AMBIJECTIVITY: Behavioral Evolution. 

AMBIJECTIVITY: Behavioral Evolution. 

The current age we find ourselves requires some adjustive flexibility to the pattern and trajectory of civilisation. This is just the same way global warming is restructuring culture and Human expectation for survival. 
It has become almost difficult for many people to find the balance between objectivity and subjectivity views. Both of which have their pros and cons. 
Objectivity: The state of being objective, just, unbiased and not influenced by emotions or personal prejudices. 
Subjectivity: The state of forming, as in opinions, based upon a person’s feelings or intuition, not upon observation or reasoning; coming more from within the observer than from observations of the external environment. 
By ambijectivity, 

It is important to gain the emotional intelligence to balance these views or perspectives. It will help you live with people better without being extreme with yourself or others. 
Eg. if you’re waiting too long for someone to show up, you can understand that something may have kept him or her late. (You Dont assume just anything either), you find an intelligent way to express your displeasure at the lateness (NOT AT THE PERSON!) but you also verify the reason for the lateness if it was unavoidable or simply just poor time management.
As we grow in behavioral civilisation, you must harness the subjective and objective thinking without falling into its extremist ditches. 
Be ambijevtive! 

Learn how,..
Happy holiday to you. 
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Development & Empowerment Strategist.

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