Creative Influence. 

Creative Influence. 

Make no mistake, creativity isn’t necessarily the same as imitation. Creativity involves the ability to see things mentally that’s skewed to majority. Your ability to work on mental projections and imaging and converting them to physical stuffs is the dynamics of creativity. 
Look around you, what can you say you’ve added to humanity benefit that you can call your creation?
The phone with you right now,

The clothes you’re wearing,

The paste you brushed your teeth with, 

Your present world perspective? Etc. 
Africans are better at imitation than with creation. Imitation means you are motivated to do something after you’ve seen someone else do something…or you can add a few widgets to the work of others and calling it innovation. 
Well my point is this… Dominion comes from your ability to create culture and shape a thought process through (new) value infusion.
Nigeria and Africa will not totally rise until they learn to create their world without importing all ideas from other cadres, cultures or civilisations. 
You must be out of the matrix before you can be a purposeful creator. 
“The Creator made you a creator. So why choose to live a substandard life by waiting on others to create your experiences for you”
Snap out of it!
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Development & Empowerment Strategist.


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