Mental excretion: The sages’ worst happenstance.

Mental excretion: The sages’ worst happenstance.

If you know any “really” intelligent person. They are usually drawn away from the life of common people. How they see things and the kinda mental resources the expend is huge. 
But there’s a cycle every highly intelligent person goes through. Very few have found their ways around it. Its called the phase of mental excretion. This is a state where such high minds may become vulnerable and it may seem like a “pseudodepression” state. They become moody or tempered or quiet or annoying. The point is…they Dont get themselves and people around them Dont either. 
Mental excretion happens from time to time. It may be a solitary mental crisis interval. They feel the weight of nothing and everything at the same time. Their mind is afloat with all knowledge and no knowledge, its not so easy for most people to understand. 
The point is, at that point in their mental circle, they need people who will be there for them without contact. At this time they need their space but they yearn for someone or something that understands them and can establish a form of mental contact. 
If you have anyone who’s quite sagacious and highly intelligent, try to send them good wishes of understanding and piety. They need it from you once in a while. 
If you have a pastor, a coach, a mentor or a role model. Today is a good day to just send them a well meaning random message to show you love and appreciate them. 
I tell you, its gonna go a long way. 
Have a purposeful week. 
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Development & Empowerment Strategist.

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