Womanhood: #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny O.



1. It’s a man’s world. This is a comment I hear a lot. It is a very biased notion.

2. The funny thing about it is that those who use it have no idea what it means.

3. When YHVH made Adam, he gave him a very important job. One in which he needed a help mate.

4. This was the Genesis of womanhood. They ( women) were fashioned to reign with man.

5. So if man was not on the scene, they would not have existed.

6. However, the very existence of Man depends on the help of a woman.

7. This has more to do than the purpose of procreation.

8. What men don’t realise is that they cannot fulfill their mandate without the help of a help meet, which is usually a woman.

9. There is a reason why YHVH made the woman. It was not just…

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