Deliberate living

Deliberate living. 

You cannot employ fleeces for destiny decisions and moment. Hanging your life on chance is a demonstration of weakness and cowardice. You can’t build a lasting colossus based on emotional spikes. 
Just the same way you cannot marry everyone you feel attracted to. From time to time, you’ll always feel attracted to MANY people. Its due to chemicals and light spikes running through your nerves and brain. Its a simple human nature. The folly however is not holding mastery or control of such emotions or states and allowing them to run your life to the point of ruining your life. 
You’ll be surprised at the fleeces people can cook up.

..if this random number goes through and its a female, then she’s my wife. 

Are you kidding me! That’s simple probability and there are calculations for that. 
…if he smiles back at me, then he is mine. 

Rme, a smile is a likability plunge and usually enjoys reciprocity. 
…if the sun rises exactly at 6:43am, it means I have luck for the job. 

If you learn to brand your competence and amplify your sense of value and learn to communicate effectively…you’ll not be denied. 
Just hoping on chance without a sense of purpose and deliberate action or goal makes a mediocre muse out of anyone. 
Make today different! You can.

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Development & Empowerment Strategist.



לשמוע את המפקד של המארח של יהוה 


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