The Spiritumental protocol of change 2


The Spiritumental protocol of change 2


I mentioned last time about the modicum of change being the consistent access to seeing and hearing. What you see and hear is proportional to your level of exposure, insight, inspiration and revelation.

These things happen in little quasi static vibrations and this is the reason many Dont realise who they are becoming until it is sometimes too late to change.

If you really want to change things and make your existence and life better, you must change your default operational code and imbibe principles of truth and verity. The truth will always be tested but it will never fail! So the truth is always reliable.

This is the reason you need a spirit-mental catalysis (Spiritumentalysis) because the order of things are changing at a very fast pace. You must “keep up” before you can “overtake” and “set the pace”. It takes decisive dedication and diligence to deliver.

What you need to do is to change “how” you see and hear. HOW YOU PERCEIVE DETERMINES WHAT YOU PERCEIVE.

The power to change your life experience rests on your choice. You must choose to see and hear things differently.

Before I continue on the morrow, you can enlighten yourself by reading this helpful piece.

>>>How to use your eyes and ears. Part 2 : #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale.


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