You’re probably doing it wrong

#iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


You’re probably doing it wrong:

Information has never been a problem in the 21st century, we actually have so much of it. So many versions, thoughts, philosophies, doctrines etc. I noticed that something valuable has been lost in  this generation, and if we’re not careful, it will drive many into a state of mental coma and physical irrelevance.

Many lack the power to choose right. They go for anything and everything. This should not be. This should stop. Such information avalanche is as a result of lack of purpose. That’s the truth.

There’s so much information constipation that it makes us worse than when we knew nothing.

If you want any knowledge whatsoever, make sure you’re ready to apply them. If not, it’s useless! With the way our people rush to attend seminars and conferences, I thought they would have become smarter by now but No, all they do is go for information without intending to put them to use.

You’ve got just one life to live. Choose your source of information carefully. Make a pact to only go for what you will APPLY!

It’s a great day.

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale
Development and Empowerment Strategist.

*Except otherwise stated, all writings are the inspirational product of the author.*


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