What is your name?


What is your name?


Like I once told a friend, When you ask me that question, you’ll get different answers at different times.

Truth be told, many people Dont know how to answer that question. (Or to put it in a better way, they Dont get the multifaceted vein to that question)

So the question today is… What facet are you always answering to?

I’m with a hammer this morning to shatter some obstinate and oblivious ideologies. Ideologies you do not even know exist.

To cut the long story short, there are two dimensions to nomenclature: (following the Twain Principle)
1. Identification.
2. Purpose.

When I tell you, “Tonight’s rendezvous point is ‘Platform nine and three quarters, London”. Anyone who’s watched the Harry Potter series will relate with that name. But its a name of identification.

When I raise up an instrument and say, “I hold in my hand a ‘Manual blender'”. That is a name that defines purpose.

Both names are good, but there’s always a better or ideal name.
Identification nomenclature is the name you give yourself, or your parents have given you as a result of ignorance.
Purpose nomenclature is the name YHVH (God) gives you because in that name, you’ll find your assignment, mission or true identity.

So what name have you been calling yourself?


Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale
The Spiritumentalystâ„¢
Development & Empowerment Strategist.
Bbm: 795B8887 | C0038352E

Unleashing Soteria, Lambano Soteria


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