What is Spiritumentalysis?

Define spiritumentalysis?
Spiritumentalysis: spirit-mind catalysis.

Spiritumentalyst: spirit-mind catalyst.
Spiritumentalysis is a bridge between two ends;
1.  the extremism of spirituality without room for (the brilliance of ) mentality and 
2. isolated pursuit of mentality with disdain for (true) spirituality. 
To be a global and sustained influencer, professional or leader, you must understand spiritual codes and practices as well as have prowess in intellectual paradigm.
The thing with Spiritumentalysis is in the rate at which this pure union is established. Just the same way a chemical catalyst speeds up the rate of any reaction without necessarily altering the product of the reaction, it is in the same vice that Spiritumentalysis charts the quickest course of a purposeful, actionable, executable life (personal or organisational goals and results). 
Centuries ago, light was discovered to be the quickest element of life and existence. A couple of decades ago, the speed of thought has been proposed to be faster than the speed of light. 

Well right now, you’re about to be amazed at the speed of spiritumentalysis.
Spiritumentalysis employs the sagacity of spiritual laws and the ingenuity of mental principles to get the best advantage out of life (personal, family, professional, national or beyond)

That’s the whole idea.


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