Your mind can help you believe anything. But don’t go too far


Your mind can help you believe anything. But don’t go too far. 
The human being is one! He is spirit, soul and body…and they work together. 
So wherever you hope to go, go as one entity. That’s how to get the best of yourself. 
When you want to take things on, ensure you have a clear conviction to do so, also make sure your mind is focused and informed to go on and your body is prepared to function well for it.
What happens when you don’t go prepared as ONE?

I’ll give you an example. 
A man focuses and meditates on winning a gold medal for an event and that’s all he does!
You see, he sees it in his mind, he may even convince himself that he’s got conviction on the matter BUT he doesn’t train his body to win.
What happens? He loses big time. 
Usually, for many people, your mind is the first to see it (or to get to where you hope to get to) In life, in finances, in vision and the likes. But don’t get too emotional that you forget to take (or prepare) your body for what you’ve already seen in your mind. 
When a mind goes too far from what the body can keep up with, then one is tending to insanity. 
Build yourself as ONE, in spirit, soul and body. 
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


#GiHOS Global intellectual Hub of Strategists



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