The CREATOR made you a Creator.

The CREATOR made you a Creator. 

You must learn to create what you want. You won’t have any lasting thing until you sustain it through the process of creation. 
If you want friends, then show yourself friendly. 

If you want riches then stop thinking or acting poor.

If you desire a happy family, then learn effective parenting. 

If you want peace, Dont give room for strife. 

If you want to climb or dominate any mountain, then keep looking (and going) forward. 
Whatever you desire, you have the power to create. And sadly, whatever you’re experiencing right now that’s not good for you, as long as its in your zone and has influence on you , then you permitted its creation in your zone. 
Nature avoids a void, something must fill it. 
So what have you been creating? 

That’s whatever has been happening to you (or that you’ve been experiencing)
So what will you create today?

That’s also simple…
We shall all know before dusk. 

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Development & Empowerment Strategist.


Bbm: C0038352E

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