​The roadmap to creating an ideal brand. (Podcast)

​The roadmap to creating an ideal brand. (Podcast)

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Do you have a brand or an idea and you don’t even know where to start with taking it out there?
I’ve got the right info to get you started and moving. 

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Thought leadership in focus (podcast)

​Today’s podcast on #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Thought leadership in focus (podcast)
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In a bid to be popular, people have lost the touch of professionalism. But there is a sense of truth and verity that you cannot shrug from Spiritumentalysis and that’s what initiated this episode. 

A singular concept cannot create balance. You need at least FOUR (4) holding concepts and/or at least TWO (2) empirical (end-to-end) views to maintain balance. 

The moment you think you’re the only one with a solution and your idea is the hinge on which the “new world” rests then you just missed it.
Thought leadership that is void of balance does more harm than good. 

Sadly, most of the harm is not seen in the generation that started the error but from the generation and seasons after the conception and driving of such thoughts. 

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​Spiritumentalysis of Power and Authority

​Spiritumentalysis of Power and Authority (podcast)

The spiritual and mental catalysis of power and authority is something that’s been perverted and misused therefore misunderstood in our day and time.
Its not too late to unlearn the new ways (wrong way) and relearn the old way (the free and pure way)

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​Intuition affirmation: Harnessing the Power and Status of Intuition

​Intuition affirmation: harnessing the power and status of intuition
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Intuition lyrics.

Intuition affirmation.

Harnessing the power and state of intuition 

I am intuitive, I do because I know, I know so I do,

I am alert and awake.

I am bold and brave. 

I am confident and courageous.

I am a doer..

I operate in divinity, the doors of divinity are open to me.

The veils of intuitive power and life are open before me.

I am instant in season and out of season.

I walk in wisdom, I work in grace and truth. 

I am resistant to mediocrity. 

My soul is full of power and light, 

My mind is full of knowledge and truth.

My body is full of strength and health

I am observant to the world beyond me and the universe within me. 

I am in alignment with purpose and destiny. 

I soar as the great eagle, I run and I am not weary, I walk and I do not faint

My consciousness is free but not free from truth. 

My heart is full of power but not beyond the power of love. 
I see things beyond the scope of my eyes.

I feel things beyond the spans of vibrations.

I move in sync with truth and love. 

My mind is highly creative, my soul is flexible and astute, my dreams are not beyond me. My days are not all behind me.
Time is favourable to me, in its past, present and future. 

Space does not inhibit me, in its breath, length and height.

Wealth becomes my tool of love. 

Wisdom becomes my tool for impact.

Worship becomes my tool for life.

Winning becomes my way in all existences. 

When my eyes are shut, I see visions of the universe within,

When my eyes are wide, I see the opportunities around me and beyond.

When my voice is silent, I vibrate with unity and faith.

When my voice is heard, it syncopate with wealth and wisdom. 

The ways of the heavens are not hid from me.

The substances of the earth are not cloaked from me.

I am shrouded in mysteries and I know my way around 

sounds, signs, symbols, signets, statures, stars, seals, seasons 

totems, thoughts, thrones, times

cycles, circles, councils, courts, 

means, messages, mysteries, motives, matter

 visions, vibrations,

 intentions, intuitions, intelligences

 powers, positions, prophesies

 enigmas, energy, ensigns, entropies,

Business Spiritumentalysis

Business Spiritumentalysis

Those who make the pursuit after money the crux of their business usually become frustrated. And if they are strong enough not to want to be frustrated then they employ manipulative and unethical means to get the money. This is a selfish vortex that doesn’t give lasting fulfillment and peace of mind.
In business, its not all about the money. 

If your business doesn’t allow you to forge good and cordial relationship with your clients or customers,

 If it doesn’t in a way give back to the community your business is located,

If it doesn’t show love and humanitarian affection to those in need,

If it doesn’t solve the problems of those around you and in turn make consumers of your product happy, comfortable and satisfied

…then your business spiritumentalysis is not complete and your chances of wealth creation from that business is rather slim. 
People gravitate towards where ever they sense value which includes one or more of the following;





In this podcast, I explained how to understand the concept of value and build a pragmatic system that your business requires to make you and your customers smile altogether. 
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Happy holiday!
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Development & Empowerment Strategist.



לשמוע את המפקד של המארח של יהוה 

Wealth Trident

​Wealth Trident. (A subtheme of Financial Spiritumentalysis)

#iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale
Wealth sits on three legs, it has three doors of which every other opportunities to wealth are borne out of. 
Knowing this Trident helps you to make better financial decisions as well as helping you manage risks that come with finances and wealth creation. 
This is a knowledge sharing session, for more depth of strategy and execution plan, you’ll need to consult the Spiritumentalyst.

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