What you need is already provided for. #DidYouKnow? 

What you need is already provided for. #DidYouKnow? 

Now many people are poor not because what they need is not accessible but because they do not know the protocol of approach. With the amount of church services , conferences and seminars our people have gone out for, I imagined they would have gotten a shot of knowledge but with the results prevalent, I beg to differ  
Getting what you want requires more than just knowing what you want, you must fuse it with the right attitude that will get it for you. Here is the part where people miss what they want either because they seem too intelligent or cocky or they are just plain ignorant. Both sides will never get what they really want.  
People run after information that tickles their head and that never lasts long. The right way to go about it is to be in pursuit of something your heart longs for. Once a need gets to your heart, it is easier to get it. But if it is all in your head then either you are responding emotionally to it or you may not even know the full details of what you want.  
Ask people what they really want and you’ll hear things like… 

I want to be rich, 

I want a happy marriage, 

I want to be successful, 

I want to make it in life, 

I want to be a celebrity, 

I just want a relationship, 

I think I need help, etc
As compassionate or sympathetic as these may sound, they don’t go beyond the head. These are not needs that are founded from the heart so these “wishes” may never be granted.  
Do you want to know how to get what you really want and the protocol of approach? 
“Good! I heard someone say “Yes” ”
I’ll show you how in the subsequent posts.  
Meanwhile, check out the list of wishes above if you have such a one you call a need… You’re just thinking wishfully and you’re wasting precious time to get what you want.  
Have a good week ahead.  

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Development & Empowerment Strategist.


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