Intentions Dont grow seeds.


Intentions Dont grow seeds.


Lionel Messi stands in front of the ball, about to take a penalty kick. The keeper stands at alert spreading his hands while oscillating from side to side to prepare for the shot.

A streak of sweat laces his face from head to chin. This is an important shot. It’s injury time, its been a goalless draw so far. The referee would certainly blow his whistle immediately after the kick.

There is no margin for error.

Messi steps back, takes a deep breath. The keeper never blinks like a chicken ready to evade its predator.


The keeper goes the wrong way….!



It’s a…..

The ball hits the bar and bounces into the sidelines.

Spectators scream….NOOOO! That should have been a goal!

But the fact remain…. IT WASN’T!

Principles Dont respect persons. The universe doesn’t respect intentions. “Almost” doesn’t count.

Task 2:
Stop using these phrases:
I should have…
I could have….
I would have….

These are phrases that show intentions with no corresponding actions.

If you get a hunch to do something and it seems right to you (after your SWOT and strategic/risk analysis) then go for it and be ready for the reward or comeuppance.



Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale
The Spiritumentalystâ„¢
Development & Empowerment Strategist.
Bbm: 795B8887 | C0038352E

Unleashing Soteria, Lambano Soteria


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