Spiritumental Intelligence 4


Spiritumental Intelligence 4

The seed of deception is quasiuniversal. You’ll find it in every quadrant of the earth, tailing men and inflicting them with the poison of purposelessness.

I shared the two darts of deception days ago. Today, I’ll hand the last dart to you. The third dart of deception is DISTRACTION! This is the dose for the Strong and Mighty, the spiritually cognitive people who have the sense of purpose and the will to live right and impact a generation for good.

With distraction, that’s all you get to hear!, everything else drowns in the water!

When people praise potential instead of results! You see people talk about “back in the days”, “the glory of the olden days”, “the time of the fathers” and everything that keeps them from living in THEIR TIME.

Because the adversary knows that the “spiritually convent” can’t be touched, the only way of hitting them is to distract them!

Why is Coke bottle changed from a straight bottle to the curved shape of a woman? (Many people never see it this way)

How come every advert now has the picture of an almost naked lady (even if its an advert for “Biro”)

Parents don’t realise that the TV influences their children more than they realised. (with the aid of Advanced NLP and CH)

The notion with females that there is just one “soul-mate” they must marry. (Only one divine will of “god”) No thanks to Bollywood and Telemundo

The slavery of schooling preventing man from ideal education. Many are schooled but not educated!

The truth is, we are more distracted than we realised!

Beating Distraction:
There is but one remedy, DEATH!
You must die to the signet of the world around you. After which you must be reborn into the order of truth and verity.

That’s the only way to escape from the quagmire of the deception of distraction.

Now you know better, in your hand lies your choice to make.



Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale
Spiritumentalyst | D & E Strategist.
795B8887 | C0038352E

Unleashing Soteria, Lambano Soteria


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