Everything in life and all of existence can be classified into two general parallel choices, classes, concepts and contrivances. 
Herein lies the simplicity of life and existence. However, shrouded in this simplicity is a complexity like none other. 
Life becomes frustrating when you choose the wrong end of this Twain principle. 
I’ll give you an example:

In science, measurement is made either in space or in time. Impressions are achieved either through light or gravity.
In life, the important things are knowledge and action. And with this set comes a subset of timing and precision.
Even your DNA is locked in two strands.
What am I saying, in life and all of existence, the simplest things are usually in pairs. Finding this pair is one of lives highest journey.

Find your pair.

This is the greatest mystery and highest power any human can wield. 




Many people live in denial. Some of them have denials running so deep that it’s become all they see, believe and accept. 
One way I bring people to know who they really are to a large extent is to make them recall their dream states and activities. I know many people may have not so “fun-full” dreams. Actually, that says so much about the state of their minds.
Some people are always battling in their dreams, some are always running from danger, some are always writing tests or exams they are not sure they will pass, others are always engaging in sexual phases while some do not recollect their dreams. All of these says so much about you than you are willing to accept.
Especially if these dream patterns are repetitious or periodic then you need to take it seriously. Why? Because some of them are telling signs of your mental or even spiritual impediments. 
There’s always a way to get the best out of your life and recreate your dreams into more fulfilling and life changing encounters. 
Do you know that people like Tesla and Einstein made serious breakthrough in history from moments of some of their dreams? How come you can’t have dreams like them?
Well, you can!
The question is…

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


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The litmus test for seriousness


The litmus test for seriousness.
Usually when many people approach me especially through chats, call or one on one. I’m not in a haste to do anything until I am sure they are READY FOR HELP and SERIOUS ABOUT BEING HELPED.
How do I do this?

1. Find out if they are emotional about their decisions. 

Many people may just be coming out of a motivational moment where they are excited about doing things but are not tuned to the cost, reality and pragmatics of their decisions. 
What I tend to do for these people is to separate them from their current emotional entropy. And once I notice it’s just an induced illusion of emotional facade, I tell them the practical thing to do, I step back and see what they will do.
2. I find out if they are serious about their decisions.

After taking the emotional entropy away, seriousness is the next test. Seriousness is a ‘choice’ every individual must make. No one can make it for you. Eg. Will you keep on following instructions and process even when you don’t feel like it?
I do this by asking them to take on a task that takes time. Why? Because time is a beautiful filter that reveals seriousness and allows emotions to fade.
3. Find out if they are meek.

This is important. Working with people who are not full of themselves, who are teachable and ready to take initiative is a quality that makes coaching or mentoring easy.
How do I do this?

I see how they respond to info they don’t know and the ones they have come across. The way they respond says a lot about their attitude and meekness.
When I find people failing in any of these three things. I give them space and REDUCE my contact with them as I give them a chance to repent and if they remain unrepentant, then I know they have made their choices. 
You cannot force someone to be great! They must turn their WANT for greatness into the NEED to become great.
Ad at 2017, C. Ronaldo is arguably the best player in the world. Without a coach and his dedication to practise and seriousness. He wouldn’t smell the level of glory he enjoys today. 

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


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Do you even know?
Let’s take a short journey together….
Can you recall where you were,

what you had and what you were doing at this time last year? 

Is it different from where you are, 

what you have and what you are doing today?
Where do you want to be by the end of the year? (or at the end of the month)

Don’t think too far or too deep.
Think purpose and satisfaction. (What you’re meant to be doing that gives you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction)
Then ask these questions:
1. So why are you not there as of today?

2. What’s stopping you?

3. What do you have currently that can bring you closer to it?

4. Does that future require a certain skill you currently don’t have or have not yet mastered?

5. Is there someone you know (you are close to or CAN BECOME CLOSE TO) who already has this life you want to live?
If you ponder on these questions, YOU’LL HAVE THE ANSWER YOU’RE LOOKING FOR!!!
I’ll give you the secret of the TWAIN PRINCIPLE.
A. Whatever money can (or cannot) get for you, “the right relationships” can get it for you if you invest in the relationships.
B. Education can make up for lost time. Once you focus on learning the latest (current) way of getting things done.
C. There are two ways to get to any destination (professional, spiritual, personal development, etc) and that’s either through the concept (principle) of a  MAP or a COMPASS.
All you need to know is which one will get the job done for you. 
It’s a new month! 

