The Process Program


The Process Program.
There is one thing that has become one of the thrusts of the Intellectual or the Great Leader, and it is the flow of process which is called a program. 
This is what differentiates high thinkers from low flyers. There are people who have not formed a character out of their visions and the demands of their purpose and destiny that they lose the steam after their first shot at ignition.
Why does thus happen?
Because many people confuse the outward experience with the inward existence. Meanwhile, it is the inward existence that drives the outward experience. 
When people see a star, a celebrity, a lady who keeps defying all odds, a man who keeps breaking new records or a geek who keeps trumping his groundbreaking genius.
Everyone who is successful intentionally keeps to a process program. Thus becomes a routine, a ritual, a habit that have sworn to keep doing whether they feel like it or not. 

.it is this kind of discipline that makes they keep getting results. 
But..! But people never see these hidden programs and they feel just by being emotional, they can get the same results as those getting them. 
So what’s your process program?

What trainings are you currently undertaking?

Who are you presently listening to?

What are you pruning from yourself?
These are the processes and programs you must keep your eye on. 
Because it is really in these programs that your success can be guaranteed. 

Find a program that works!

Invest in it!

And keep updating it as you go on. 

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale




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