What are you paying for? 3


What are you paying for? 3


As an expert, as a businessman, in fact as a human being, it’s expedient to know what you’re paying for in every transaction. This is one of the orders of financial strategy and intelligence.

Every time you make a transaction involving financial or fiduciary measures you’re paying for one or more of the following things;

I’ll give the last set today.

7. Expertise: people are willing to pay you for your strategic information This is from your years of mastery of a certain concept, discipline and sphere. This kind of influence doesn’t come cheap. Only people with “producer mentality” can appreciate this gift and handsomely reward its input.

8. Grace/unction: This cannot be paid for. It can only be honoured. You cannot pay for spiritual or holy spirit power, you can only honour men who have it. Neither should you merchandise this Grace or unction. You’ll be shooting yourself in the leg if you do.

What you pay for determines your perception of value but many times, people mix these measures or misunderstand them.

I pray after today you’ll start acting intelligently with these measures.

The end.


Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale
The Spiritumentalystâ„¢
Development & Empowerment Strategist.
Bbm: 795B8887 | C0038352E

Unleashing Soteria, Lambano Soteria

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale
The Spiritumentalystâ„¢
Development and Empowerment Strategist
t: @Harkheindzel
b: 795B8887
e: Harkheindzelkenny@gmail.com


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