiritual realm.
There are places that hold alignment with heavenly things and the only way to capture the powers of the heavens is to enshrine a location of alignment. 
For example, the pyramids of Egypt are location portals which were created to mirror certain constellations in the heaven and harvest certain powers to the earth. There are other ruins and runes and hedge stones in the east that have these properties. One way to note these is that the designs of such structures are always cryptic and highly advanced, aligned and accurate.
Some places are portals simply by the places they Interfere with.

Be it the longitude and latitude they happen to intersect with because those particular numbers are numbers of alignment of certain powers or entities.
There are however spirit cities and locations that still exist today but not in the same spiritual location. 

How so?
Because spirit cities can move from place to place. But before they can move, there must be a culture and atmosphere that permit them to exist in such cities. Example of spirit cities are Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, etc and those cities still exist today and they can Influence certain locations that offer the qualities of their character. 

Human portals:

There are certain people who by themselves are portals. These are people who by high ranking spirit status or grace privileges have become carriers of climates and presences that conditions anywhere they find themselves. 
There are people who have so much virtue that they condition where ever they go. Some healing virtue, others glory, some deliverance, some prosperity etc.
They are people who operate by covenant and call and stand as high officers of the kingdom they represent. 
Eg. Isaac was a human portal of prosperity, when he started digging wells and was contended with, he kept digging wells that had water even in the land that didn’t have so much water at the time. The issue actually is that, anywhere Isaac dug would have water. Why? Because Isaac was a human portal. In Isaac himself was the well! Isaac had the well inside him that’s why anywhere he dug would have water

Alignment of portals:

There are certain times that people cannot progress unless they change locations as Abraham was called out of his land to be shown a land…a location portal. The journey of Abraham was to find the location portal the Lord has prepared for him. Even though Abraham was a human portal himself because he walked by covenant. There are time you must follow alignment and not power. You can’t say because he knew he was a portal he should then command UR  to be favourable to him because he is a human portal. No, that’s not how it works. And that’s why many people don’t get what they want because they are in the wrong land.

These portals can work in the life of the same person but at various times. It is important to always know the will of El as to which portal is suitable for you to use according to his plans for you. The higher you have spiritual power, the higher you must learn to submit to authority and power and protocol.
When lot left Abraham and Elohim blessed Abraham. At that time Abraham manifested his human portal for everywhere he looked was to him a blessing even though the land itself didn’t look good.
Joseph saw a time portal. He saw into the future and was able to capture a technology that will save Egypt in the time of the drought. So he was able to create something that would withstand the system of national death and disaster approaching Egypt.

When the angel of El found Zachariah in the temple to tell him about the coming of john the baptist. It was both a location and time portal intersecting.
Zach, was in the temple, the holy of holies which was a location portal and the time Gabriel came to him was specific time …kairos…to announce the news of his son to him. 
Also at the Bethesda pool where an Angel stirred the pool at certain times of the year. This is a very suitable account of intersection of portals. 
The pool was a location portal, but it was a location portal that worked with a time portal (kairos and not chronos). The angel stirred it at no predictable time. But that pool had to work (heal) only when the angel stirred the pool that is when time and location intersect. But besides that, one day, a human portal walked into the location…Jesus…and he healed a man who had always missed the time portal even though he was always at that location because he did not have the posture to benefit when the portal opened. That was when the human portal came to save the day.

That account tells us something about time, location and human portals. The highest portal authority is the one in alignment with the authority of El.

We will always have these portals and they are ways of manifesting the glory and the power of the kingdoms but it is necessary for believers to know that these are the realms they must walk in to engage prosperity, healing or whatever abundance or deed they desire on the earth.
You must know the protocol of portals. 
It is said that at one time in everyone’s life. One of these three portals would have visited you but many have been insensitive to their coming and thereby lost such opportunities. 
Some were supposed to have attended a particular university or worked at a particular position or done business with particular people or had to be mentored by particular people they did not meet because they were not on time or they were not in place to meet these destiny people or destiny moments. 
How portals can work for you in transport, provision and prosperity:

One thing is worthy of note when one needs to personally initiate portals. Your belief system must be different. There is a way the world system works and there is a way spiritual systems work. You must intentionally learn the way spiritual realities work. That is the first step you must learn. 
You must also know that this is not a mental means but a spiritual means. In the ways of the mind, you will be told to envision what you want and to keep on saying it. But that’s not how the spirit works. (I’m not saying that the mental means doesn’t work also. But when you use such means especially for transport, your mind will be there but you cannot be physically present there. In my view, transport need to be tangibly proven)
The same principle applies to transport, provision and prosperity. 
1. You must know who you are.

