Organismic systemics. 

Organismic systemics. 

Yesterday, I had awesome feedbacks on the “dog sighting” program I wrote and usually the first things many people saw when they got out was a live dog. Some dogs were even following after some other people. Isn’t that amazing?
If that was a simple program that could affect your expectation and reality in a moment, then don’t you believe you could construct a program that guarantees your success or that helps you meet your goals or ensure you find balance and tranquility in life?
Life itself is as a program, a systemic interconnected programs of codes and algorithms. What all of these intellectual jargon means is that there are “usually” definite results based on what you feed or input into your sense organs.
Nigeria,as well as many other nations aren’t getting the desired outcome simply because they have an altered sense of things that constricts the reality of peace and bliss everyone hopes for. 
“Knowledge is a necessity for the human race, but it is a choice for every individual soul”
Your expectations today can be better and safer (more secure) if only you get interested in how to get things done well. 
Whatever happens around you does not affect you until you believe it and allow its influence to come over you. 
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Development & Empowerment Strategist.


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