​Spirit nomenclature

​Spirit nomenclature

Things do not respond to you name until your name becomes your purpose. When names carry weight in the spirit, it is because the bearer of the names have fused with their purpose and as such, the names have bourn the status of their power, authority, legality or privileges. 
When names like Abraham, Paul, Enoch, Israel, Daniel, Peter, John etc are mentioned in spirit spheres, they hold quite some ground because of the purpose ascribed to such names. 
Can you name cause a quake in the spirit?
That means you’ve not started to strike a chord with the economy of Elohim. 
The way things are addressed in the spirit is first by purpose then next by status, then by purpose and at the very last is by name.
In the book of revelation, why is Jesus being referred to as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords at a time, and at another time he is called the Word of Elohim and another time the Bright morning star, etc.
If you go into the spirit realm to make transactions and see into ceremonies you must know the name to wield. 
There are portals that open to HaShem, others to Adonai, some to Elohim, and even some to a secret name I dare not speak of. 
These things are the codes of spirit encounter and transaction. As heirs of salvation, you should know this. 
Is you are not born again, you cannot see the kingdom of Elohim. If you are not born of water and the spirit, you cannot enter the kingdom of Elohim. 
There is always a protocol of approach in the kingdom of heaven , this is why some will never smell it in their time of life on earth. 


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