“Mortals amaze me. They are afraid of being their true selves. They are skeptical about living the life of “gods” that they really are. They made themselves hu-mans yet break every code of natural laws they can find. 
They are the only ones endowed with the purpose and ability to function trans-dimensionally naturally yet they choose a cultural and traditional prison to live in their mentality. 
Mortal men have access to omnipotence yet they choose weakness and timidity. 
YHVH made MAN, but MAN made himself HuMAN, another step lower in divine ranking and purposefulness. 
If Man experiences the malady, quagmire and perturbation he experiences today….who can blame him?
…but who can save him from a prison he chooses by himself and sets the conditions therein to imitate comfort to his soul…by himself?” #Selah
– An Elder (who shall not be named)


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