As a strategist, I’ve seen many people mistaken a strategist for a soothsayer, a prophet or fortune teller. This is because many people (in this part of the world that I have encountered) are poor with observation and Intel gathering (even when this Intel could be their lifeline to safety or providence)
Information is the crux of any strategist. A strategist is able to find the number of details to the nearest accuracy possible and find out the interconnectedness of the info and how they can become a trail for a better, more efficient life outcome. 
By simple gestures of deductions, cold and warm readings, etc. a strategist is able to control the information at his or her disposal and get the Intel he or she needs to get out of a problem or solve a problem.
In the past, learning psychology or how the human mind works or behavioral workings and modification was a thing of luxury but in this age, it has become a necessity. So if you’re into services of human relation, mentoring or communication, it is important to know how the human mind works. Many problems arise from people forming habits or hearing stuffs they Dont know and acting on instructions they didn’t listen to.
This is the next trend of problem for this generation and it is expedient to have saviours arise with these competencies to solve the soon to come problems humans are about to unleash upon themselves.
Whenever the problems come, the strategist is usually the one everyone turns to.


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