2. You must know how far you go (are)

3. You must initiate faith which is (the power) of the NOW

Eg. When you’re in your room and you want to go to the kitchen. Whether you realise it or not, your mind envisions your kitchen because your brain cannot know where you are going without some form of mental vision that directs you.(Note that you don’t need eyes for mental vision, all you need is a powerful imagination). It is when your brain believes to have formed the picture of your kitchen that you will be ready to go. 
And even for places you do not know what they look like, a picture that is made up will always come to your mind as well. So pictures or image (perceived knowledge) initiates transport.
But for spirit transport, travel is made IN and not just TO.

Let me explain, 

Have you noticed that whenever Jesus talked about being saved and fellowship. He always refers to coming IN-to you and not coming TO you. Why? Because coming to you is by appearance but coming IN you is by experience. And spiritual is more experience based than appearance based that’s why different things can take on different forms just so you can have the needed experience. And that’s why in the book of revelation, Jesus can take on different appearances just so that his experience can be clearly known.

So the way to use your faith for travel is for you NOT just to go TO the kitchen but for you to go IN the kitchen.
And the way to vision this destination is not to SEE you going to the kitchen but to KNOW that the kitchen is IN you! Once you have the faith that NOW the kitchen is IN you, then transport can be initiated even physically. 
Now, this is just the first thing to do. You must know that transport requires energy and the faster (near the speed of light or thought) the rate of transport or the further (beyond the physical scope of sight) the distance of transport or how heterogeneous (trans dimensional) the state of transport is then the more energy is required to make it happen.
And as I said earlier, spiritual transport is made not TO but IN and this means that this energy is not something that you have to physically initiate but it must be something you have IN you. And gladly, we already have enough resources IN Christ! 
Except you are born of water and the spirit, you cannot enter (move, transport) IN the kingdom of God. This is why education in the ways of the spirit is important at this point. And your teacher is THE HOLY SPIRIT. It is he who will bring all knowledge IN you so you must learn to walk with him.
Transport really, isn’t done the same way for everyone. This is why you should try to let the Holy Spirit teach you what’s best for you according to your make up. 

However, the principles are the same even when the methods necessarily aren’t. 
Transport becomes better when you understand what the experience of the word IN CHRIST means. Once you get that fact in your spirit, nothing will be impossible for you. But I should also mention that because all things are possible in Christ doesn’t mean you can do anything you want simply because you want to. The WILL of El should be sovereign and all you do should be in worship to him and not to Puff you up in pride or anything carnal.
So if you want transport, know that it is in you. Where you are and where you want to go is inside you. That’s why time and distance aren’t a problem in the spirit.

If you want provisions too, it is in Christ that is in you. And all you have to do is to exercise that knowledge. And the same works for prosperity. 
I will end with this, there are certain things that are unshakable in the kingdom and they are protocols and purposes. Even though you can catch the wind of the spirit anytime doesn’t means you should because you want to. If it is not done IN the will of El then you’re closer to sorcery than you realise. 
Elohim will take you through process before you can be entrusted with high things of glory. 

May you always walk in the faith of YHVH

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


What’s your learning mode?

“Weak people learn from mistakes.

Wise people learn from caution.” – HKO
One of the strategic things about parenting and leadership in general is to be able to afford those coming behind the leverage of wisdom through caution. 
This caution is born of mistakes and adversities. In other words, they are lessons the older ones have learnt in the time of their fury and foolishness or nativity. 
But what happens when the next generation never gets better with solving their own problems like the previous generation? It simply means one of twain things;
1. Either the older generation passed no wisdom to the coming generation.
2. The younger generation is too foolish to learn from the wisdom of the older generation.

When history repeats itself in grave outcomes, it means the present generation hasn’t learnt much wisdom to deal with.
Action point:

Learn principles of growth and not methodology of growth. 
Methods change, principles don’t!

Find the latest development in your field and learn it (at you pace but without unnecessary delay).
If you don’t have focused investment in knowledge then you’re wasting your time. 
If you have a library, what books do you read? What articles and movies catch your attention?
Are they Cultural, Political, Technology, Epic?

Push your limits and find new grounds! This can be done when you’re up to date with knowledge.
When you’re not up to date with your time, what you call a flash a genius will be something that has already been done. 

Or haven’t you thought to yourself that you stumbled on something “wow” that seems to have came to you by inspiration only to google it and find out it already exists?
Whether it’s a concept, a business name or a discovery?
This happens because you’re not at par with your time.
To find your #GGG (Global Groundbreaking Genius) you must think on your feet faster than those around you. And only through conscious learning can you get to that point and momentum. 

Knowledge is to be directed before it can cause impact. 
See you around the globe.