What template works for you?


What template works for you?
Are you seeing from the point of templates or you’re being blinded by the success of others?
The reason why the first thing you must discover about your life is your purpose is because what can work for others may not work for you or may not produce the kind of result it produced for others. 
Have you noticed when you follow the path or system of someone who succeeded at it but you don’t get the kind of result they got?
The factor is probably purpose oriented. 
For you to find the template that works for you? You must research yourself! You must discover yourself and be comfortable with what you find. 
One issue is that people are always trying to recreate themselves into other people they admire, respect or idolize. That won’t help you at the end. At best you’re just going to live half the life of another person. Is that what you want to be remembered for?
Find out what you are made to live for! Your passion, person and potentials will always be attracted towards something. And when you eventually find “that thing you’re created for”, begin to create and build a template that guarantees your success. Sometimes, we are looking for a readymade template. If you find a readymade template that fits perfectly, it means you’re not really unique!
Build your own life template from the scratch. But build speedily through the leverage of knowledge and relationships in mentors, teachers, coaches, exposure and purpose filtered Information. 
Live the life you are created to live.

Live it with your spirit, soul and body. Give yourself wholly to it!

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


Global intellectual Hub Of Strategists #GiHOS 


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