The world has changed. 

The world has changed. 

Every captain knows that the slightest change in the wind trajectory or how grave the slightest perturbation of tidal push can grow into a tsunami. The slightest vibration can evoke a massive earthquake and the faintest sneeze of a child could be the inception of a global epidemic. 
My point is…every grave event comes when many small signs are ignored.
That shouldn’t be allowed to happen again. 
From terrorism to economic crunch to gender wars to global warming to wars, famine and pestilence and every other thing you can imagine. 
Believe it…it could have been stopped if the telling signs were not ignored. 
Dont disdain that constant headache.

Dont deprave that pulsating heart beat.

Dont look away from that consistent angry spouse. 

Dont dissolve that customer feedback. 

Dont belittle that anomalous sound in the sky.
Every wrong thing starts when you look away from simple signs. 
Today be observant!

…your life could depend on that singular fact in the soon to come future. 

“The opportunity of a lifetime should be used in the lifetime of the opportunity”
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Development & Empowerment Strategist.


Bbm:  C0038352E

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