Getting relationships right.  

Getting relationships right.  

The word relationship has been abused and underused in our age and time. Relationship is a general cluster of network, connection and interest from man to man. So siblings, family, colleagues, allies, mentee, coaches, etc and all casual and professional relationships.  
Relationship these days has been majorly focused on dating and marriage as many have risen calling themselves relationship mentors and coaches and have held specific torches on dating and marriage issues.  
Now I’m not saying that is wrong, but with time it is bound to cause an angular shift from the truth of the nature and foundation of relationships as people believe that’s all relationship. Is about (dating, marriage and sex or emotional issues ) 

I’m praying for that day that men and women will stand in balanced knowledge and verity as addressing relationship issues.  
Friendship is a very powerful thing in relationship, but like the education of this world has advanced (thanks to many relationship coaches) , almost everyone is working to leave the “friendzone” which has been termed a state of ‘dulling’ 
The friend zone by verity is a zone that is strategic and potent but had been disdained because everyone is looking for emotional benefits.  
Personally, I don’t have many friends. If I’ve never called you to discuss strategic condiments and policies, or ran together in intercession or sit to discuss eschatological trends then you are not my friend. 
Isn’t it time to go back to the truth of friendship as ordained from the beginning and not give room to perversions of this age? 
Think again.  
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Development & Empowerment Strategist.


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