There’s no hate in purpose.  

There’s no hate in purpose.  

If you are following after purpose, then there is no time to check someone else’s flaws or compete at any given chance. In purpose, everyone has his coordinates to follow and his alignment to plot. Purpose is just too busy – a calling – for you to think of strife or bitterness towards another man.  
Discord arises when one takes his eyes off his purpose. In purpose, there are personal milestones and tasks that require serious attention and handwork. It requires dedication and discipline. So any moment you’re thinking competitively then it’s a sign that you’ve taken your focus off purpose.  
In the body, the strongest things defend (guard or protect) the important things. The important things can’t become envious of lacking strength and the strong things shouldn’t disdain not being pampered. It’s called a system and everyone isn’t meant to be the same or have the same function.  
When you find yourself in a place where you have the same function, assignment or demand with the whole crew then one of you is unnecessary.  
Find out what purpose means to you and invest your whole life working it out. You may even get to start it alone initially, but keep at it and soon… Bone begins to come to bone and sinew begins to find sinew and before you know it… Breath is coming from the heavens to give life to that body.  
YHVH (GOD) gives attention to purposes and if you give it the same kind of value and attention it demands, then YHVH (GOD) will do anything to stand by you.  

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Development & Empowerment Strategist.


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