Sometimes when we say we have problems or when it seems problems can’t just go away. 
We may just be missing the 5 simple steps to get any problem solved. 
Listen to the *Problem solving Spiritumentalysis* Episode of #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale NOW
Imagine how simple any problem can go away once you know what to do, where to look and when to act!
You’re free to listen or download it here.
…and if you prefer the YouTube privacy and feel, you can also view the podcast session here
I wish you a great life not dominated by problems.
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


The 3 keys to the Spiritumentalysis of planning. (Audio)

LIFE PLAN is that which embodies a LIFE TIME.

If today is the day you choose to want to begin to change things, then you’re already late!
Getting things done takes;

a process of time, 

principles of structuring and

dedication and formulation of a system. 

During coaching sessions, I ask some people what they want to do today and their answers just show how much people live in illusions and fantasies. 
They hope for things to happen today without having done anything meaningful about to before today.
Life doesn’t respond that way!
If you fall into this category of people who think thus way then you’re a ticking time bomb. 

Go find a coach or mentor to help you make sense of a life plan.
Now, today is a national holiday and I’m feeling high spirited so I’m giving this out as keys that can help you find directions and motivation to do the right time with the time we’ve all got left. 
Three keys that can open new vistas to you.
 Do you want to know about these keys? Then check the link to listen and download today’s audio.
The 3 keys to the Spiritumentalysis of planning. (Audio)
Make a better life for yourself.

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


לשמוע את המפקד של המארח של יהוה

My pre birthday celebration gift to you. (Plus podcast)



So it’s a week to my birthday and in preparation for #châshab50! I hopped into the studio to record some of the audio materials the 50 participants of #châshab50! would enjoy during the month long period of being together starting from May 6!
Based on the problems my mentees and others have been seeking help with when it cones to strategies for goal setting, execution and getting things done. So I’m helping them with the fundamental pragmatics of getting anything done in life. Which is….
Knowing how to manage 24hrs….ONE DAY. 
If you know how to manage ONE DAY effectively, you can manage TEN YEARS well. So I’ll be gifting you with a priceless gift of self mastery and life management strategy with the “ReCreating YOUR Day” podcast. 
This is my way of saying I appreciate you. 
Get the gift here.
In case you’ve not joined the 50 who would enjoy purpose defining time with my friends and I at #châshab50!, what are you still waiting for?

To join in now, it’s here.

Make the best of one day, the you can make the best of everyday. 
Happy weekend. 
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


The light of faith. 

​Why do some people get faith wrong?
Faith always gets results. 

…so if you’re not getting results, it may not be faith. 
Listen and download.

Put aside your emotions, they’re overrated.

Put aside your emotions, they’re overrated.

Don’t get this wrong, emotions are good. They help us communicate and understand frequencies and wavelengths of codes, quanta and data that we would not be able to express if all we had were words and sounds. 
But one thing many people don’t realise is that emotion isn’t causal! Emotion is a product of an already chosen cause or an already decided outcome whether you know about it or not. 
When you’re happy, you’ve already embraced a cause whose result and interpretation to you makes you happy. So being happy shouldn’t be what makes you  do something. 
Same way when you feel lonely, its not what you are bout to do that Mae’s you feel lonely, its already what you’ve believed and accepted about yourself that brings that outcome to you. 
So doing things because you’re happy or sad or lonely etc is a wrong way of viewing and recreating your experiences. 
Why? Because you’re transposing a product of a cause to become another chain of reaction which is a reason why many people make the wrong choices in life. 
You can listen to the rest of this audio session here
… reeducate your mind. 

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale




לשמוע את המפקד של המארח של יהוה