You have a fresh chance to make things right.
I can help you. 
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


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Brand Power Strategy.


Over the past month, the issues I’ve been addressing have been related to brand growth, development and strategy.
This is what made me air certain brand power strategies every person who owns a brand or works for a brand should know. 
…and even if you don’t own or work for one… YOU ARE A BRAND!
So really, no one can escape the brand step. 
This is an online radio air so you may need to stick with it and manually move the segments (if you don’t have auto play option on your browser)
But I believe it’s something you should listen to.
So you’ll realise the mistakes you’ve been making in promoting your brand and the ways to bounce over your current brand barriers. 
You can listen to the latest podcast episode 

“Brand (Power) Strategy ” on @Anchor NOW


Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


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Cognition, Perception and Cognitive Neuroscience


Cognition, Perception and Cognitive Neuroscience

have created for ourselves a new world, a world that runs on systems and structures that is run mostly by imagery. Everything you have been told, that you know or that you have imagined to be true is usually incomplete, out of context, deceptive, vague or biased.

That is why we seem to have wars of ideologies and belief systems today. Everyone seems to have a claim that its followers hold obstinately without room for an open mind.

One thing about #TheAnomalies is the ability to sense falsehood or deception encrypted in facts. This is a good skill to horn because our day is filled with so much hypnotic and manipulative content devised just to make ends meet or to make profit or to keep certain influence or political power. But it is time for the truth to be revealed.

Here is the interesting part, everyone of us has been affected by one level of deception or the other and to this end, we might receive a shocking realisation of our nativity and ignorance when we encounter truth. Some of which we may not be ready to take on, while some we are more disposed to embrace but truth remains truth whether you agree with it or not.

From age long tradition that lacked intelligent and observatory prowess to cultures that were devoid of civility and verity to civilisation that were build around political power even to education used to keep the masses slavery.

The session on CPCN will show you basic things that will keep your mind running and asking more questions but it will be undeniable that what you will encounter is true or at least your perception will lead you to know that there are elements of truth in it.

Our goal is to understand politics from its spiritumental scope and perspective. This allows you to see the truth or deception (depending on where you stand) in every fabric of legislation, education and sociological systems that men have created for themselves. As another interesting thing about all these is that IT IS NOT NEW. History is not new because time is not linear, time is cyclic, so that means that for you to know what is to come, you must learn to look backward and inward into history and past events.

Every society and civilisation rises and falls on the strength and dexterity of its political will and power and when you understand this as #TheAnonalies, you begin your assent into influence, power and global relevance…if you know how to listen to instructions.



What template works for you?


What template works for you?
Are you seeing from the point of templates or you’re being blinded by the success of others?
The reason why the first thing you must discover about your life is your purpose is because what can work for others may not work for you or may not produce the kind of result it produced for others. 
Have you noticed when you follow the path or system of someone who succeeded at it but you don’t get the kind of result they got?
The factor is probably purpose oriented. 
For you to find the template that works for you? You must research yourself! You must discover yourself and be comfortable with what you find. 
One issue is that people are always trying to recreate themselves into other people they admire, respect or idolize. That won’t help you at the end. At best you’re just going to live half the life of another person. Is that what you want to be remembered for?
Find out what you are made to live for! Your passion, person and potentials will always be attracted towards something. And when you eventually find “that thing you’re created for”, begin to create and build a template that guarantees your success. Sometimes, we are looking for a readymade template. If you find a readymade template that fits perfectly, it means you’re not really unique!
Build your own life template from the scratch. But build speedily through the leverage of knowledge and relationships in mentors, teachers, coaches, exposure and purpose filtered Information. 
Live the life you are created to live.

Live it with your spirit, soul and body. Give yourself wholly to it!

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


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