What makes you TICK?



Why has the majority of people refused to follow the basic principles to TICK? You’re probably in the number as well:

Opportunities come to a prepared mind. But many are in the habit of waiting for opportunities. If you’re in this number that wait for opportunities, then your chances if doing something worthwhile with your life is 1/12 chances. This is the same probability of relevance of a stopped clock. A stopped clock is only relevant twice in a day. (Using its ‘am’ and ‘pm’ coincidence)

In this life, you’ve got no choice but to “TICK”. If you don’t, the best place you’ll find yourself would be in the Attic of life. I’m sure you Dont want that.

Four things you must hold dear to ensure you TICK:
1. Timeliness: The world we live in is bound by time. If you Dont respect and rule over time you will NOT amount to much in this life.

2. Initiative: Many people just lack initiative. They can’t think on their own. They can only move when others have moved. This is one syndrome affecting Africa to this day.

3. Choice: “Choice” is different from “want”. Many people want to be great in life, but they Dont choose that path. Everything they do acts against prosperity. (Some people are even reading this post while still in bed! Now that’s a choice!)

4. Knowledge: Information is the elixer of progress and prosperity. The world around you is an avalanche of information. You must choose what comes to you. Indiscipline in this area has crippled lots of destinies….and still will.

You must make up your mind for the next 7 days to stop sleeping and start TICKING!

That’s if you want to LAUNCH OUT INTO GREATNESS.

It’s a great day.

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale
Development and Empowerment Strategist.
795B8887 | C0038352E

Unleashing Soteria, Lambano Soteria.


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